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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik Meaning

Tagged: Sex [suggest]

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Blood sugar sucker fish

In my dish

How many pieces

Do you wish

Step into a heaven

Where I keep it on the soulside

Girl please me

Be my soul bride

Every woman

Has a piece of Aphrodite

Copulate to create

A state of...


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    Jul 21st, 2014 7:09am report

    Diabetes ♥


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    Sep 15th, 2013 9:57pm report

    "blood sugar sucker fish" refers to a needle because he was so in love with cocaine. "in my dish how many pieces do you wish" refers to how many units in the needle do you wish. " step into a heaven where I keep it on the soul side" refers to step into his soul heaven after he shoots up. "girl please me be my soul bride" refers to once again the "girl" being the drug and pleasing him because after he shoots up he feels that she (the drug) and he make a very deep soul connection. "every woman has a piece of aphrodite , copulate to create a state of sexual light" refers to him talking to his "real" g/f this time and telling her basically that if she shoots up with him she will feel like the goddess of the sea "aphrodite and become sexual as he is. "kissin' her virginity with my affinity I mingle with the gods I mingle with divinity" refers to kissing his g/f's virginity with a needle like cause it's her first time shooting up so basically she's a virgin so to speak and he mingles with gods and divinity because he is on cocaine and he is "overcoming gravity" up in the air with the gods and walking on divinity and hes about to take her virginity so she may be "up there" with him. "Blood sugar baby she magik sex magik" See when he shoot up first theres blood then the sugar ( the drug) goes into his bloodstream and then comes the "sex magik." once again referring to a needle filled with his drug of choice and his "soul bride". "Glorious euphoria is my must erotic shock is a function of lust temporarily blind dimension to discover in time each into the other" refers to- after shooting up he feels the glorious euphoria and the erotic shock. and after he feels the rush it's probably a different high like going into another dimension and as time goes by theres probably more than one dimension of high to discover. "uncontrollable notes from her snow white throat fill a space in which two bodies float" ha that's where I knew okay so some people buy c-notes when buying drugs so basically hes making it sound like shes singing with her throat but reall the uncontrollalbe notes are how much coke he puts into the syringe and her throat is the throat of the needle and filling the space with the liquid until he injects it and then " two bodies float ". "operatic by voice a fanatic by choice aromatic is the flower she must be moist". He is really not being dirty here although for many years I thought he was okay .. operatic by voice like she's so lovely her voice is operatic and it makes him sing better(the drug) he's a fanatic of the drug by his own choice. now aromtic is the flower she must be moist ... like the flower is the drug and she must be moist to fill the syringe cause you cant fill a syringe with something dry so shes moist so he can inject her.


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    Apr 11th, 2013 4:28am report

    He describes his love story with Carmen, a girl he loved but their love was in someway insane and violent. In fact she was extremely jealuos and sometimes she hurted him. Anyway the sexual componet was very strong in their relationship. Kiedis reassumes the lovestory with Carmen in the title: "blood (refers to the violence), sugar (the love), sex, magik)


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    Jan 1st, 2013 1:09am report

    It's about sex, in Scar Tissue he says: "Blood Sugar Sex Magik(which was a song that was partly an homage to my incredible sexual encounters with Carmen)". Carmen was one of his girlfriends.


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    Nov 9th, 2011 11:52pm report

    Wow, comes close to a reference to Sex Magick (see also: Tantra, Kundalini, Hieros Gamos ritual). Interesting advocate of this practice was Aleister Crowley. Not the first by far, and not the last either. It comes down to reaching enlightement, or escaping from the bonds of the dialectical world to enter Unity by using the energy that emerges during copulation. Crowley by the way seems to inspire whole generations of rock and pop musicians, most notably Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page (although this is a rumour). To fundamentalist Christians he (Crowley)is the embodiment of all evil. Specially the sentence "Copulate to create" has a deep, magickal meaning, which refers to the unity with the metaphysical creative force that we all emanate from, to become creator yourself. That's what stings those Christians most, they only acknowledge the creative power of a separate God (Demiurg as gnostics name this creature christians have turned into a person). Man should never take up this role. Ah well, the shorter the lyrics, the longer the interpretation.

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