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Song Released: 2016

Monster Lyrics

Under the knife I surrendered
The innocence yours to consume
You cut it away
And you filled me up with hate
Into the silence you sent me
Into the fire consumed
You thought I'd forget
But it's always in my head

You're the pulse in my...

  1. anonymous
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    Feb 19th 2020 !⃝

    I interpret every song as it pertains to me at any given time. I look at this song through the eyes of an individual in recovery. To the individuals in the video wearing visors represents me under the influence of substances. Not seeing anything just lost in my addictive state. The parts of the happy memories are the things that I have lost family, friends and the love of my life due to my addiction.

    In my addiction, I created voices, negative ones at first but when I began to become clean of the addiction positive voices started emerged. The addiction was a monster that always won but I turned it around by creating a Monster to fight a monster and credited myself being strong enough to fight my addiction and in doing so I created a Mosnter of positivity.

    The dark, individual is the monster I created to fight my addiction helping me through withdraws, cravings, the scene at the tub where she is throwing up. And I always felt

    "You're the pulse in my veins
    You're the war that I wage"

    'You're the love that I hate
    You're the drug that I take"

    "You're the pulse in my veins
    You're the war that I wage"

    And I would always looking for answers and asking myself...

    Can you change me?
    Can you change me?
    From the monster you created?

    The monster I was then is not the monster I am today I had to create a monster to beat a monster. The monster that is me today has been clean for 2 years :-)

  2. Kittyrockgirl14
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    Feb 28th 2019 !⃝

    I can understand that the fact of how everyone in the video is in vr is because the person,i think, who vanished the monster has put everyone else in what they've always wanted. showing memories, but only happy ones. The monster was banished and was alone, so he looked for someone who would be able to handle what reality was.

    The monster had been just walking by, and taken by surprise when the girl looked straight at him. Almost like some supernatural force was making her look that way.

    He freed her from her virtual world making her see what had really happened to the world she thought had stayed perfect. they both surprised each other, but before the monster wanted to save her he wanted to show her what he had been living in all along.

    Before leaving and destroying what little was left he showed her what would happen, hoping she would understand. She did and they both left.

    I think personally the monster was looking for someone to help him, and like my demons was pleading for understanding, however in a inconspicuous way.

  3. anonymous
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    Sep 9th 2018 !⃝

    it just appears as there under control by what we call vr and the world around them was stolen so that who ever made them can live better and other people die slowly. then some monster comes along to free them from there own eternal hell.
    she was first.

  4. anonymous
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    May 1st 2017 !⃝

    I believe this one is vey similar to "My Demons", however, instead of begging for help, blame is being put on someone else for making the person that way they are now. I find it very relatable to a situation I had with someone in my life, which is why I enjoy this song so much

    The beginning describes how the "villain", as I'll call them through this interpretation, forces out the innocence and free will of the "victim" and replaces it with nothing but bitter hate and then sent them down a path of darkness and pain. And it clearly effected the "victim" as it's always on their mind as they said.

    The victim then struggles against them, calling the villain a drug and a love that they hate. It every further expresses the victims inner suffering by saying the villain is "the war that I wage". The victim then goes as far as to refer to themselves as as Monster, understanding the evil they have become.

    They continue to express the blame they put on the villain, stating that everything about them was nothing more than a tool for the villain in the end. Then the victim states that if they could go back and change things, they would let themselves get bothered by the villain, hinting that they use to listen to everything the villain said and questioned it, but still listened anyway. But they do express a sign of hopelessness as they say "the monster always wins!"

    The climax comes around and the victim feels empty and cold from all that has been done to them by the villain so they try to fight back, trying to destroy the darkness that has consumed them, though accepting the fact that they are that monster forevermore, but they will still struggle and fight against despite it all

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