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Song Released: 2017

Song #3 Lyrics

If you take a step towards me
You will take my breath away
So I'll keep you close and keep my secret safe
No one else has ever loved me
No one else has ever tried
I never understood how much I could take
Then I saw the worst was over


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    Jul 28th 2017 !⃝

    I think this song is definitely about him finding his true love unexpectedly, after giving up and waiting for so long. However, he has to keep her and his feelings a secret to everyone else, because it's a forbidden love. He wants her to know that she has made him feel like no other and that they'll always be connected because their love saved them both. I have loved this song since the first time I heard the lyrics.


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    Sep 23rd 2017 !⃝

    This is a song about becoming a father and the love a child shows as being unconditional from first sight. He also stated in a verse "wasted half my life" which to me means sex, drugs and partying until the birth of his first child which changed everything for him. The song to me indirectly references that his love for his children is reciprocated back and they know nothing of his past or downfalls but just simply love him without judgement. Being a former addict and sober father since my son was born this has been the greatest gift ever. Corey also makes references to his dark side and in turn gives them positive spin and uses those experiences to give his children the best possible life by being able to sing and make a comfortable living. Taylor also invited his son Griffen to sing this song at a show Stone Sour played which is what the song is about in my opinion. Also the title for the track is Song #3, referencing his 3 children!


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    Jan 9th 2018 !⃝

    This new girl reminds me of one of those women you see on murderous affairs. She looks like she wouldn't hesitate killing anyone who gets in her way of her big opportunity. He's def stuck with this one until she either kills someone or him.

  4. anonymous
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    Sep 13th 2019 !⃝

    It is well known amongst the girls Corey used to message that he would flirt with other women and cheat on both of his ex wives, Scarlett and Stephanie. He has always done it but paints himself as the doting husband. 3rd marriage incoming and you have to wonder at this point were both the women at fault for the marriages ending in divorce? Also 3 children by 3 different women now..probably soon to be 4..come on. The man cannot stay faithful. The Cherry Bomb girl is probably using him for promotion as she did her ex, but then Corey came along and the prize was bigger. Corey just likes the eye candy on his arm of a younger woman in stripper gear.

  5. anonymous
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    Mar 8th 2019 !⃝

    I came here to get clarification on a lyric and I am blown away. I like so many of the "whores" that a few of these comments refer us as being, was hurt badly by Corey. I have always been a huge fan of his. And I mean huge! Corey followed me on IG after I left a comment on his post about his morning coffee, haha.

    From there we started casually messaging. We didn't message about anything sexual, because I knew that he had other women throwing themselves at him and because I idolized him so much, I wanted to keep the respect between us. Plus we were both married. I soon found out that he was touring and stopping in my state. So he was sweet enough to hook myself, my husband and a friend up with VIP and Corey and I arranged a few minutes to all meet. It was beyond wonderful and I couldn't talk much. My husband did the talking and even shared with Corey that I've had a "12 year lady boner" for him. Lol

    The show was great and he even made a few remarks that were directed my way while on stage. He later admitted that he put in extra effort just for me.

    After the show he asked if I had a good time and I apologized for the embarrassing remark that my husband made. Corey said he was flattered by it and that he would have been all over me if I would have been alone. He gave me his phone number and we texted for 3 more hours that night and texted all day the next and even Skyped before his next concert. It was unreal. The daily texting went on from june 2017 to October. He told me about his separation and messy battles that came along with it. He opened up about being hurt that his daughter that he and Stephanie share wouldn't approach him when he came home from touring overseas. He struggled with the guilt of being away from his kid's. After someone I loved killed himself, that past spring I fell into a very bad depression and Corey would see something I would post (qoutes about being sad and what not) and he would check on me to see if I was ok. He was a huge source of my comfort.

    Suddenly Corey ghosted me for a few week's and it broke my heart. He stopped texting me back so I sent him a DM through IG. I was so worried about him. Due to his depression. He wrote back and he blamed his distance on his "dark times". I gave a lot of loving reassurance and reminded him that i had his back. See, Corey was no longer viewed as my idol. I viewed him as the real person I thought I knew. Corey reassured me that his absences from me was depression. He promised me that nothing will change our friendship and apologized for his distance. He also said that his phone number got leaked and he was very busy moving into his new place, so we should message via IG until he got his new number. We picked up like the buddies that he had me convinced that we were.

    Now... I had an app that tells me when I get unfollowed. My heart broke when I saw that he unfollowed me just day's later. I messaged him, wanting to see what that was about, and he said that he was seeing a woman and was doing his "due diligence" by deleting me because she found out that him and I were close.

    I was fucking mad. I was mad because he lied and should have just been forth coming with me. Fuck! The least he could have done was explain to me that we could no longer continue to talk and I would have at least felt like he respected me as a human. He promised me that nothing will change us being friend's. It was brought to my attention by another woman that lives in the UK, who he also had lead to believe he had a friendship with that he unfollowed and blocked a large amount of women, including herself. She was in communication with a couple of them and it was all the same story. He made them believe that they had "a thing". I confronted Corey and told him that it really hurt to be thrown away in the same manner as all the "groupies". He tried to tell me that wasn't the case at all, that I was different because he never opened up to any of them like he opened up to me. Bullshit...

    About a little over a month later I wished him happy birthday and asked him what he had planned to celebrate. He was touring overseas then. He thanked me and said that him and his woman had plans to celebrate with dinner. Then immediately after a he responded, he BLOCKED ME.

    It hurt me. I felt incredibly stupid. Prior to being blocked, I saw all the crazy shit some multiple women were commenting on his IG and it made my skin crawl. It baffels me that Alicia is constantly preaching about the empowerment of women and has even taken on this stupid leadership role of the "Girl Gang" facade, when her man clearly sees women as disposable, sexual objects. She's smart, because it was a strategy to win over Corey's female fan base that he didn't have the chance to dip in with his bullshit. It shows that she is just as fake as him. Another reason I no longer respect Corey as a man is because he is constantly preaching about mental health awareness and support, when he lied and used it as an excuse as a reason to vanish, in the beggining of his absence. It makes me sick. I see all these stupid, blind fans commenting on Twitter, saying that the haters are all delusional, jealous fans. When they are just too dense to pay attention to the strong correlation here. Tons of women saying the same shit about their " Rock God" and sharing their experiences with him. No other rockstar has women commenting such personal shit on their media outlets like Corey has. Come on people. I wish I wouldn't have ever became personally close to him. I wish I could go back to the adoring, oblivious fan that I was before, because I now struggle with the instense disappointment of knowing my idol as for what he truly is.

    Originally, I had absolutely zero intentions of leaving this all here, but I feel that I have them same right to share my experience too. And to the infamous Whore Slayer... look. I don't know what your relationship was with Corey or if there even ever was one. But all you ever to do is slander him. You never share details that make you believable. By doing this, you are making the rest of us look like we are all just a bunch of crazies.

  6. anonymous
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    Aug 25th 2018 !⃝

    You are all wrong. He has said in interviews the song is about someone but it was a secret. Well the secret is that it's definitely about the one true love of his life & the woman that saved him & showed him how to love for the first time, Alicia Dove. She was able to help him out of an abusive situation with his mean x wife and tell him what harm following so many tramps on his social media was doing to him. She has helped cure his past sex addiction by being the perfect & only sexual lover he will ever need. She is exactly the type of woman he has been searching for his entire life. He was miserable, sad, sick & hopeless before she came into his life. She is HIS queen now & he would do absolutely anything for her. He is helping her up and coming brand get the publicity it deserves & most of his fans love her more than the do him now because they can clearly see what a better person he is with her showing him the right and wrong way of doing things. He only follows girls & people that stand by him & her and that's good because their love is the reason he's not dead. He fell in love with her the very first moment he laid eyes on her because she is a natural beauty that doesn't need lots of make up or filters or expensive upkeep to make her look beautiful. She's much smarter than him & a great business woman. She can definitely help him to make the best music he's ever made by being such a beautiful & positive influence in his life. He realised quickly all of those whores & fans he was following were all just distractions from him really only wanting to be with her. That's why the song says she has a man. She was with an abusive x too & Corey told her he would save her since she saved him. They don't need any outside interference so that's why he unfollowed & blocked all of the other bitches. They will never compare to Alicia because she is perfect for him in every way. He would definitely kill himself if she ever broke up with him. He needs her more than she needs him & she is exactly the type of woman he has always wanted. Anyone who doesn't support them is just jealous they can't be as amazing, incredibly naturally beautiful & helpful as she is. He is done with anonymous accounts & all other females except for his perfect queen. He no longer has a porn addiction & he's never going to be even slightly attracted to any other girls because he has finally found the perfect woman that makes him feel complete. To all of you girls thinking you will ever have a shot with him, you won't. He will be happy and in love with Alicia Dove Taylor forever & she will soon prove this to all of you haters when they announce their engagement. They are going to have a lavish ceremony that she's dreamed about since she was a young girl growing up in Washington. Her brand will be very successful because of her talents & intelligence. You will see that in a short time she will also have way more fans than he does & all of her doubters will just have to admit they were wrong & that he couldn't have picked a more perfect queen for him. He also wants to have more kids with her so don't be surprised if a baby DoveTay is soon on the way.

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  7. anonymous
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    May 27th 2018 !⃝

    It's funny that all the stuff about Corey has leaked onto a lyric interpretation page, ironically, to this song in particular. Most of what people have said here seems to be very accurate - except for the part of him not writing his own songs. I know that he definitely wrote this song, because I know where he got it from. I was talking to him under one of his "infamous" anonymous accounts the whole time Hydrograd was being made. He stole the idea for this song from a poem I wrote. I once read in an article where he said he was a "hopeless romantic". HA! What a load of shit! He is a sociopath and a narcissist piece of shit that can't feel.. who has a serious sex and porn addiction. That's why he can treat women the way he does. It's sad that someone who's incapable of love writes songs about love. So I have to agree with the others who said this song isn't about any woman, because Corey doesn't know what "love" is. This song is about finding the person you were destined to be with, your one true love. It's about knowing a love so powerful that it saves you from your darkness and makes you feel alive.

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 13th 2018 !⃝

    This page has gone from interpreting song lyrics to a bash the singer fest quickly! I smell a whore slayer with poor grammar & lousy editing, a disgruntled X,a fan that he flirted with casually that took it too seriously, or even an X wife or sexual fling. I can also tell by the things that are being said, someone is stalking my posts and comments & copying a lot of my general ideas on this topic with exaggerations OUT THE ASS! I used to be one of those "whores" he followed on Instagram. We didn't flirt long before he told me he had a gf. I believe I was unfollowed & blocked because my responses weren't very positive with regards to his quickly escalating relationship & I was still flirting with him like he had been doing with me. I didn't realize he was as serious with his new lover until it was too late. See, I saw him as a friend & I was concerned more with him not being manipulated or used than the fact he had a girlfriend. I'm old, so i do more of a "mothering/protecting" thing with some men I see as vulnerable. I didn't know he was separated from his wife during the short time we talked, so just him telling me he had a girlfriend was a big surprise. Yes, he sent me a follower request because my account is private. Yes, he did slide in my dms to flirt. The truth is though that I knew all along he was doing this with lots of people & I never took it as that serious like so many other girls seem to have done. Guys try to chat up women online all the time, even married guys...imagine that. My only regret was letting myself think he was my friend when in reality, I was just another "whore" apparently. Corey is not a pedo, but he does enjoy females of different ages, including some older teens. I don't think he would engage in anything with someone underage however, he's smarter than that. Who cares if he's bi? I'm not saying he is or isn't but either way, it doesn't matter or make him a bad person if he is. I have a few different accounts on my social media too, that doesn't mean anything nefarious is occurring. It means I have different accounts to serve different purposes. Maybe he doesn't ALWAYS want to just be Corey Taylor, lead singer of bands. There's nothing wrong with having accounts to keep some anonymity. I can't say whether or not he surrounds himself with "yes" people, because I don't know him in real life. I think he does write his lyrics though, since this is what this site is supposed to be concerning. I loved Hydrograd & I definitely think it's their best album to date. I also love song number three because I always wanted to believe he was singing about a woman that he had found that truly loved him for him, despite his rough childhood, flaws and darkness down inside. I don't know if that woman was Alicia or not, if so, good for both of them. Needless to say, I packed away anything I've ever owned Corey related,not because I think he's a bad person or any of the mean nonsense being posted on here, but because I found out he never thought of me as his friend. It's hard to listen to a voice that discarded you like you were just another "whore" as soon as he's in a serious relationship. I never asked him for anything, never bragged about our interactions & never thought I'd be anything more than a casual friend. I think maybe whoever is posting all of this unnecessarily degrading and mean garbage, did. Peace.✌

  9. anonymous
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    Jan 9th 2018 !⃝

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone with such cold, mean eyes as Alicia. You can definitely see her soul in those eyes. BLACK.

  10. anonymous
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    Jan 9th 2018 !⃝

    Corey has been making fake social media accounts since day one to stalk & talk to tons of girls and gay guys. He plays a male sometimes and other times a female. Celebrities have way more free time on their hands than anyone thinks. He's obsessed with gossip about himself & with underage males and females. It's funny that everyone shuns whore slayer since she's one of the few people that actually have this pedo figured out. Her real identity is Gabby & in the beginning he fell for her bullshit just like he expects everyone to fall for His. His fans & "friends" would praise and condone anything this man does because they are just like the people who surround Donald Trump, ass kissing yes people. That's how Trump stays in power. People around him are terrified of ever telling him he's overstepping his boundaries or wrong.

    Same thing with Corey. People around him tell him nothing he's doing is wrong so they can stay on his good side, in his bands, working for him or spending his money. That's why there have been so many stone sour members. If you disagree with Corey, he fires, blocks or deletes you from his life or bands. The one's who question his obviously questionable behavior are blocked & pushed away so he can keep living his delusional life as a good father and husband. Here he just gave that interview in April of last year how in love with Stephanie he was and now he says he's been separated 10 months. Timeline doesn't add up. He stopped liking tweets and engaging with fans because his new gf doesn't allow it. She's extremely jealous of anyone he tries to talk to. She doesn't want him figuring out what a chump he is being used by her so she makes him avoid anyone that might have something negative on her. That's her insecurity since she sees this as her only real opportunity at big money, fame and attention. Corey will keep falling into different relationships year after year, making more kids he doesn't want or habe time for because the women he was with figured out who he really is underneath his good guy mask. He's a lying, cheating, pedo who likes degrading women sexually and by making them think he likes them and then cutting them off. It's funny that he wrote a book about his weakness for sex and how he's always been the type of man to use em and loose em. He openly admits he's slept with his friends wives, girlfriend's & women that are filled with disease. He's had gonnohreah twice and I've been told by former gfs he has a very small dick that doesn't even work half the time because of his drinking and drug use, his neck surgery, his bladder control all coupled by the numerous stds he's had. He also loves playing girls against each other, just like in his book talking about the two girls finding out about each other in Colorado.

    He's got two underage girls tattooed on his arms for God's sake. One is holding a damn teddy bear. He's tried to have sex with his own niece's friends, tried hooking up with an annoying 16 year old YouTube star, all while preaching stop making stupid people famous and making fun of YouTube stars. Must be ok for her because he wants in her underage pants. He doesn't even write his own songs. The other guys do and he just takes the credit. Song number three isn't about any big or special girl or love to him. He is so far gone and damaged from his childhood and years of abusing drugs, alcohol and having sex with anyone, he wouldn't know what real love was or a sincere person was if it slapped his old, ugly face. He would rather sit in his shell and fave political stuff making him look like a caring, conscientious person instead of the careless, hateful, hurtful and completely asshole person he is in real life. Alicia is actually the only girl that is willing to put up with all of this for the payoff. Smh

  11. anonymous
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    Jan 8th 2018 !⃝

    Corey started following tons of women & even underage girls on his Twitter & Instagram long before his separation. He knew for awhile that he wanted to leave his wife & try to pursue other options. He would usually start following the girls he's considering for hook ups a few months before he was going to be in their city or town for a show. Then when it got closer to the time he would be there, he would slide into their direct messages & start flirting with them. He would encourage them to buy vip so they could meet him & so he didn't have to do any work in the pursuing part. If he liked them when they came to do vip, he would try to screw them before leaving town to pursue the next girl he had been chatting to. You could always tell the ones he was interested in because he would start liking their comments, pictures or tweets while he was near their country or city. After the show was over, he'd ignore them again. He didn't write song #3 for any one girl in particular, hoping all of the girls he was eyeing & flirting with would hope it was about them & do his vip. Some of the girls fell for his scam, others didn't. Alicia Dove was just one of the girls he followed and flirted with & that's how she got the Cherry Bombs on his tour. They were playing Harley Davidson store openings before this tour, so it was a huge opportunity for her. The whole idea of the Cherry Bombs is based off of his personal likes and turn-ons. He loves multiple women doing sex stuff with each other, wearing fishnets, garters & side boob rock shirts & dirty dancing. Alicia tried her best to make this group exactly what he wanted to see. When he decided to throw a house party while they had a day off in Des Moines, he ended up sleeping with Alicia & breaking his sobriety by getting drunk on his favorite Jack Daniels, which is coincidentally also Alicia's favorite. He was a bit remorseful the next day & posted a sad picture on his Instagram with only the word, "consequences." He knew he had fucked up by drinking & by so quickly screwing the first girl that quickly latched onto him. He kept up with his flirting with a few of the girls he was following, in hopes of having more sexual encounters before going right into another "committed" relationship. He unfollowed most of the girls he had been chatting & trying to hook up with as soon as Alicia started giving her ultimatums & the whole sexual misconduct stuff started coming out against men in power using women for sexual gratification. He didn't want to have people see how he was also a big sexual predator. The last few girls he tried to keep in contact with were eventually also unfollowed & blocked, if they had proof in their inboxes to show he was still talking to them after he was supposedly with Alicia already. These girls were left sad & shocked because they had been his fans for many years & he was the one who initiated the chats to begin with. Alicia was going to make sure she was the only one getting his attention, money and connections, so she started telling him who to block. She puts 100% into making him believe she is his new true love and the very best girl he could have chosen by doing everything he wants and giving him everything he was lacking in his marriage. This is her only hope for being his next wife & having money and career connections beyond anything she could do by herself. She's also trying to get pregnant, if she isn't already, so he can't just walk away from her when he figures out he's been scammed yet again by another gold digging groupie.

  12. anonymous
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    Dec 30th 2017 !⃝

    Wow. Everything the last person that posted said seems to be true.

  13. anonymous
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    Dec 16th 2017 !⃝

    He did write this song about a woman he fell in love with but she already had a man. He thought she would drop everything in her life to be with him because he's famous but she didn't. He was upset about this so he had a party at his house and invited the people he was touring with. He ended up drinking for the first time since he got sober & made the typical drunken mistake of sleeping with the first willing female. She is an alcoholic herself so she encourages his drinking. He was thinking of it as just sex but of course she wasn't. She saw opportunities & $$$$$. When his plans to meet the girl he writes about on almost every song on hydrograd didn't hook up with him during the tour or shortly after, he hooked up with the dancer he had drunk sex with so he wouldn't be alone and so he could try and make the other girl that turned him down jealous. It was all fun and sex in Europe because he was far away from all the drama and chaos he left back in the states. Now that he's coming home he can shack up with his back up plan and deal with a messy divorce, child custody and visitation issues, child support, spousal support, his second x wife's family hating him, his fans being surprised that he's even divorced & All the other stuff that goes along with randomly leaving your wife of seven years for an alcoholic, former cheerleader stripper that needs him so badly to help her and be with her that she'll do anything to keep him. Maybe she can get pregnant to trap him and he'll be a daddy again to his fourth child from the 4th baby's momma. She can then convince him they are soul mates, even though this is the most obvious case of rebounding I've seen, and he'll jump into getting married again so he can pay more child support and be dragged into more nonsense. This man is seriously a liar, cheater and full of himself all while trying to make himself out to be some kind of martyr or good guy who loves his wife and kids and would never just leave his life and everyone he was supposedly in love with for the most willing person available. He wouldn't know truth if it bit him.

  14. anonymous
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    Oct 27th 2017 !⃝

    If you take a step toward me, you will take my breath away. That's not a song about his kids. It's about an unrequited love, same as 99% of all love songs. He's back with the wife now because the woman he is dying for is already taken.
    I guess he can write say you'll haunt me forever & ever we'll be together FOREVER.

  15. anonymous
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    Aug 28th 2017 !⃝

    'Song #3' is actually about a certain kind of love that I don't think songwriters really talk about,"" frontman Corey Taylor explained to Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez. "It's that strong passionate love but also that undying love. That really, really good s–t, you know?""Everybody talks about the sappy stuff, everybody talks about the sexy stuff," he added. "There's that middle section where one meets the other and you never know which way it's going to tip on any given moment. But mmmm, it's really, really good." SONGFACTS. Similar comment from Aug 22ND, 06:09. NIGHT BROWSER.

  16. anonymous
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    Aug 28th 2017 !⃝

    My interpretation is it's about an aging rockstar who wants to hold onto his youth by writing love songs for teenagers because that's what he's most attracted to. He can't tell them he's had numerous sexually transmitted diseases or that it's small so he makes up dumb lifeless pop songs and jerks off to the youtube teens & instagram baby who does you best girls he claims to dispise for trying to be famous for nothing.

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  17. anonymous
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    Aug 24th 2017 !⃝

    How can an "undying love" have an unknown outcome? I think more than likely that means the "love" is actually lust. Lust always has an unknown outcome because it's based solely on physical attraction. Love never dies if it's really love, it just changes as people grow or fades if one person changes & the other remains the same.This song isn't about love, it's about passionate lust with the possibility of love.

  18. anonymous
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    Aug 22nd 2017 !⃝

    Song #3 is about a passionate, undying love with an unknown outcome.

    “Everybody talks about the sappy stuff, everybody talks about the sexy stuff. There’s that middle section where one meets the other and you never know which way it’s going to tip on any given moment. But mmmm, it’s really, really good.”

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