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Song Released: 2009

Forward Motion Lyrics

"Forward Motion"
By, Thousand Foot Krutch

Let's keep it moving in a forward motion,
If we can hold on we can cross this ocean,
There's no sense in letting our emotions
Get in the way until the door keeps closin'

If we sort this...

  1. InexorableDream
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    May 20th 2010 !⃝

    "Let's keep it moving in the forward motion,
    if we can hold on we can cross this ocean.
    There's no sense in letting our emotions
    get in the way until the door keeps closin.'"

    -First off, I think these first few lines set offthe rest of the song as they are the chorus and it is the backbone of what the song is trying to tell people. I think the song is to Christians and maybe people of ANY religion at all. TFK is a Christian band from Canada but I think this song looks at the idea of Intelligent Design versus the Chance theory. People of religion abroad face scientists that come up with theory after theory specifically to denounce religious beliefs of any kind. These arguments and debates often get extremely emotional and generally leave the person of faith looking every bit as bad as his/her "opponent."

    Lets look at the song, "Let's keep it moving in a forward motion, if we can hold on we can cross this ocean." Let's keep at it, if we can stick to it we can pass this challenge. "There's no sense in letting our emotions get in the way until the door keeps closin'." People are much less likely to put up with a differing opinion when that person is angry and completely making a scene of it. If we can hold on to our beliefs and not look like a crybaby in front of the world they will come around and see it how it is.

    "If we sort this out
    Would we know how to live like we were different?
    I know we've both had some doubts
    whether things would come around and look at us now."
    -If everyone was the same we wouldn't be able to move in this world. As Christians we are supposed to spread our religion as it is written in the Bible but that doesn't mean that the whole world will become a Christian if we spread it. Also, many Christians have given up on spreading God's love because they feel that they can't in this world because the person who loves his/her neigbor as God asks us to ends up getting trampled on in the end...TFK is using this song to reassure people that it is worth it and states it later in the song.

    "I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life."
    -Further suggests that TFK is not just talking to Christians but to religious people abroad that follow a God who asks only for people to love one another the way Jesus Christ did in His days.

    Chorus X2
    -The chorus is in the song a whopping 7 times including the first four lines, the last four lines and before and after the bridge further emphasizing the idea that we, as Christians/believers, need to continue to spread our God's (god's) love like they told us in order to change the world.

    "I never thought we'd doubt whether this world would come around
    And work itself out.
    But it's more than a song when it moves everyone around.
    Are you ready now?"
    -TFK does not once say something that would automatically suggest to a completely unaware listener that this is a Christian song at all. This song could be used to teach someone a lot of things in this world but anyone who knows that Thousand Foot Krutch is a Christian band (the lead singer and drummer are also on the band FM Static who are a much more obvious Christian rock band and therefore songs like this can and should be considered Christian rock. Many people refuse to believe this is Christian because it is so good. To get back on topic, TFK is getting a little cocky in these lines (they deserve it, this is a good song) when they say that "it's more than a sound when it moves everyone around. (I saw them play this one live one time and trust me, people were going crazy.)

    To get back to these four lines again, TFK states that they are amazed that people could possibly NOT come around, meaning believe in God. Again his attitude expressing that people are moving to this call for Christians to again take peaceful action in the direction for God will give people a new look at how to spread God's love and possibly give them more reason to do so.

    "And I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life..."
    -Giving people the choice whether they want to come to the Lord with him or not. Many people will go against something they HAVE to follow but are more willing to follow something that is offered to them in an almost indifferent method. The song could almost be taken as being a Christian is too good for most people and that the Christians are better than anyone else.

    (to remind you what the chorus is)
    But...let's keep it moving in a forward motion,
    If we can hold on we can cross this ocean.
    There's no sense in lettin' our emotions
    Get in the way until the door keeps closin.' (x2)

    (to God)
    "I won't be afraid, Your hands they cover me.
    it's so worth it.
    I can't let it fade, my hands are high and raised
    'Cause it's worth it!"
    -Back to the I'm a Christian you are not idea. I am better than you because I believe in God while you are trying to take this from me because you are scared. I won't let you ruin this, it is worth my time and my praise.

    "And I'm not trying to tell you
    I'm not trying to tell you
    And I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life but..."
    -Like he's selling cars or something, I'm not trying to tell you to buy this...but I think you should. Especially with the pause after the but then going back to that chorus just asking people to move forward and quit spending years debating this.

    Chorus x2 to end the song.

    I think this song more than effectively introduces the a new way to look at spreading religious beliefs to people who feel that if they touch a Bible they would burst into flames. It calls for an ending to the meaningless quarrels that make a Christian look as bad as a sinner in the end and in a way tells people who don't believe to wake up and look at the world around them.

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