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Song Released: 2010

Already Home Lyrics

"Already Home"
By, Thousand Foot Krutch

The trouble with truth is it never lies,
And the trouble with wrong's that it's never right,
So I rest my head under your light.

The trouble with peace is it never fights,
And the trouble with...

  1. InexorableDream
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    May 13th 2010 !⃝

    "The trouble with truth is it never lies..." I must have listened to this song a thousand times and I still didn't understand what the problem with the truth never lying really is. My best guess at what they mean by this line if they have a real point in putting this line into the song is the idea of what I see might not be what you see and therefore one of us is obviously lying even though we are both telling the truth of what we saw.
    "The trouble with wrong's that its never right..." Again, my idea of what is right or wrong might be completly different from your idea and therefore who is really the real criminal?
    "So I rest my head under Your light." Because I can't make everyone in the world happy and meet everyone elses standards of wrong or right I will be happy under Your light. (to God of course)
    "The trouble with peace is it never fights..." Sometimes people need to fight for themselves or for someone in need.
    "The trouble with loves that it's always blind. I'm gonna walk to the edge of it tonight, and I fall down." As a Christian I should love everyone, regardless of age, culture, gender, whatever. Tonight, I'm going to go out and show just a little bit of love to somebody I don't know.

    "I am on my knees. 'Cause You're everything I need and I've made a mess of myself on my own." I screwed up Lord, I am begging you to help me now.
    "Now I am on my face and I'm calling out Your name And I won't run away 'Cause I'm already home." I am here now, giving myself to You. I know You are here and I am with You now, forever."

    "The trouble with tears is that they dry." When you hurt bad enough to cry you generally have that pain in your heart for your whole life but those tears, they go away making your pain invisible to anyone but you.
    "And the trouble within(faith?) made me wanna cry." I screwed up, I made mistakes and I see that now.
    "I've never felt so much like I'm alive." Now I see YOu and I feel good knowing You are there.
    "I wanna open my eyes and see Your face If I have to wait a thousand days I'll still be right here next to You and I fall down." I feel You here with me and I will never leave You even if I have to wait an eternity to get the promise You give me because I know that it is worth it. (The falling down to show respect to God)

    It repeats the chorus and the lines "I won't run away" to emphasize that he is there for good." The bridge "And I know I haven’t always been
    Where You wanted me
    I’m standin’ here, arms out
    Broken down
    Before You
    I know I haven’t always been
    Where You wanted me
    I’m standin’ here, arms out
    Broken down" shows that he admits guilt and is begging for forgiveness.

    The song ends with the chorus and stating very calmly one last time that "I am already home..."

    The tempo of the song going from very quiet and mellow to loud and upbeat back to sincere and calm emphasizes the drama of a Christian that is on the line of believing and not believing based on life events. It flows like many Christians flow in and out of the church as many believers could go weeks without praying but when something happens he/she breaks down in tears because he/she realizes his/her fualt. The lines at the beginning might not have an overall part in the main meaning of this song but point out other faults of this world that people might need to think about. The music altogether being the kind you'd here in a ballad is the kind of music that for me at least makes me think outside of my own life.

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