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Three Days Grace: Riot Meaning

Song Released: 2007

Riot Lyrics

If you feel so empty
So used up so let down
If you feel so angry
So ripped off so stepped on
You're not the only one
Refusing to back down
You're not the only one
So get up

Let's start a riot, a riot
Let's start a riot
Let's start a...


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    Oct 25th 2012 report

    The song is about feeling so empty and so angry ripped off and let down etc. your so depressed and agrevated until you finally can't take it anymore and you just stand up for what you believe in


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    Aug 13th 2009 report

    Conformism. When you are that one kid that was picked on, beat up, socially unaccepted, different, true to yourself nonetheless. It's about being that person who refuses to conform to society's rules. I, as a musician, refuse. Getting pissed off, humiliated, put down again and again. Start a riot. Change the world.


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    Jul 3rd 2011 report

    Over all, the song is pretty obvious. When life throws shit at you over and over again, don't sit there and take it lying down. et up and do something about it! What good is complaining if you aren't willing to make a change? The song is saying that, while it may feel as if you are the only one who has been abused by life, there are many others like you, in the same situation. Rally them, go out in the world, and make a change. Start a riot.

  4. anonymous
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    Dec 20th 2012 report

    I heard someone say it's about getting high for some reason :/

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  5. anonymous
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    Jun 3rd 2011 report

    To me this song means that when you feel sad or depressed or down that other people feel the same as you do so don't be all bleh and get up and be happy and make other people happy too. I like all of the ideas and this is just my opinion. It just helps me feel better about myself and stuff

  6. anonymous
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    May 8th 2011 report

    The song's pretty much saying don't take the crap life throws at you. Don't just sit there and take it. "You're not the only one, refusing to back down" so start a fight, a riot. The song can be seen from many points of views depending on you and what problems you may be going through. This is one of those songs I just want to turn up loud and rock out! L(>.<)>

  7. anonymous
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    Feb 2nd 2011 report

    I think he's simply saying don't let yourself be walked on. If someone pisses you off, "start a riot." Basically, fight your way out of any frustrating situation you find yourself in. Not exactly my personal philosophy, but that's what it seems to say relatively clearly.

  8. anonymous
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    Dec 8th 2010 report

    To me this song means don't back down. Three days grace is practically telling you that you need to get off the ground. Don't just lye there and have the conflicts hit you in the face. "Lets start a riot!!!"

  9. anonymous
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    Mar 29th 2010 report

    The song is about basically conformism and when you aren't socially accepted you need to change the world, the younger people of today are probably going to do that i was picked on all through school because the simple fact that i was smarter, faster at learning than everybody else and i didn't do a thing. I cried for many nights thinking about all the hate that goes on and I even had suicidal thoughts about it. but it's fun to know that everyone who picked on me is nowhere and I'm practically rich

  10. zamin1324
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    Mar 7th 2010 report

    the lyrics to me means how you can't just back down during a fight or such. how you need to take a stand and start a "riot". how you cant give up on what you believe and that if someone talks back about it, you should get in their face and fight back too. you cant back down. "lets start a riot!"

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