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Song Released: 1995

Waterfalls Lyrics

A lonely mother gazing out of her window
Staring at a son that she just can't touch
If at any time he's in a jam
She'll be by his side
But he doesn't realize he hurts her so much
But all the praying just ain't helping at all
'Cause he can't...

  1. anonymous
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    Jan 24th 2012 !⃝

    you reap what you sow

  2. anonymous
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    Sep 10th 2011 !⃝

    Ok the first verse is about a mother who tries so hard to get her son to do the right thing,but he continues on and sells drugs,hinse he makes money the best way he knows how,and this took his life
    The second verse is about a man who has unprotected intimacy with some woman nd he notices he looks different in the mirror but sees no doctor,nd he ends up passing away at a very early age nd three letters means hiv not sex y would they say sex took him to his final resting place nybody can have intimacy with somebody that doesnt have it duhh,but nyways DONt chase after things that r out of our comfort zone especially without protection for yourself whether its intimate related or not we all ought to listen to this song young old black or white

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 3rd 2011 !⃝

    The song in whole is just about getting into something too quickly-when you don't even know what it is. Many people are saying that the song is about a boy getting AIDS from an infected girl, but really, this song can relate in any situation. Though the example used in the song stands, the true message is "Don't go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to. I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all. But I think you're moving to fast."

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 15th 2011 !⃝

    I love the song but it basically means if u want it all u could end up loosing it all so the boy was n trouble and went out to make some money but ended up getting shot an the man was new to the game and stupid so he laid down with a chick that had HIV and he died but before he died he noticed he looked different but he never went to a doctor ......or at least this is eat I got out of the song !! So don't take risk and stick to the things your used to duhhh

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 27th 2010 !⃝

    The reason why i hate this song is the meaning - don't take risks in life in case you get hurt.

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  6. anonymous
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    Jun 17th 2010 !⃝

    Left eye was in rehab when she wrote the rap and it's was her take on the 12 step recovery program. She is one of the only people I ever heard say it like it is. They count down there " clean time" and they celebrate it when in reality their setting their selves up for failure,,,she said: you claim the insane and name this day in time
    for fallin' prey to crime
    i say the system got you victim to your own mind

  7. anonymous
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    Jan 11th 2009 !⃝

    What I think about the chorus is...

    "Don't go chasing waterfalls": Not to go over the edge that is tempting you to do things you don't wanna do.

    "Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used too": Do your own thing, move to your own path, keep calm and let your mind free from all the emotions and stuff.

    "I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all": You can get it your way but you may not gain nothing from it.

    "but I think you're moving to fast":You are taking things to the point that you may lose it all from you selfish way.

  8. anonymous
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    Nov 13th 2008 !⃝

    This song is talking about "ladies of the night" any other interpreation is incorrect. I have spoken to TLC directly about this.

    The second guy was being intimate with a woman more experienced then hisself. (He eventually got aids from her and they both died).

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  9. Gurl_E_Nerdd
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    Apr 29th 2008 !⃝

    This song is really important to me. It covers everything such as the a son that doesn't listen to his mother out selling drug but during a bad sell it is kid. His ghost tries to hug the mom but its to later. A girl have HIV and doesn't tell her partner only to pass it on to him. I think the point of the song is to stick with whats safe and taking some chances can be deathly- ecspeically the random risk.

  10. anonymous
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    Apr 9th 2008 !⃝

    Ok. To me this song is about drugs, sex, and AIDS. This boy that she is talking about it going after sex and drugs then he gets aids and dies. well when he should have listened to his mother she told him to stay close to the good things in life not the bad. So to me this song has a true meaning. If anyone has any questions just ask me at my myspace page. The email is hating_life_as_it_goes_by@yahoo.com.

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  11. anonymous
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    Jan 21st 2008 !⃝

    HIV has three letters, dumbass

  12. erotixcity69
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    Apr 25th 2007 !⃝

    A.I.D.S Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome has 4 letters. I mean I have never heard of it as A.I.D.
    At first I thought that is what they were referring to since ib the video they show that the condom is not used. But if that was so then they should have said 4 letters took him to his final resting place.
    So now I am wondering if they just made a mistake and placed the incorrect word in the song?

  13. anonymous
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    Mar 19th 2007 !⃝

    The three letters could also be S-E-X. Sex, ultimately led to hiv/aids for the guy.

  14. anonymous
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    Mar 1st 2007 !⃝

    The Three Letters are HIV

  15. anonymous
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    Mar 27th 2006 !⃝

    I think it's about a mother who loves her son and even though though they both know that the mother knows what is good for the son, he wants to do things his way. The mother can't do anything about it but she sticks by him and when he's in trouble she helps him out even though he hurts her so much. The only way he can make money is by selling drugs and he has no where to live so he goes out and he begs for money and sells drugs on the side of the street. The second part is about him getting aids and he didn't know he had it but he ends up dying

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