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Tool: Die Eier Von Satan Meaning


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Die Eier Von Satan Lyrics

Die Eier von Satan

Eine halbe Tasse Staubzucker
Ein Viertel teaspoo Salz
Eine Hash-türkischen knifetip
Ein halbes Pfund Butter
Ein Teelöffel Vanille-Zucker
Ein halbes Pfund Mehl
150 g gemahlene Nüsse
Ein wenig extra Staubzucker
... und...


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    Aug 23rd, 2007 8:40pm report

    I am German and I am sad that I had no chance of discovering the meaning of the lyrics of this song. But reading your comments is very interesting too. I think the meaning of this song is not hidden in the words it's hidden in what you as non-German first think about the German speach.
    BTW: This reminds me of a social experiment where a crowd of students were shown faces and phrases of different foreigners and from different foreign languages from around the world. Some faces and phrases were shown more often than others.
    At the end the students had to give marks to the phrases and faces under the aspect how friendly they looked to them.
    The faces and phrases that were shown more often always got better marks than the others.


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    Jun 19th, 2007 6:27pm report

    Everyone thinks Nazis when they hear someone speaking German to a large crowd.

    Now, if you don't use eggs in this recipe it will come out bland, obviously.

    If eggs represent the Jews... Then I think what Maynard was saying culture is bland without the Jews...

    Hence the joke "and no eggs" the recipe would suck otherwise.


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    May 10th, 2007 5:01pm report

    IT'S A JOKE! It's a joke so people will sit around discussing "'Oh, gee, what do you think that means!?' 'I think it's about Satan's nazi testicles being polished by Hitler!' 'I think you've got it!!'" It's just a joke, something for fun.


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    Mar 16th, 2007 3:55am report

    200 is much too hot. 160 is better.


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    Feb 27th, 2007 2:14am report

    I think they were just using the fact that German is such as violent language, that everything is intimidating (even the butterfly is scared of it's name in German!), so the lyrics are in German, they are portrayed as a speech, and to a large crowd too which leads you to believe it's something political. when it comes to Germany and Politics everybody thinks Nazi. So you think, this is odd, why is this on here? so you look it up, and it's a recipe. I think it's just anther subtle way of saying open your minds! German does not = Nazi!
    The "No eggs" part could be something deeper, it could be left open to interpretation, or it could just be that this recipe is rank when eggs are used...


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    Feb 20th, 2007 2:28pm report

    I'm pretty sure all of this discussion is missing the point, its called Die Eier Von Satan and we are repeatedly reminded es hat keine eier (it has no eggs) not because Satan has no balls, but instead to draw attention to another ingredient that's there instead of eggs (etwas haschisch)

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    Feb 7th, 2007 2:37am report

    #1 its sung in german because its a german recipe

    #2 its recorded in this manner so that you think its something bad

    which is a part of the idea, people make judgements about the song and they can't even understand the language its in, Tools songs are almost always about transcending our own perceptions....or...

    maybe he really likes hash cookies from germany and decided it should go on the album....nothing more


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    Feb 3rd, 2007 2:31am report

    It is obviously not simply a recipe. I find the belief that it is implying that Satan has no testicles rather probable, as I believe Maynard is an atheist...but I may be incorrect.

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    Dec 30th, 2006 12:34pm report

    maybe they're "Satan's Eggs" - spawn of Satan, perhaps meaning they are really gross or hot? Or delicious, depending on your views of Satan. Somebody should try the recipe and tell me how it goes. Huzzah!


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    Nov 3rd, 2006 11:20am report

    Hi I'm german an this song is not by Tool it's only on aenima.
    This song is by "einstürzende neubauten" and they make allways such wired songs.


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    Aug 14th, 2006 8:21pm report

    You know
    it is possible for a band to write or record a song that doesn't have a hidden, deep, or theological meaning.
    Tool probably just recorded it to record it.
    It's funny.
    It's a joke.
    People make too big a deal of it.


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    Jun 17th, 2006 6:05am report

    I don't think this song is really about satan...I think Maynard creates a metaphor being satan the bad guys or those who wanna be bad guys...I think it has a lot to do with "Hooker with a penis", it's a sequence. They smoke hash, they do all the bad stuff, but in the end they don't have guts...


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    Jun 8th, 2006 6:33am report

    You're right, it doesn't have to mean Nazi, but that is the reason why it is in German, to reflect something evil. I believe that this song is to make you ask yourself: if you were going to make a recipe for a new you, would you leave out the seeds of evil (eggs of satan)?


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    May 22nd, 2006 5:31am report

    I think its a bit weird always linking german to Nazi. can't the lyrics just be german without any reference to the nazi's.
    If you look at the FAQ of Tool it says this
    "German" does not equal "Nazi."


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    May 16th, 2006 5:10am report

    What does one think when one says Hitler? I think of a killer of millions of innocent men, or a brutal murder of a hundred thousand too many women and children.
    Satan like.
    In this song the person who is telling of this "recipe" of satan's balls is talking to a crowd and is explaining this recipe of his in great determination, and the crowd is cheering in support.
    How did Hitler die?
    Not much balls for someone that brutal huh?
    No balls...
    No balls...
    NO BALLS...

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