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Twenty One Pilots: Air Catcher Meaning


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Air Catcher Lyrics

I don't fall slow like I used to
I fall straight down
You've stolen my air catcher
That kept me safe and sound

My parachutes will guide me
Safely to ground
But now the cord's not working
And I see you staring me down

I won't fall...


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    Feb 23rd 2017 report

    To me this song is in reference of his relationship to God.
    I won't fall in love with falling means that he won't fall in love with sin which makes us "fall away" from God. His parachute is whatever vice that he used to use in order to cope with life but can no longer use because he know realizes its sin.


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    Jul 27th 2017 report

    For some reason this song makes me think about someone trying to resist falling in love.

    I don't fall slow like I used to,
    I fall straight down.
    You've stolen my air catcher,
    That kept me safe and sound.
    (Someone has yanked you out of your comfort zone unintentionally as you like to fall in love slowly but this person is too perfect for you to take your time so every second you're more and more in love, they've stolen your air catcher that kept you falling slower.)

    My parachutes will guide me,
    Safely to ground.
    But now the cords not working,
    And I see you staring me down.
    (Quite similar to first part though the last line makes me feel like the person is beginning to clearly like you back.)

    I won't fall in love with falling,
    I will try to avoid those eyes.
    (You're beginning to like falling in love quicker and the entire feeling it gives you but you don't want to and you try to avoid the person you love.)

    I think that you would beat the moon,
    In a pretty contest.
    And the moon just happened to be,
    The first thing that I missed.
    (Comparing your lover's prettiness to the moon and how you miss seeing the moon as prettier because now you know you're in love.)

    I was doing fine on my own,
    And there wasn't much I lacked.
    But you've stolen my air catcher,
    And I don't know if I want it back.
    (You were doing reasonably well by yourself and your life had just been how it had always been until this person stole your air catcher and you're not sure if you mind or not. Air catcher sounds a lot like heart in this line.)

    I won't fall in love with falling,
    I will try to avoid those eyes.

    Cause I'm not sure I want to give you,
    Tools that can destroy my heart.
    (The cliche kind of "I'm too afraid you'll break my heart" feeling.)

    And I just don't say what you wanna hear,
    So I'll write my fears.
    And I don't believe in talking just to breathe,
    And falling selfishly.
    (You can never say the right thing around this person so you'll just write down what's bottled inside you. You don't believe in talking to breathe and live and you feel selfish for falling so hard.)

    I won't fall in love with falling,
    I will try and avoid those eyes.

    But here I am,
    Giving you tools as words,
    That can destroy,
    My heart.
    (You give in and let this person have your heart because you love them too much to push them away anymore.)

    Keep in mind this is just my interpretation, also I think this is a beautiful song and one of my favourites by Twenty One Pilots.

  3. anonymous
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    Oct 8th 2017 report

    i feel that he is just trying not to get hurt as fast as he thinks he would. As you said he is trying to avoid her but failing at the concept.He doesn't want anything to do with her but just by seeing her smile or just the sight of her, is making him fall and fall more in love with her. He finally tells her the feelings she is giving him. He doesn't care what her answer is, he doesn't want to know that she doesn't love him back.

  4. Peter
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    Jun 22nd 2017 report

    I believe he wants to fall in love slowly
    caution is his parachute that catches air
    his silence stops the air of his words
    but he is falling fast and hard
    in love at first sight
    vulnerable he tries to avoid her
    jaded he second guesses himself
    but the look in her eyes removes all doubt
    and he risks the pain of heartbreak
    and the way our words get thrown back at us
    when we trust to fall in love
    and now he is breaking silence and
    throwing caution to the wind and offering her his hard heart to love and break
    I love this song and its hard chords

  5. anonymous
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    May 24th 2017 report

    I see it as unrequited love. Someone has stolen their air catcher (heart), and although the other person may not love them back, they don't/can't let go of them

  6. anonymous
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    Jan 5th 2017 report

    This is about a boy/girl who has found someone they love, but that person has made them take risks that they never would have before. The boy/girl is promising to never fall in love with the adrenaline rush that taking the Risks gives them, and tries to cut off the relationship,but find that they can't.

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