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A Greater Foundation Lyrics

Reality no longer battles perception.
This letter's written to no one.

I sought your truth and divine purpose through myths of revelation.
Guidance all wrapped up in a paper box,
supported only so long as my mind was the...

  1. anonymous
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    Apr 24th 2013 !⃝

    I think it has nothing to do with god or religion. Rather a life experience. Everyone seems to think this band is all about religion...

  2. anonymous
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    Dec 30th 2012 !⃝

    Source: http://timlambesis.tumblr.com/post/32380385279/clarification-on-a-greater-foundation

    Tim Lambesis Clarification on “A Greater Foundation”

    After the lyrics for “A Greater Foundation” were released I got a lot of questions about the meaning for the song. I was also told the lyrical commentary in the special edition was too vague. In short, tradition and truth are often at odds with each other. Here’s all of the information I’ve written about it posted in one place:

    In response to some Facebook posts…

    “The god I grew up learning about was more like a creation of the 4th century emperor Constantine than anything of 1st century Judeo origin. In fact, the book Pagan Christianity does a pretty good job showing that both Protestant and Catholic denominations have poisonous roots (though, I don’t agree with the books conclusions of how to deal with that problem). While I do not agree with any large religious institution, I do respect people who sincerely want to trace their beliefs down to their uncorrupted historical root. Men like NFL star Reggie White (at the end of his life) were persecuted for seeking what he believed to be as truth, yet the reality is that he got closer to understanding the Messiah that most refer to by the Greek name Jesus than almost any man I’ve seen stand behind a pulpit. There’s not a single human being who has it all right, but often those most sincere in their search for truth are the first to be considered heretics. Additionally, some great minds began their subversive thinking because they are slightly crazy (like Lew White for example). Then you have to separate brilliance from conspiracy. The point I’m getting to is that I don’t hate all religious belief, yet it is very difficult for me to outline exactly who it is that’s worth siding with. The line has been blurred, but one thing is certain. I am still inspired by the words of the man who told us to “love our enemies” and to serve “the least of these.” Regardless of where a person stands religiously, that is simply a better way to live, full of compassion, and alleviating our selfish suffering as we put our energy into serving those worse off than ourselves.”

    From a recent press release…

    “From a lyrical perspective, its always a bit surprising to see the fans reaction to the new songs. Some people feel that new songs like A Greater Foundation are more provocative than anything we’ve done before. Maybe its true - I wrote the lyrics, so I tend to only see how they apply to my life. But, I feels its something our long time followers would have expected and can relate to. I do not regret abandoning ritual or tradition in the search for truth. Everything has a beginning, and it’s been my goal to track each of my beliefs to it’s uncorrupted historical root. As we evolve, so does our perspective.”

    The lyrics themselves…

    reality no longer battles perception
    this letter’s written to no one
    sincere, i sought your truth and divine purpose
    through myths of revelation
    guidance all wrapped up in a paper box
    supported only so long as my mind was the enemy
    i could not in conscience hold on
    as we face distress we must not lose heart
    stand fast and press on, triumph awaits (us)
    the powerful constant that i had once leaned on
    is no longer there
    you call this shameful disbelief
    a process like losing my closest friend
    as we face distress we must not lose heart
    stand fast and press on, triumph awaits (us)
    sometimes we have to watch our whole lives fall apart
    before we can rebuild them again, a greater foundation
    i wish there was another way
    but no amount of devotion can fix this
    triumph awaits
    sometimes we have to watch our whole lives fall apart
    before we can rebuild them again, a greater foundation

    From the special edition commentary…

    I wrote the lyrics to A Greater Foundation as a way to process some of the religious beliefs from my childhood that I had let go in exchange for finding truth. Every year that I had put toward my degree in Religious Studies caused me to see the god of tradition and ritual that I grew up with as less and less of a probable truth. By the time I graduated, my entire concept of the divine had changed as I sought to reconcile spirituality and reason. The more I sought truth uncorrupted by years of religious history, the more I kept finding answers I didn’t want to find. Emotionally, it would have been easiest for me to just hold on to what I grew up believing, but mentally that wasn’t an option anymore. In other words, my dedication couldn’t have been more earnest, but heart wasn’t the issue.

    Though I had lost so much of my history and felt that my world was falling apart, that was a necessary step toward building my entire way of thinking on the absolute best possible foundation. The hope found in these lyrics is described in the aftermath of demolition for those willing to start from scratch. Unfortunately, most people accept what they have been taught by either their schools or churches without question. Overall, I know that I can do what’s best for myself and those around me by seeking truth above anything else, even when teachings claim to be from god. Education is not God, but truth certainly does set people free.

    Source: http://timlambesis.tumblr.com/post/32380385279/clarification-on-a-greater-foundation

  3. anonymous
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    Nov 12th 2012 !⃝

    I feel like the mixture of the first two interpretations is more likely true.

    I think the verses lay it out on the table for you to see that this person has given up hope in religion and has hit "rock bottom." They are angry and in search of answers to questions we don't know(fill in the blank with your problems). They blame "God" b/c he is what has always been there, he was their "foundation" but they are questioning whether or not he really was/is.
    I think the chorus is saying that situations or events in life may leave us desperately seeking answers to questions that no one may have the answers to, or at least a right or wrong answer. When we go through these things we question so much that we take it all the way back to our "foundation" of beliefs/values. religion tends to be right their believer or nonbeliever.
    I don't think lambesis is saying to rebuild this foundation different or the same as before, or with god or without. He is just saying to rebuild it, rebuilding it the same is rebuilding it. I think he is telling us that we need to search deep inside our minds and our hearts to make sure that we have strong foundations, no matter what they are composed of. Everyone has the right to believe or not believe in anything they want to, Lambesis is just saying to make sure your foundation is firm and true, STAND FAST!

    This album is so inspirational/motivational!!

  4. anonymous
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    Oct 23rd 2012 !⃝

    I personally think it's a mixture of the two interpretations I see here.

    The verses seem to be about someone(s) who's had something happen to them, and they're bitter about it and blaming God. They used to be a believer, but now that something's happened, their faith has been shaken and they feel that they've been fed a lie.

    The chorus could be the band's message to the people who feel like that. "As we face distress we must not lose heart. Stand fast and press on, triumph awaits. As we face distress we must not lose heart. Stand fast and press on, triumph awaits us. Sometimes we have to watch our whole lives fall apart,
    before we can rebuild them again,
    a greater foundation." Basically, I see it as the band saying that just because you've hit that low point in your life, it doesn't mean it's all over. If you stand fast and keep moving forward, you can overcome this; and God is on your side through it all.

    This is just my interpretation and opinion. I'm open to the possibility of being wrong or in error.

  5. anonymous
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    Oct 16th 2012 !⃝

    Yep. His religious views have changed. Sad? I think not. It's about time people start waking up. Time to evolve. Get over the fairy tales.

  6. anonymous
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    Oct 11th 2012 !⃝

    I must agree with the second interpretation of the song. It seems as though Tim Lambesis is either going through this change in his life or has experienced it via a friend/family member and is attempting to put it into poetic words (an excellent job, I might add).

    As for the first interpretation, I think sometimes we can get wrapped up in what the chorus/hook of the song have to say more so than the verses sometimes. I also think that with this particular genre, most artists tend to try and tell a story throughout the whole album, not necessarily one song at a time.

  7. anonymous
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    Oct 9th 2012 !⃝

    Unfortunately, I disagree with you 100%. I believe this song is explaining how he is rebuilding his life on a foundation that is apart from god. Several lines in the song reference a sincere change in his views and in how he receives life.

    For example, the song begins with
    "reality no longer battles perception." His perception of truth and what is reality are no longer a threat to one another. That doesn't mean that god isn't truth to him per say, but its a good indication that he know longer has to battle that in his mind.

    Further, he sais "I sought your truth and divine purpose through MYTHS of revelation. Guidance all wrapped up in a paper box, supported ONLY SO LONGAS MY MIND WAS THE ENEMY."

    Then, "the powerful CONSTANT (god) I once had is no longer there. You call this shameful DISBELIEF, a process like losing an old friend".

    Let's get real, he is (unfortunately) is ditching the gospel. He no longer believes that god is the constant that holds it all together. While its not always easy, it may even be hard for him to face, he is moving on and no longer conforming to "myths of revelation", no more god.

    That is also very sad to see.

  8. anonymous
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    Sep 27th 2012 !⃝

    The song pretty much means that in our daily lives we experience highs and lows and in our lows we feel like we hit rock bottom when things dont go as planned (sometimes we have to watch our whole lives fall apart). Then from rock bottom we can go up and move forward and rebuild the broken pieces and form a greater foundation to follow the destiny god has chosen for you (before we can rebuild them again, a greater foundation). (As we face distress, we must not lose heart, stand fast and press on, triumph awaits) means that we face adversity, some more than others but its our duty to overcome it and not let it overcome us. we cannot lose heart and who we are because of it. All we can do is move forward and remember life goes on and from that triumph is rewarded to the strong-willed who never gave up on themselves. This is a very inspirational song by AILD and I continue to support their success. One of the few good bands with positive purpose.

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