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Audioslave: Shadow on the Sun Meaning


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Shadow on the Sun Lyrics

Once upon a time
I was of the mind to lay your burden down
And leave you where you stood
You believed I could
You’d seen it done before
I could read your thoughts
And tell you what you saw
And never say a word
But now that is gone

  1. anonymous
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    Jan 5th 2008 report

    Maybe I'm naive, But to me It seemed as though He could be Speaking as someone scorned and cannot let His Ex-lover find happiness.

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  2. anonymous
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    Oct 16th 2007 report

    You guys are all close. I love music more than almost anything in the world. It took me 3 days to figure this song out. The song is indeed about drugs. Probably heroin. But here's the catch...Chris Cornell isn't singing in first person. The drug is talking at the beginning and through the second verse and chorus. Then Chris talks in first person beginning with "Shapes of every size..." Very tricky. Good stuff. One of my new favorite songs.

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  3. anonymous
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    Jul 26th 2007 report

    Someone wrote people interpret things using their personal experience and it s right, something can be seen by hundreds of people and no one would give the same interpretation. Maybe it's because I've seen my boyfriend dying of cancer in a hospital but every word of this song seems to me a picture of what I felt there. It's so hard to see the one you love dying, the one you know so well as if you could reed his thoughts and many times you'd run away. When he died I felt so empty, as if I had a hole inside me. I was looking for the cause of it all, but I've never found it.

    If you read the lyric into this point of view everything fits..

    And than the title..well there can be no shadow on sun ,nothing which is incandescent can be obscured by a shadow: the metaphor is that the pain you feel (something dark, a shadow) can be so deep and so strong to obscure even the sun.

  4. anonymous
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    Apr 2nd 2007 report

    goddamnit! It's not about drugs! it's about the bad things that happen in the world, like that one dude said.

  5. anonymous
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    Apr 1st 2007 report

    I believe this is a reference of some old text written by Plato. Whether this is a coincidence you be the judge. Read up on the "Allegory of the cave" at wikipedia.com by Plato. The part of the song where Cornell sings "Shapes of every size, Move behind my eyes, doors inside my head, bolted from within." are strong with the philosophical view of the story.

  6. anonymous
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    Jul 18th 2006 report

    Why does everyone jump to drugs in all of his songs? Just because he says, "every drop of flame lights a candle in memory of the one who lived inside my skin" doesn't mean drugs lived inside his skin. He could just as easily be talking about a person (presumably a girl) who he got close to (so close she practically lived beneath his skin, which is cornell's way of describing that she couldn't have gotten any closer to him and was practically part of him), and when he tried to get away he couldn't.

    Then again it could be talking about addiction to drugs and not being able to get away, but people shouldn't just assume. I mean all of the interpretations of audioslave lyrics on this site assume at some point he's writing about drugs. Apparently audioslave just sings about drugs, song after song?

  7. anonymous
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    Apr 1st 2006 report

    This song is how he wanted to make someone feel bad, and drug addiction. The song is about aloneness also, that's why he said "I can tell you how people go insane, and how you could do the same". The part where he says "shapes of every size, move behind my eyes, does inside my head, bolted from within, every drop of flame lights a candle in, memory of the one, who lived inside my skin", cleary he's singing about drugs there.

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  8. slipknot_fiend666
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    Aug 28th 2005 report

    It took me some time to figure this song out. It's a deep song, and I knew exactly how Cornell felt with the lyrics, I just couldn't put it all together.

    I believe the song is about meth, "I can tell you why people go insane" "I can tell you how you can do the same" is talking about doing the drug even once, because after you've done it, the world seems like a fake place, and you do feel like you can see through everything, like the end will never come..I do.

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