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Song Released: 1980

Could You Be Loved? Lyrics

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  1. anonymous
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    Nov 29th 2022 !⃝

    In my personal opinion, I believe he may have been referring to can you be loved (by your own self) and be loved (by someone else). Because in order to show/give and receive/accept true unconditional love one must learn to love oneself first and foremost. Honestly thats the only way you can accept true love which is all based on your own personal experiences and truly unconditionally loving oneself. It may sound confusing to some or maybe this is not even the message he was trying to portray but when he said love your fellow brother man he was referring to all mankind and most importantly yourself. Bob Marley was a very spiritual being who loved all mankind regardless of sex, race, color, religion or personal beliefs. He was all for the freedoms of the people. He also, was and wasn't anti government. Just another one of our greats who were taken out of the spotlight and the ALL OF MAN/WOMENkind supporter movement. All spiritually inclined beings get goosebumps when they really listen to his music, lyrics and wholeheartedly take in his wise words without judgment or disbelief but keep an open mind to other realities. Im a big supporter of Bob Marley and honestly do feel he was intentionally taken out. Mainly because he was all natural and somewhat maybe even more than any top nutritionist today who understood how the human body works and what it took to maintain our health and longevity and the impact it would have on our past and most definitely current establishment (MATRIX). He was a supporter of Dr. Sebi who cured aids and cancer all with nutrition then all of a sudden died! Wake up people! Every single positive influence on mankind to free us of the cattle sheep movement and give us our own personal power back was and is always assassinated whether it be live on TV like Kennedy, Mr X, Dr. King, Tupac. These handful of people not to mention George Washington, Saddam Hussein. Who was convicted and mysteriously dies in prison. All because he was fighting for a free country for his people but was discriminated and hated against based on western influences (Jihad) but that is something that goes way too deep for this site to even comprehend or fact find on their own. But all the above influencers attempted to help change the thought process of mankind to think outside of the box. All information and evidence is on the internet on these topics and assassinations. Every single one is confirmed and backed by authentic publishers/whistle blowers/government officials, all certified and licensed publishing's approved and notarized by the US government. All the other countries involved with dumbing down the masses admit all of these situations with their very own Country/National Seal of Authenticity without a care in the world. RIP Bob Marley and all the other fallen angels in our lifetime. They can't kill us all we are playing your own covert games to raise and awaken The Masses Majority! #TheMassesMajority

  2. anonymous
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    Feb 27th 2020 !⃝

    Maybe the entertainment industry who make careers happen and not happen had tried to control Bob's music career,and I dare say he wouldn't play ball,don't let them cool ya or even try and School ya oh no,you've got a mind of your own!!

  3. anonymous
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    Oct 26th 2018 !⃝

    I have listened to this song for the nearly four decades since its release. And I have concluded that Bob is either asking the listener “could you be loved by different parties who have competing interests (with theirs and/or the listeners own) or is asking the listerner “could you be love and be loved” i.e. could you be loved continually? It is a song begs the listener to make an assement and to share that assement. Thus Bob admonishes the listener to “say something” i.e. to answer the question, definitively. If ever the 20th Century conception of the Beloved Community is to be realized in any recognizable pattern
    , this may perhaps be the most important question popular culture ever put forward. And Bob Marley asked it nearly forty-years ago. Amazing! How will the 21st Century respond?

  4. anonymous
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    Nov 23rd 2017 !⃝

    Could you be loved by a the powers at be and the people? Can you be aligned with the powerful, the oppressors and keep you integrity with regard to the people.Its a rhetorical question. the obvious answer is no, but people get lost and forget what and who really matters and lose their integrity. Its about waking up choosing a side and standing by it courageously. Could you be loved by two parties with opposing values and interests. Good vs evil, god vs sin, the People vs the Powerful.. probably not. Stop, make a stand, bare the consequences...but keep your integrity.

  5. Rastafaria
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    Mar 25th 2015 !⃝

    I've listened to this song for decades and it still sounds like he's saying, "Could you be love, and could you be loved." Which I have always interpreted to mean if you love me I will love you back if you let me. It is also loosely interpreted as a message to love yourself in spite of what people/the man/authority figures tell you. Stand tall. If you allow yourself to love you will be loved back. Can you lose yourself to the immenseness of love? Can you grasp it? Rastafari as it is in heaven so it is on earth.

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