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Breaking Benjamin: Crawl Meaning


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Crawl Lyrics

The shadow of a man
I'm nothing less
I am holding on, still holding on
And every now and then life begins again
I am holding on, still holding on
I'm not like you

Your faceless lies
Your weak dead heart
Your black dead eyes

I'll make...


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    Apr 24th, 2011 4:03am report

    I think it's about having this darker side to yourself-- a Monster-- that you're constantly fighting. The first verse talks about being the inferior or less dominant part of the personality ("a shadow of a man") but nonetheless still trying to hold onto himself. The pre-chorus is full of hatred for this internal Monster. "Your weak dead heart"=you have no heart. "Your black dead eyes"=your souless eyes are blind to the world around you. The chorus encourages the Monster to crawl back to the hellhole from whence it came, so he can hopefully escape its grip. Second verse is taunting the monster--he promises to hurt the Monster if it tells him its weaknesses and encourages it to endure the pain he inflicts on it. In the bridge he seems to be succumbing to the Monster. "You'll try to break me too" could mean that after the Monster destroyed his life it'll try to destroy him too. The second last line is what really makes me believe it's an internal conflict-- "I brought you to life." This would suggest that he created the monster, and the next line reveals the reason why--as a release for some pain. Basically those two lines say that he made the monster so he could kill it, probably because the Monster holds all his pain. "I'm one step behind" to me means that he's very close to becoming this monster.


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    Apr 9th, 4:50pm report

    This is about him not giving up and he feels she is losing hope and then him too. He bringing her to life is acknowledging her existence. And she wants him to do something( I won't live your weak wicked lie) but she is somewhat alluring and sucks him back in.


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    Oct 13th, 2018 10:52am report

    I feel that this is a song that narrates the battle between the good and the evil part of a person. The person tries to convince himself to live and fight the monster but he keeps losing and hence has to keep holding on,he then thinks that he becomes a shadow of the man he originally was. He tries to repress and deny the wicked lies of the monster but the monster keeps growing stronger and stronger,so he tries to shine for one last time by fighting it. He loses his hope each time he tries to fight it and finally the monster consumes his hope making him a monster.


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    Dec 17th, 2017 12:18am report

    In this song he is referring to his addiction and his illness,he calls himself a monster because of his illness and mentally unstableness,and he sees black dead eyes when he looks at himself in the mirror because he doesn't recognize this person anymore, he is one step behind in life from dealing with his current situations.And he is frustratingly ill.


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    Jan 26th, 2017 1:28pm report

    He feels like he's nothing more than a shadow of a man. He clings to the relationship that he had and every once and a while they try again. Every time she leaves him, he still holds on, waiting for her. He calls her names in his anger. She's a liar with a dead heart and black dead eyes. Basically she's just a cold person. He asks her if she's holding on because he hopes she is. Keep holding on he then tells her. "Love left behind" this is when she ends it. "You pulled me in. I'm one step behind" He can't follow her emotions and the way she treats the relationship. It's about his frustration with their on and off again relationship. He loves her but doesn't want to keep falling for her and her games she plays.


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    Oct 11th, 2014 10:24pm report

    as many times as i have listened to this song, analysed each word, i believe it is, partly an internal battle, but one with depression. i also think it is referring to a broken relationship. but, everyone has their own interpretation. thats the beauty of music


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    Jul 2nd, 2014 7:22pm report

    I can see each side here, on one hand it could be his internal battle or one with another human. Benjamin not the band wrote this and he has in (recent years)revealed his battle with advanced alcoholism and his now irreversible effects on his health. I believe this is indeed an internal battle against that monster that is his addict. It lives inside at all times and he cannot seem to keep up with its shere hatred for him (sober). He is explaining the inner battle within an addicts soul during the process of recovery and relapse. Im married to a 7 year sober woman, trust me!!!


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    Jan 24th, 2012 1:12pm report

    I have a different take on this: A relationship between a stronger, more confident person and a weaker dependent one has been born, blossomed, and is dying. The strong person spent much time and energy during the good parts of the relationship on bringing the weaker person to a higher level: coaxing, encouraging, and supporting them in their personal growth. Once the (formerly) weak person realized this new confidence, they became more agressive and this change ruined the dynamic which had balanced the relationship. It begins to wobble apart. The largest part of the song describes the stronger person's view of the situation: they are there, steady and reliably waiting for a return to unity, while the other person invents excuses and lies and dodges responsibility for what has happened. The situation is hopeless, but in a sick knee-jerk reaction the stronger is going to go down with the ship, and is demanding the weaker's best effort to save it, presumably in return for the invested energy. They both know that the change of dynamic has made it impossible but refuse to admit it, and in the end bitterness and betrayal is all there is. Both are overcome by it and live out an endless tailspin of back and forth blaming and false attempts to reach out that are strictly used for ammunition to accuse the other of being the cause of failure. One step behind, because it seems that the alternating roles of martyr and judge can be brought into coincidence and that would allow a resumption of positive communication, but no. Crawl, because the opponents are matched perfectly and wear each other down so that is all they can do anymore.


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    Nov 3rd, 2011 11:02pm report

    Idk about all of you guys but this song is fucking awsome... I agree with the first song interpretation, I think he is right on


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    Jul 7th, 2011 7:58pm report

    I kinda agree with ur explanation but... since he's creating a monster to release pain at the same time trying not to be that Monster and not let the monster take over control , this can talk about alot of things.
    <<<< <<<< <<<< <<<<< Hanging around with Bad influences that makes you become a monster like them.

    At the moment I think he's talking to himself because he got hurt and he doesn't want to suffer anymore so he's trying to Get COLD and make everyone Suffer like he did. At the same time he doesn't want to become that monster. but hes afraid that the state of mind (Coldness) that he's creating is taking over control of him even if he doesn't want TO. that's why he says . U PULL ME IN I'M ONE STEP BEHIND. he doesn't trust his own mind.

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