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Breaking Benjamin: Evil Angel Meaning

Evil Angel Lyrics

Hold it together, birds of a feather,
Nothing but lies and crooked wings.
I have the answer, spreading the cancer,
You are the faith inside me.

No, don't
Leave me to die here,
Help me survive here.
Alone, don't remember,...


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    May 24th, 2007 5:47am report

    This is probably my favourite Breaking Benjamin song ever!

    However I thought it was about someone killing someone else. Not murder or anything but for mercy. One of the people can't survive on there own so they ask someone else to kill them.

    I think the evil angel is death. Where it says "Put me to sleep evil angel. Open your wings evil angel" Death is often described as an Evil Angel. Also where it keeps repeating "Surrender" Is like The man surrendering to death.

    Finally the part where it says "Why can't I breathe, evil angel" Is him dying.

    I could be wrong though and this is only my opinion.


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    Aug 27th, 2007 8:44am report

    This is a Breaking Benjamin song which means it is probably deep, and using symbolism. If you really listen to their songs and can think outside the box you would know that. So you have to think deep and into the symbolism. I agree with the analysis of the evil angel being either some kind of addiction, or a person who he loves but is betraying him. The idea about it being someone wanting to be put out of their misery is interesting and one way to take it. Though I doubt that is what Ben was after when he wrote the song.

    They aren't satanic. Two of the band members are confessed christians.


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    Feb 22nd, 2007 2:21pm report

    The 'evil angel' he's referring to could be drugs or alcohol or other addictions and false comforts. As it says in the song "nothing but lies and crooked wings," refers to how people get a 'good' or 'happy' feeling from drugs and alcohol, even though the feeling is temporary and has its consequences. Also, "all these imaginary friends,
    hiding betrayal," would be saying how eventually drugs, alcohol and other things would cause harm and 'betrayal' when the adictee ends up in therapy or something like that.


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    Dec 8th, 12:10pm report

    In my eyes, it seems like this person has cancer, in the beginning he's trying to work through life with it, then he gets the answer about it; that it's spreading, so he begins to. He begins to break down wishing to live from this, but on the other hand he begins to look at death as an answer to end all the pain he goes through. He seeks santion in his family and friends, though they root for him, he feels that they had given up and that's when he begins to surrender to his fate, begging for death


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    Dec 26th, 2014 12:20pm report

    This song is about suicide for me and i will show you why.
    "Hold it together, birds of a feather,"- on the outside he is trying to keep his life together. "Nothing but lies and crooked wings,"- his life is a lie and nothing is sitting right for him. "I have the answer, spreading the cancer, you are the faith inside me,"- he knows he is depressed and why it is spreading like a malignant cancer, and only Death is giving him faith. "No, don't, leave me to die here, help me survive here,"- he is unsure if his suicide attempt will work and is begging death to take him and help him survive in the afterlife, not in the situation he is in. "No, don't remember, remember,"- he can't remember when his life was at least okay.
    Put me to sleep, Evil Angel, open your wings, Evil Angel,"- he is telling Death to take him and welcome him into the afterlife with "open wings." "I'm a believer, nothing could be worse, all these imaginary friends,"- he believes that nothing is worse than the situation he is in, and he is going crazy with grief. "Hiding betrayal, driving the nail, hoping to find a savior,"- someone has betrayed him, he is going to drive the nail into his past, and death will be his savior. After the 'no, don't leave me to die here/help me survive here,' is "No, don't surrender, surrender," he is telling Death to surrender to his attempts at suicide, and to just take him.
    Thank you for viewing my interpretation and let me just say that, for the record, it is rare that a twelve year old girl has the intellect to know and interpret the lyrics to this song, especially with the mind-numbing mainstream crap we have now. Love the band and the song, five stars out of five! thanks


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    May 22nd, 2014 5:40pm report

    The Song Is about being involved with Evil angels (Demons) I hate Saying this because I love thier music and sound but sadly this is About wanting to be covered with evil. They are an evil band With clearly evil intentions.

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    Mar 21st, 2014 3:51am report

    My interpretation of this song is feeling alone.. Having lose everything you love and know and everything you ever faced was lies and betrayal.. Not so much suicide or murder. More less feeling as if you wanna die.. Not wanting to live anymore and wanting "evil angel" the angel of death in other words to take you out of this word to have the pain in


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    Feb 26th, 2014 2:19am report

    It's about cutting. You know it's bad, but it stops the dead, unable to breathe feeling you get. And it puts you to sleep. And not kill yourself.

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    Sep 25th, 2013 9:41am report

    Evil Angel Is About Betrayel A Person Trying To Help Someone Who Is Beyond Help He Loses Friends Because Of This Hence: "All These Imaginary Friends" And Hes Being Betrayed The Whole Way Through He Loses Everything But Still Tries And Tries And The "Evil Angel" Is The Person Hes Trying To Help Just My Opinion Still, Great Song.


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    Apr 18th, 2013 4:45pm report

    Evil Angel is the Angel of Death. "Fly over me" is a reference to the passover in Exodus, not "take me under your wing" to Satan. "All these imaginary friends" refers to the hope he had in his friends who failed to be there for him, not that God is imaginary, for if it did, he would not have said "I am a believer" or call for the Evil Angel (whom some say is Satan). The "don't leave me to die here" is calling the Angel of Death not to forsake him by sparing him instead of forsaking him by killing him. "Help me survive here" tells of his want to cope with the situation. He sees death as a release, so survival actually means death. Inverted, but awesome. "Birds of a feather" means that so many people evangelizing have stemmed from but a few words. When he says that he has the answer, it contradicts their lies. They are telling the people the wrong message. He hears more of the false prophets than truth speakers, as he claims to be. He wishes that he did not know it, for he, as a believer, feels he must spread it, though his messages are unfavorable (as denoted by "spreading the cancer") for his audience. "Driving the nail, hoping to find a savior" His "friends" are driving the nail, not he, while he is hoping for a savior, which means not Jesus but release. "Nail" is simply a poor choice of words being an old name for Satan, but it clashes with the superficial interpretation that "savior" means Jesus in this song. Why people think that the "friends" are hoping for a savior is an issue that is consistent in this song. The savior line along with "You are the faith inside of me" is the last lines before the second half of the verses, which more directly address the Angel of Death. The problem is that the instrumentation and tempo change after the lines, so it is grouped with the main verses. The transition in an essay should be the first line of the next paragraph rather than the last line of the previous paragraph, the latter is simulated in the verses of this song, so it throws off lyric interpreters/ audience. Finally "nothing but lies and crooked wings" means that the evangelizers who are spreading the false messages (like rejecting sinners instead of assimilating them into a benevolent/ideally benevolent culture of a church or other such community where the expression of such ideas should be unhindered) are telling lies. They are messengers, hence why "wings" in "crooked wings" is used. An angel is a messenger in the Bible. God's angel in Abraham's story is a messenger in human guise, and Gabriel who made the Annunciation is a messenger in the infancy narratives. Sorry I took so long, I could tell that few here have had the same sort of religious/symbolic upbringing I had on this page.


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    Jan 17th, 2013 1:38am report

    One way of looking at it could lead you to believe that its about politics and gullibility. "Hold it together, birds of a feather
    Nothing but lies and crooked wings" could be someone from the outside looking in, telling us to unite instead of fighting our wars.
    "I have the answer, spreading the cancer
    You are the faith inside me" we are following someone, possibly a political leader, who believes that they know how to solve everything.
    "No, don't
    Leave me to die here
    Help me survive here" This is now the people's plea when they realize that they've been failed, and that there is no real solution to everything.
    "Put me to sleep, evil angel
    Open your wings, evil angel"
    So many times our leaders have failed us, but we always turn a blind eye to that, and it keeps happening.
    "I'm a believer
    Nothing could be worse
    All these imaginary friends
    Hiding betrayal
    Driving the nail
    Hoping to find a savior" This could be the point of view of someone who sees the big picture, and knows what's actually going on. Imaginary friends could refer again to the political leaders, and how we support them, but do they really care?
    Fly over me, evil angel
    Why can't I breathe, evil angel?"
    If we keep fighting our wars and putting all our faith in politicians to fix things, we're eventually going to go down. We can't survive this way forever, and it may be our downfall.


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    Oct 18th, 2012 10:41pm report

    The evil angel is the devil, of course. The song is so clearly saying that he wants death to take him. When you're on God's side there is no such thing as death. 'Cause death's evil! The song is about selling your soul to the devil and it's an "awesome" song and you get all into it. And then your like "yeah evil angel put me to sleep!! Oh, I love this song :D" And that's how the devil works his way into you.

    I gave my opinion, I have freedom of speech :)

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    Jun 25th, 2012 6:40am report

    Try reading "depression" or "addiction" instead of "evil angel".


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    Apr 24th, 2012 4:46pm report

    According to Shakespeare, there is no other evil angel but love. Accordingly, I think this song is talking about love. It is addictive and it absolutely has the power to destroy you from the inside out. It is so powerful because it comes from yourself, and you know yourself better than anyone.

    'Why can't I breathe, evil angel'...why is love smothering me, taking me over, and why can't I can't stop it?


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    Apr 1st, 2012 4:44am report

    This is my favorite song in the world (not only by Breaking Benjamin). I relive this song everyday so I know what the hidden message is! The whole song is about unrealized love.

    He is suffering and he want's to die!
    She is giving him false hope and he knows it! (Open your wings Evil Angel.) It's like he is saying: "I know you're fake, reveal yourself."

    He prefer to forget her and go on but she's still there in his mind. (Fly over me Evil Angel.) She is always there, flying over him getting what's left alive away from him!

    He love her and hate her at the same time. That's why he call her Evil Angel! He want to die than life in pain and lies! (Put me to sleep Evil Angel.)

    His world is falling apart and his soul is death! (Why can't i breath Evil Angel?) It's like he is saying: "What you did to me, i'm dead inside?" He need her to help him survive, but he know it will never happen...

    I feel like this song was written about my life or more precisely for the missing part of it D: You'll never find better interpretation for this song!


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    Feb 27th, 2012 2:38am report

    I think that he is probably fed up of believing in himself and he feels like a complete loser, as he says in the line "all these imaginary friends". The evil angel he is talking about is death. He wants to die and let lose the ropes binding him with the bitter truth.


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    Oct 4th, 2011 10:20pm report

    It's talking about people doing evil under the guise of good (driving the nail hoping to find a savior). And maybe those people aren't even aware that they are being bad, and coloring it as good. Kind of... "God is an excuse" type of thing here.

    They're talking about people who can't think for themselves (birds of a feather flock together) but who try to force others to conform (why can't I breathe).


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    Sep 25th, 2011 9:07pm report

    I'd have to say it's a man that wants to die. The term "put to sleep" is hard to misinterpret.

    He is a man with faith, and that keeps him from this. So He is engaged in an internal struggle between letting go and going on.

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