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Breaking Benjamin: Topless Meaning


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Fruit on the vine
You've got yours,
And I've got mine
Meat on your bones,
They won't know,
They won't know

I love your face,
Just get away
I'm on my knees,
Fuck you,
Fuck me

I'm on my way,
To feel you,
Safe in your...


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    Sep 28th, 2017 9:36pm report

    I think this song is about a guy who is falling in love with a girl who he shouldn't love. Maybe he's already seeing someone or she's in a relationship with another man, or the family wouldn't approve of them being together. That sort of thing... so they keep a secret relationship that no one else knows about. I think he views their situation similar to the one Adam and Eve were in; Eve tempted Adam and they sinned together.

    [Fruit on the vine
    You got yours, and I got mine
    Meat on your bones
    They won't know, they won't know]

    I think the verse above is referring to the temptation they both feel, and the fact that they will never make it known that they're an item; together as a couple. So they go through with the temptation knowing no one is going to find out about them. If no one knows, then there's no consequence for having the affair or relationship.

    [I love your face
    Just get away
    I'm on my knees
    Fuck you
    Fuck me

    I think that he knows she's beautiful, exotic or whatever and he will do anything for her... anything. That's why he's on his knees.

    [I'm on my way
    To feel you dislocate
    Safe in your space
    I'm open wide open]

    I think he's open to being what she wants him to be and he's open to their relationship growing. I also think their is either some BDSM stuff going on or a higher level outside of the norm kind of sex that goes on between them.... which is why "to feel you dislocate" is used.

    [Like me]
    He repeats like me a few times. I'm not sure if he's asking her if she likes him or if he's demanding her to like him. Either way, this is easily the best part about the song, and his growl.

    [I love your face
    Just get away
    I'm on my knees
    Fuck you
    Fuck me

    I think the ending is more of him begging her, and basically saying fuck you for tempting me and fuck me for falling for it. Then he repeats "me" a few times, which either he wants her to only like him and no one else... like ever... or it's him being the dominant and letting her know his intentions are really all about him.

    This is a powerful song. Everything about it is brilliant. I don't claim to know the real meaning... this is just from my perspective. I agree with most of the other interpretations. I think we're all mostly on the same page. It seems like a song about temptation, a woman and a mans struggle, and sex.


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    May 8th, 2017 5:24am report

    Fruit on the vine. You've got yours and I've got mine.
    Meat on your bones they're won't know < is like saying no one will know about us.

    I'm on my way to feel you dislocate. Safe in your space... < that sounds like he's angry about the situation.

    Like me like me < that sounds like he wants her to like him more than anyone else.

    To me the song has a mixture of love, jealousy, anger, and dominance. Brilliant.


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    Jan 26th, 2017 1:13pm report

    She's his temptation. He's also wanting to have sex with her "Meat on your bones they won't know" It's a forbidden love."Safe in your space" He knows he can't touch her and shouldn't touch her. He's on his knees begging her and angry because he loves her. I don't think she feels the same towards him. He tells her he's on his way to feel her dislocate. He wants to cause her the same kind of pain she's caused him.


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    Mar 19th, 2012 3:57pm report

    This song I feel is really about temptation and trying to stop giving in to what tempts you and the stuggles that come with that.

    Fruit on the vine

    I thought that this could be an allusion to the story of Adam and Eve. With the fruit symbolizing temptation.

    You've got yours,
    And I've got mine

    Everybody has their own temptations. Pretty easy.

    Meat on your bones,
    They won't know,
    They won't know

    I'm gonna guess that Ben's temptation is pretty women. He just sees them as things he wants to mess around with.

    I love your face,
    Just get away

    He is infatuated with some girl and he wants to say no but he just can't.

    I'm on my knees,
    Fuck you,
    Fuck me

    He just keeps giving into temptation and he can see that he is only screwing himself over.

    I'm on my way,
    To feel you,

    He thinks that maybe they could work out.

    Safe in your space,
    I'm open,
    Wide open

    He's putting everything he has into this but she isn't.

    Like me?
    Like me?
    Like me?

    He's kind of wondering whether or not she's feeling the same way. He's not really looking for an answer but more for his feelings to be returned.


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    Nov 20th, 2011 11:02pm report

    i think it might be talking about how someone loves you one minute but then is a whole other person and hates you.

    "Fruit on the vine, you've got yours, and i've got mine."
    might be referring to he loves her but they both have their issues.

    "Meat on your bones, they wont know they wont know." he's denying he loves her now but hes still focused on how beautiful she is.

    "I love your face just get away." he's doing the double personallity where one minute its i love you the next is i hate you.

    "Im on my knees fuck you fuck me." is like hes begging for forgivness,she denys it he says fuck you but then regrets it"

    but anyway you get my point:) thats my interpretation.


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    Oct 12th, 2011 10:37pm report

    WEll in my opinion THis can mean LOT OF THINGs.
    1st SEX. - its obvious "fruit on the vine" could mean orgasm. "you got yours i got mine". "meat on your bones , they wont know they wont know" this might mean the secre"I love ur face just get away ""im on my knees fuck u fuck me " its obviously about the sex part."I'm on my way,
    To feel you,
    Safe in your space,
    I'm open,
    Wide open". Ok

    2nd Crime comition. - "fruit on the vine you got yours i got mine" could mean a Payback of some debts btw the subjects. "meat on your bones , they wont know they wont know " i interpret this meat on your bones like some sort of secret he is hiding and cant be told ( in this case the crime comition)
    "i love ur face just get away" its criminal thinking back and not wanting to kill him .( maybe they had a past)
    "im on my knees , fuck U , fuck me
    me... " this means that hes already waithing for whats coming and the "im on my knees" means hes ready , and the fuck U fuck me is like ( THE HECK just Finish ME off). once more " Im Open , Im Wide OPen". :)

    3rd -
    To be honest Id always thought this song was about a distaste for strippers. It might be a little off the wall, but I thought I�d give it a shot.

    (Fruit on the vine, youve got yours, Ive got mine) Genitalia maybe? Shes equipped to bring in her male suitors, and hes equipped to be drawn in, but for whatever reason hes not feeling her at all.

    (Meat on your bones, they wont know) Maybe her audience is so distracted in her body that they choose not to acknowledge the dirtiness in her act, how morally wrong it seems.

    (I love your face, just get away) It sounds as though hes only willingly acknowledging her facial features rather than the features she might be baring (breasts, crotch, etc.) possibly to set her off, to say hes not attracted to her in the least. She might be dancing for him but hes just saying, Yeah, you know, youve got a pretty FACE and everything, but seriously. Fuck off.

    (Im on my knees, fuck you, fuck me) The sense I got from this part of the chorus was that he might actually be sort of becoming aroused despite not wanting to be, and hes pissed because of this..

    (Im on my way to feel you dislocate) Hes saying that the only way he would ever touch her was to hurt her, not have sex with her.

    (Safe in your space, Im open, wide open) But he cant put his hands on her. Youre not allowed to touch strippers when theyre dancing, they can only touch you, and him being part of the audience shes free to come and go as she pleases, even though hes making his disgust obvious.

    ... This was really the best I could do with a song like this. It was the first and last idea I had of what the song would be about, and combining it with a title like Topless didnt do any good in swaying my thoughts. All well.

    4th - Temptation(and its self-destructing effect).

    "Fruits on the vine, you've got yours, I've got mine"
    The fruits are tempting to reach for....

    "Meat on your bones"
    Meaning its a Physical attraction.
    He only sees the meat and nothing beyond...the meat is what matters.

    "they wont know, They wont know"
    You can maybe refer to it as the "dark" side
    of the poet, trying to make the choice of giving up to the temptation easier.

    "I love your face, just get away"
    He knows he will eventually break, and wants her to go.

    "I'm on my knees, fuck you, fuck me"
    He is about to break, and hates her and himself for it.

    Im on my way
    to feel you dislocate
    Safe in your space
    I'm open
    Wide open"

    I'm not sure about this part yet.
    This is only a theory, of course


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    Sep 25th, 2011 9:46am report

    My interpretation may be WAY off, but...

    I think that this song is about forbiden love type stuff. My example would be like teacher-student forbidden.

    'fruit on the vine
    You've got yours
    I've got mine'
    'They won't know
    They won't know'

    I was kinda thinking forbidden fruit here.

    Lust plays a role, because there is not one word mentioning loving someone in a lovey-dovey sense.

    'I love your face
    just get away'

    This person likes how someone else looks, but they know that they shouldn't have that person.

    'I'm on my knees
    fuck you
    fuck me'

    These lines get me thinking in two different ways. First is that the person want's someone so bad that they are begging and that this wanting leaves them in trouble
    The main person's begging while hating her for making him beg, and himself for wanting her that badly.

    idk. #^.^#


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    Nov 12th, 2010 11:13pm report

    I think he is with someone and they fight a lot and get it right he saying there both fucked!! (fuck you fuck me) it's like saying to yourself fuck me he's trapped in this wit her.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Jun 26th, 2010 6:40am report

    He has a girl friend who after only a short while trys to seduct him, like he's a sex toy and not a lover. Though he keeps on saying no "I love your face, just stay away." and tells her to like him as a lover, and not what mentioned above.

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