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One Hit Wonders Song Meanings

We will always find one-hit-wonder acts fascinating. It's easy to figure out that a group with a whole successful career got that way because they're really that good, and it's also easy to see where a group that never charted either just isn't good or didn't appeal to the mainstream, at least. But one-hit wonders present us with so many puzzles all at once: How did that one song get through the cracks to top the charts, why didn't the group have any other hits?

We try to explain one-hit wonders in periodic posts on our Lyric Interpretations blog. the story behind the one-hit wonder is often among the most intriguing stories in music. Sometimes the hit was a one-shot "just for fun" effort. Sometimes the group fell apart before they even got the next album out. Sometimes they got screwed by studio executives. Sometimes they're a one-hit wonder only in the US, but enjoy solid charting success in the UK or EU. And sometimes we're left with no answer at all...

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