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Cradle Of Filth: Nymphetamine Meaning


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Nymphetamine Lyrics

Laid to the river
Midsummer, I waved
A "V" of black swans
On with hope to the grave
And though Red September
With skies fire-paved
I begged you appear
Like a thorn for the holy ones

Cold was my soul
Untold was the pain
I faced when...


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    Mar 7th, 2006 3:23pm report

    Nothing to do with nymphos, people. This has to do with nymphs. A nymph is a beautiful woman who is like a spirit- for this reason she is untouchable. Etamine is an addictive drug. So basically if you use your loafs this guy is addicted 2 this beautiful girl, he falls in love with her after a period of time, but he can't have her because she's untouchable- a nymph. I hope you find this useful, I don't think it has anything to do with breaking up or nymphos though.


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    Jan 2nd, 2006 1:29am report

    It makes a lot of sense if you look at it from a logical point of view. Nymph = a myhtological creature/ a beautiful YOUNG woman. Etamine- an addiction/addicting. So what this song seems to say is this guy is talking about his beautiful young love who, like an addiction is prone to do, dropped him to his knees and left him stranded in his withdrawl which in turn ruined him, and caused him massive amounts of pain and smoldering emotions.


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    Mar 9th, 2013 3:43am report

    It's not about nymphs, are you kidding me?
    "This LUST this vampiric ADDICTION"


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    Apr 25th, 2012 4:40pm report

    Honestly I could be way of base but I've listened to ally of cradle and some of they're songs talk about the 16 17 century. So if you look atty it from that point of view the woman could have been his for some time but back then they believed in put arranged marriage. So she was taken away from him and to him she was the image ofthe perfect woman but she was untouchable to him beverage she could no longer be his she was his nymph. And anyone knows that if you truly love someone your addicted to them. So he can't take the pain and and takes the razor to himself. The girl loves him and wants top be worth him just she can't be but mourns him. This is just what I got out of it I could be way off


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    Nov 26th, 2011 11:10am report

    i think this song is all about love for a spirit which was once with the man but has left him all alone now.
    the guy is now addicted to the love and lust he found in that spirit.
    "i faced u left me a rose in the rain" this line clearly shows the separation.
    "This lust, this vampyric addiction" he is compare his lust and love like the addiction of a vampire for blood.


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    Aug 15th, 2011 8:09am report

    i think this song is about a beautiful women or spirt that he loved, and she lefted him and he became depressed and wasnt able to see things clearly(tunnel vision) and started to self harm(i swore to the razor) that then lead him to his death.

    as she visted him at his grave (maybe feeling guilty) there she was remembering the time they had together and so was he!


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    Jul 26th, 2011 7:42am report

    i guess the love thing is rigth but for me this song represents the addiction. she is the voice of the drug it looks like a dialog but she does not exist, she is just the addiction to a substance talking to him in his head. im not saying this is what the song means but then i dont realy know love but i know about drug addiction so for me thats what it´s about.


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    May 4th, 2011 5:24pm report

    Its about a guy falling in ln love with a beautiful
    Girl, a nymphet. A sexually attractive young girl.
    But since she's a nyph/nyphet he can touch her,
    Have her. Nyphs are untouchable. But he is addicted
    To her. Thus, the other half of the name, fetamine-a
    Extremly addictive drug. So he has a drug like
    Addiction to a girl he cant have.


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    Jun 5th, 2010 6:27pm report

    Wikipedia says: The title is a portmanteau of "nymphomania" and "amphetamine", and Dani Filth explained the track itself as referring to "a drug-like addiction to the woman in question, with her insidious vampire qualities literally bringing her lover back from the brink of the spiritual grave, only to bury him further on the strength of a whim. The album is written in the style of Edgar Allan Poe's works, and leaves one thinking that, despite the character's inner agonies, he is really a welcome submissive who readily enjoys the terrible highs and lows of his relationship with this alluring and filthy, depreciative succubus."


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    Jun 2nd, 2010 6:49pm report

    The song is about two people who loved each other, but one dies leaving the other heartbroken. The girl that loves him prays upon his grave but he has abandoned his religion. Notice how in the song she says holiness and sacred key. In the chorus he says six feet deep is this incision, six feet under a term for being dead, in my heart that bar-less prison. and nymphetamine, if you look up nymph on google it shows that it is a sex addiction. Etamine is a drug which you take through injection. watch the video on youtube watch from 40 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dW6aNAZGTM Near the end it says we were like needle and spoon, a common way of taking injected drugs is heating it up with a lighter on a spoon.


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    Mar 13th, 2010 3:20am report

    to take this song at the (fix) version or the Deva remix is to ignore half of the song:

    Evanescent like the scent of decay
    I was fading from the race
    When in despair, my darkest days
    Ran amok and forged her face
    From the fairest of handmaidens to
    A slick perverted wraith


    Heaving midst narcissus
    On a maledict blanket of stars
    She was all three wishes
    Sex, sex, sex

    A lover hung on her death row
    I was hooked on her disease
    Highly strung like Cupid's bow
    Whose arrows hungered meat
    And the blinding flare of passion
    In the shade of narrow streets
    Where their poison never rationed
    All the tips they left in me

    Two tracks
    Something passed between us
    Like a bad crack
    I'd met another kind

    Of rat
    In fact
    With every Rome inside me
    Licked and ransacked
    She haunted at the corners of my mind

    In black
    Wouldn't whitewash away
    Her filthy smoke stack
    She burnt me like a furnace
    For my future suicide

    Taking this portion of the lyrics with the second half of the song, it paints a different picture. It would almost seem like he created this woman in his mind based on someone he met previously. And as such, he fantasized about her.

    But he fell for this invented vision of her and it was not like the person really was. He made his desire for her known and was snubbed.


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    Mar 3rd, 2010 3:05am report

    The song is obviously about a beautiful girl who left him. "Cold was my soul, untold was the pain, I faced when you left me, a rose in the rain."


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    May 18th, 2009 5:30am report

    This song is one of my favorites from cradle of filth. As I was listening to the song and after reading the lyrics, I believe that this is about a guy who is so addicted with his girl and been longing for her forever. Longing for the things they do from their past. This of course involves love and lust.

    NYMPH is his goddess (referring to his girl) and AMPHETAMINE is his drugs. He is addicted to his girl like his addiction to drugs.

    Sad is that he can no longer have the taste of his DRUGS because the NYMPH he's been longing for is six feet under the ground.


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    Jan 27th, 2009 1:27pm report

    nymphomaniac (person who is "addicted" to sex) + amphetamine (a highly addictive drug) = nymphetamine.
    Basically he is addicted to sex with a particular girl in question. Maybe a variable.. she only wanted sex and moved on to someone else, being that she loves sex so much? Just a thought


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    Aug 28th, 2008 8:14am report

    No nothing to do with nymphos people....Though a nymph is simply referencing a beautiful woman. He is speaking of being addicted to her like a drug....mainly through sex...This lust, this vampiric addiction...Bared on your tomb, I'm a prayer for your loneliness...She's offering herself, mocking him and taunting him to take one more taste...seeing her like that weakens him and he has to have one more taste, can think of nothing else "tunnel vision" After words, her vampiric ways drain him and weaken him, and the cycle begins again....


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    Jul 21st, 2008 7:57pm report

    So, I think and this is just my opinion, that it's about a man and woman who very much want to be together... under the wrong circumstances. The man wants to break it off because it's wrong but he can't. He's addicted to her, to her beauty, and probably to the sex.
    she still wants him, but she's like a siren. She'll lead him to his death (literally or metaphorically)either that or she's hurt him once already.
    but this verse.
    "cold was my soul
    and untold was the pain
    i faced when you left me
    a rose in the rain
    so I swore to the razor
    that never enchained
    would your dark nails of faith
    be pushed through my veins again"
    means that she left him once and he doesn't want to get into it again.
    and the chorus
    "six feet deep is this incision
    in my hear that barless prison"(he's hurt, emotionally)
    "discolours all with tunnel vision
    sunsetter"(she makes being together sound really great, but he knows it won't)
    etc... I don't have to interpret the whole song. you get it.


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    May 8th, 2008 5:24am report

    The interpretation of this song can vary; the catalyst of course is whether you choose to interpret Nymphetamine Fix or Nymphetamine (Overdose). Either way, the subject of this song is the addiction to a Nymphomaniac.
    While Nymphs are widely considered the metaphor upon which this song is written, I would disagree. It’s likely a play on words, Dani Filth’s lyrics have always been astoundingly poetic with a masterfully deft understanding of the English language, and as with any linguist the bending, alternate, and assumed ways words may be used are fondly used. The title likely has a dual meaning, suggesting the beauty of a fictional Nymph by title but with the lust of a “nympho”. Assuming we’re going to dissect the whole of Nymphetmine, I’ll do this based upon the lyrics of (Overdose).
    The song begins with a description of anguish, “…When in despair, my darkest days/ Ran amok and forged her face…” Stating blatantly his deprivation of joy in life until it led him to this woman. The next line states, “From the fairest of handmaidens to/ A slick perverted wrath.” This is the first indication of the songs reference to a nymphomaniac rather than a Nymph. He describes this woman to at first glance be a beautiful creature when he discovers her sexual appetite. The second indication of this is “She was all three wishes:/ Sex, sex, sex” again, he is not describing a mere mythical creature.
    He later describes himself as, “Hooked on her disease” and that “Something passed between us/ Like a bad crack.” Suggesting something in this relationship took a negative turn. From there he states that “She haunted at the corners of my mind.” Or more simply, that despite what has taken place, he remains addicted to her, this unfortunately for the character, continues until, “She burnt me like a furnace/ For my future suicide.” Meaning exactly what it says: his manic adoration of her driving him insane until he claims his own life.
    From there begins the “Fix” in which the second verse, sung by Dani describes his torment as she leaves him in the rain with naught but a rose, which led to his decision to commit suicide, and by the lyrics suggestion by use of a razor to his wrists.
    The Chorus suggests that perhaps she regrets her actions, maybe even that she even continues to love him, and also brings us our third example of the dual meaning in Nymphetamine: “I could always find/ The right slot for your sacred key.” This is a sexual reference, describing her…abilities…to satisfy her former love. The rest of the song continues in a similar manner describing their lost love of one another, Dani dead, six feet in the ground, his heart, even in death, wounded and that he had dedicated his love to her and her alone.

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