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Creed: Six Feet From the Edge Meaning

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Six Feet From the Edge Lyrics

Please come now I think I'm falling
I'm holding on to all I think is safe
It seems I found the road to nowhere
And I'm trying to escape
I yelled back when I heard thunder
But I'm down to one last breath
And with it let me say
Let me...


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    Jun 7th 2009 report

    Basically i think a good interpretation for the song would be that the thing that he needs to hold him and who he refers to in the song, is God. He needs held because he cant make it on his own. That he is near death (6 feet) but in his sinful mind, he does not think that its that far down.
    this is why i think that is a good interpretation.

    In each verse and chorus, the writer is referring to someone. In the first verse it says to "Please come now..." because he is falling. He is holding onto things he thinks will keep him safe... things that will not be of benefit, that its a road to nowhere and he knows that it was a mistake to follow that road so he doesn't want people to fallow him so he wants to "yell back..." when he heard thunder. Thunder being troubles, a storm.

    The second verse is a realization of the things he did wrong. He thought he found the way to the grace of God, because he wants to cry out for heaven to save him.

    At the end of each verses it says, "but im down to one last breath.." so he cant yell back and he cant cry out to heaven to save him, and the only thing he can say is, "hold me now.."


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    Feb 27th 2009 report

    This song is about suicide.

    "please come now, I think I'm falling"
    "holding on to what I think is safe"
    "I thought I found the road to somewhere"
    "and I'm trying to escape"
    "I yelled back when I heard thunder"
    "but I'm down to one last breath"
    "and with it let me say, let me say....."

    in the first and second verse, he's calling to god, and he's holding on to his anger and frustration, of witch he thinks is safe. god answered him, but it is already to late, he's down to his last breath of life. with that last breath, he prays.

    ".....hold me now"
    "im six feet from the edge, and I'm thinkin"
    "mabye six feet aint so far down"

    the chorus is basically a prayer to god.

    "im looking down, now that its all over"
    "reflecting on all of my mistakes"
    "I think I found the road to somewhere"
    "somewhere in his grace"
    "I cried out, heaven save me"
    "but I'm down to one last breath"
    "and with it let me say, let me say"

    he is having flashbacks, so he knows it's all over, and he then is reflecting all of his mistakes. He cried out for heaven, and he's down to his last breath.


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    May 22nd 2008 report

    The main reason I like it a subtle message in the lyrics about the inevitability of death and that we all will face it. The song is very religious with references to “Him” meaning god. I think that the song is about a man who is on his deathbed and is trying to stay alive. He is holding on to his loved ones and memories trying to escape, but he down to “one last breath”. Being “six feet from the edge” could refer to how people are usually buried six feet beneath the earth. At the middle point of the song he faces his death and accepts it, saying that he is “ reflecting on his mistakes” and has “found a road to somewhere, somewhere in His grace.” With his one last breath, he holds on and remembers what he has loved about his life.

  4. anonymous
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    Dec 13th report

    I’m agreeing with the suicide. I would listen to this over and over when I was not at my best.
    But then I would listen to arms wide open and realize what I would miss out on if I did.

  5. EricHarv
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    Jan 25th 2022 report

    All great interpretations. Thank you. I feel like Scott is taking a measurement with two simultaneous acrostic referencea to six feet. I checked, and he's 5'10 according to google search, so he's not singing about himself in anyway, suicide, or his wife. Deeper study, and understanding basic principles and teachings suggest that indeed there are 66 books in the Bible. One could argue that, that's 66 ,not six and six. However,. There is a chapter six verse six in every book in The Bible. Also Christ to teaches burial. Alot of music and film industry professionals,. Draw from Ecclesiastes. So we should look I further then there. It makes sense when one applies Christian principles in the numbering found in the Bible, as well as with the giver of words ( lyrics)God. It appears That Scott Stapp was and is a Practicing Christian, so to think in any way worldly would be without base and lack Biblical muster.

  6. anonymous
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    Jan 22nd 2022 report

    I think the song is about a person contemplating suicide.
    I'm in the same thought, on and off for over a year or so now.
    I'm working my ass off because I want to provide for my family and make something for myself.
    I've been financially screwed in my past, and I haven't been able to get past it since the people that screwed me on a business are filthy rich.
    What I find painful is the fact they're complete assholes and have made it.
    I guess I see it as unfair, and I'm striving my best now to succeed.
    I feel like committing suicide at times but I look at what I'm going to leave behind and it gives me a huge pause.
    The thoughts are still there but I can't do it because of the impact on other peoples lives.
    Thats why sometimes I have thoughts of just succumbing to something that can kill me, but then I think about what I'll miss with my wife and child.
    Thats my interpretation.
    Until I succeed, I feel like I'm six feet from the edge, and I am thinking, that it aint so far down...

  7. anonymous
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    Oct 14th 2019 report

    I think this is about recovery. The way you recover from addiction is to bottom out in your life. Suicide is a very big part of your thinking in this process. Some make it, others don't. God saves...

  8. anonymous
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    May 28th 2017 report

    The song is clearly about "the falling man" on 9/11. It came out 6 months after the attack and that is all anyone was thinking of during that time. His position in the video is the exact as the man jumping from the building. The cloud of debris coming down the street is the same. He's talking about the man's last thoughts before he has to jump.

  9. anonymous
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    Jan 23rd 2013 report

    I think the song is about that very last breath which people are unable to get despite looking for it in someone he always wished to live ..the man is unable to let go of his own prison of choice..so he calls for love to come and heaven to help him get that what he always wished and wanted..but then he still hopelessly holding on to his own ...he feels the death is near and regrets of his mistakes of not living life at fullest and happiest..six feet down to death ,end of his life and he is still not decided and metaphor is as if he is jumping off roof the roof to kill himself slowly.

  10. anonymous
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    Sep 24th 2012 report

    "Please come now, I think I'm falling"

    The singer is crying out to Christ to come in the last few moments before he dies. He's asking Jesus to "Hold me now" and realizes that death isn't so bad, that with Christ he has eternal life.

    "I yelled back when I heard thunder"

    The thunder is God's voice of judgement. But with His amazing grace, it's not too late in this life to cry out for forgiveness.

  11. anonymous
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    May 13th 2012 report

    I've always thought this song was about death and dying, or perhaps even suicide.

    However, what if he's trying not to fall in love (again) perhaps he's been hurt before and he's afraid of it again. However, for the reasons he's falling in love again, he realises the only reason he's that close is because he's already there?

    I say this because, I've had this same problem.

  12. anonymous
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    Jun 28th 2011 report

    I think it talk about the flesh dying and being born again in Christ with the holy spirit. Like in John 3:3-7. He is having a hard time letting go of the sins of the flesh because it so natural and easy to sin verse walking in the spirit. You have to die and the old self be buried and got. It sounds like he think about accepting Christ and looking back on what he has done. And he knows that Christ will save him and accept him into his arms, and he knows with Jesus he is save.

  13. anonymous
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    Jun 14th 2011 report

    This song to me means that he was looking into committing suicide and was having absolutely no regrets for the action.

  14. anonymous
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    Nov 21st 2010 report

    This is about lifes decisions and how he has made some bad ones. He cant believe he is where he is at and realizes God is busy. He knows he is close to his decision to end it all. He is in his mind asking God to save him, wrap him in his arms and save him. Its his last ditch effort down to his last breath before he takes his life and knowing its only 6 ft down and he could be with God, where he is safe

  15. anonymous
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    Oct 4th 2010 report

    By the way this is called "One Last Breath" and My understanding of the lyrics mean this person is "6 feet from the edge" so to speak, meaning he is this close to giving up,the edge being, the not so desired path,and thinking its not so far away, that he is that close, and then goes on to ask Heaven to save him, "Hold me now!" Im about ready to give up! Because he knows right from wrong and everything in him wants to do what is right....but doing whats wrong is so close & easy...Fight for what you know is right!

  16. anonymous
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    Sep 20th 2010 report

    my god!! i read the first few. dumb.

    I'm looking down now that it's over
    Reflecting on all of my mistakes
    I thought I found the road to somewhere
    Somewhere in His grace
    I cried out heaven save me
    But I'm down to one last breath
    And with it let me say
    Let me say

    the guy is saying that he did a lot of sins. lost his way. and now hes asking God to forgive him and stop him from falling over to insanity. and that line... AND I STILL BELIEVE THERE'S SOMETHING THERE FOR YOU AND ME. means that he thinks that he can correct his ways and life a life of faith and belief.
    BTW1. creed is a christian band.
    BTW2. this song is called ONE LAST BREATH!!

  17. anonymous
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    Aug 14th 2010 report

    I do not agree that it is about suicide. I think it is can be about a person who is realizing that living for this world ends to nowhere. He is 'trying to escape' by seeking God. He is becoming aware of the reality that God is a begining, not an end (dying to his old self, but mentioning that 6 feet down (death) is not always down (i.e Heaven). Then he feels there's something (a new life) left for him. I feel that it is a deeply religous song about 1 person finding God, but also a metaphor for hope...when everything seems to be at the end, that God can give the hopeless renewal.

  18. lantvit3333
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    Aug 12th 2010 report

    Man people!! Creed is a religious group!! He is talking about GOD and Jesus!! Many of you that posted, have it right!! Quit twisting lyrics to your liking!!

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