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Pilgrim Lyrics

Pilgrim, how you journey
On the road you chose
To find out where the winds die
And where the stories go.
All days come from one day
That must you must know,
You cannot change what’s over
But only where you go.

One way leads to...

  1. anonymous
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    Feb 8th 2016 !⃝

    Pilgrim how you journey,
    On the road you chose.

    **Here she talks about your journey on the road you chose, which means the decision or the path you have chosen to take. The path you believe in.**

    To find out where the winds die and where the stories go.

    **No one knows what's on the other side or in this case , "where the winds die" which implies the "Truth" to all mysteries.We all know that the "truth " is out there, but we all also have our own "opinions" of the "truth", the opinion of others ,which is what we have read from books and "stories", and also including the accepted notions of society that we found here when we were born or the status quo. So "and where the stories go" means , the final test of stories , which either ends in fiction or fact, lie or truth.So you take on the journey to find the "truth".**

    All days come from one day,
    that much you must know

    **here she speaks about time. Time does not exist. Every day( in your eyes) comes from one day: the day you were born. It's still that day ,remember that man divided time up into years ,months and days not nature.**

    You cannot change what's over
    But only where you go

    **In reference to the previous line, time doesn't exist. So whatever has happened you have no power over ,but you do control where you go,which creates the progression of time.If you were in a dark room from the day you were born up to this very moment , how many days would have progressed? The answer is Only one.One long day, until you come out and learn the accepted illusion of time.**

    One way leads to diamonds,

    **she talks about the way that leads to the "truth" which is indestructible and clear and beautiful as diamonds are.The truth which is also more precious than all else.**

    One way leads to gold,

    **the way that leads to gold means the countless beliefs out there that are not really real but they are moulded into so many different versions, languages, interpretations etc but they are regarded and accepted as truth by the masses. If I ask you: are all the laws of physics true? You can say yes, but then I'll ask another :have you journeyed for yourself to see outer space and experience zero gravity, or do you believe it simply because you found thousands of books written on the topic, and everybody else accepts it? So "gold" here means brliefs that look so real but are illusions and are still regarded precious.

    Another leads you only to everything you're told

    *** this is a good one .. this road which leads to " everything you're told" means the resultant belief that you come up with or get to deeply believe as true based on all the facts you have accepted . It's your own unique belief, which can never be replicated, transferred or understood by no other human , even if you try to write it in books or make documentaries about. It is your collective , or overall belief system. It's a collage of all the things you have in the course of your journey accepted to be real or true. Your beliefs as a result of "everything you're told" ***

    In your heart you wonder,
    Which of these is true

    *** no explanation needed here..but this is a very difficult time where you KNOW that you know the truth is "out there"- diamond, and yet you have this belief that makes so much sense to you- gold and/or everything you're told. This is a difficult stage because you have come to a point that may be the truth, but you still feel the road could go further , so you then doubt what you already have as the truth. ***

    ******At this point in my translation I realise that diamonds don't mean the "truth" and the next line in the song explains why*****

    The road that leads to nowhere
    The road that leads to you.

    ** So let's now get to understand how the road to diamonds did not mean the "truth". Imagine you're at the fork on the road:as Enya says : "" one way leads to diamonds, one way leads to gold, the other leads you only ,to everything you're told" .. that's three roads right? But , there's a fourth road. Can you guess? The road that you came from. So now we can translate the line.
    The road that leads to nowhere,talks about all three roads. The road that leads to you means the road which you came from. You are wondering which of these is true. But the truth has always been with you on the road that you came from . From the beginning of your journey. The next line in the song makes us understand this more.

    Will you find the answer in all you say and do?
    Will you find the answer in you?

    ***I may not need to comment here because we can see how this line solves the mystery of where the truth lies. Will you find the answer in all you say and do ,means everything that involved you on the journey has the answer. Will you find the answer in you means the truth is with you and has always been.***

    Each heart is a pilgrim
    Each one wants to know

    **The meaning of pilgrim is "traveller", so if each heart is a pilgrim ,that means that our hearts want to journey to find the truth. The other line ,"each one wants to know" talks of our curiosity .

    That's it! Enya may or may not agree with me. I don't expect you to. This is my opinion. It's all a matter of perspective. When it comes to life's journey ,each and every person has a unique one. No car pooling here.

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  2. anonymous
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    May 19th 2011 !⃝

    In my opinion this song is talking about "self-discovery"
    Learning to find out what you want and who you are on your own.
    "one way leads to diamonds, one way leads to gold" implies that the worlds view of being successful is determined by wealth. But when she says "the road that leads to nowhere, the road that leads to you." shes telling the audience that sometimes we have to go against what people think is best, take a chance in order to find ourselves even if it involves doing things different or wrong in other peoples opinions. It's very deep when you think about it and like she said everyone is a traveling pilgrim...leaving all they've ever known to venture off into their dreams and what they believe is going to take them to where they need to be.

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