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Five Finger Death Punch: Remember Everything Meaning

Song Released: 2011

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Remember Everything Lyrics

Dear mother, I love you
I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough
Dear Father, forgive me
Cause in your eyes, I just never added up
In my heart I know I failed you, but you left me here alone

If I could hold back the rain, would you numb...

  1. anonymous
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    Aug 24th 2013 report

    The singer has never met his father...sooo...all your interpretations are projections of your own...and that's what music does....
    my opinion

  2. anonymous
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    Aug 15th 2013 report

    It's about someone who never lived up to the expectations of his family. 'Dear Mother, I love you, I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough, dear Father, forgive me, 'cause in your eyes, I just never added up' It's like a letter to his past, he regrets his life. He feels he's not good enough in his parents eyes. Nowhere does it say anything about abuse of any kind. Then you go to the siblings, dear brother, just don't hate me for never standing by you or being by your side,' that pretty much explains itself. He never stood behind his brother or supported him in anything. 'Dear sister, please don't blame me, I only did what I thought was truly right,' he's apologizing to his sister for the pain he caused her in doing what he had to do. This song is clearly about pain and regret. It's someone's letter to their family. It could be a letter from the battlefield, or it could very well be a suicide note. Bottom line is, he has a huge regret for the burden he placed on his family and he's sorry. 'It all went by so fast, I still can't change the past' obviously shows he is regretting his past and who he was.

  3. anonymous
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    Apr 30th 2013 report

    I believe this song is about regret.

    This guy stayed away from his family, never cared enough for them, and his life at stake now, cause lyrics says " i'm still so far from home " he might he is at a battlefield. this might be a letter for his family. a letter that explains his feelings.

  4. anonymous
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    Mar 6th 2013 report

    To me this song is about a painful cycle that just goes on and on and it can only be broken with you. Having a painful childhood where one or both of your parents drink or do drugs causes so much turmoil in a childs life. Having a parent or parents walk out on you or absent from your life truly hurts...But the child eventually will grow up and as he/she grows he/she finds that he/she following in the exact same footsteps as his/her parents and wasnt everything he/she could have been to his/her loved ones because of the choices that he/she are now making....the exact same choices that he/she observed as a child. Before you know it time flies by and you cant go back and change the past and you realize that its too late or is it??? Take a look at your precious children and remember what you endured as a child and know that just because you remember everything doesnt mean that you have to continue the cycle of regret and abuse and neglect but change it before it is too late. Break the cycle and love your kids and dont hurt them. I totally get this song and completely understand the pain as i have lived this...The song hit home for me and before I knew it i was grown with kids of my own and making them same mistakes but am getting it right before its to late....

  5. anonymous
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    Jan 9th 2013 report

    It sounds like his parents didn't care so he left them, but that also meant leaving his siblings, in which he feels sorry for. He wants them to know he's sorry....................
    It could also be an apology that someone says right before they kill themselves.
    either one....

  6. anonymous
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    Dec 16th 2012 report

    This song makes me cry so badly because its what i went through as well. I lived a very abusive childhood, and like the artist, i couldnt stop anything, and i remeber every single incident. the artist says how he remebers it all, and even though hes away he cant escape the memories that cause him so much pain. hes sorry for never being able to protect his sister or brother, and telling his mother he doesnt blame her for anything.

  7. anonymous
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    Nov 18th 2012 report

    Its ab how as a boy his father was an alcoholic who use to mentaly and physicaly abuse him and his mom for yelling she neglected him there for he turns angry and mean and when he's older he turnes in too his dad with the drinking and he left his wife because of wat happened as a kid he can't have a sterdy relationship he treated her like shit he trys to deal wit the past and the war that can mess anyone up but he seen his life as a useless shell and he trys to drink it away but only. Makes it worse he wants help but yet agen dosent

  8. Will0628
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    Aug 3rd 2012 report

    dude, the writer of this song must have spied on my life, tell me this is a weird ass coincidence:

    my mother - died when i was 12, but i have not lived how she raised me. pretty much total opposite. i went a little nuts when my HS sweetheart died in a car crash.

    My father - he molested 2 of my three sisters, so i testified in court against him and sent him to jail. Im pretty sure that he is upset with me, but he is gone.

    Brother - the 2 sisters also said my brother molested them ( 3 years difference) I couldnt believe that because i was so close to my brother, but i stood with my sisters because hey, im their older brother, what are you going to do. so i left him alone and did not stand by his side during prob the worst time in his life. (he was freed because not enough evidence)

    Other sister - she does not believe that my father or brother did any of it, so she has disowned us, but I only did what i could, what was right.

    I wish i could forget it all, forgive them, let them in, but never, never will i, or can i, so i sit here remembering everything and its raining, forever.

    tell me this song is not about me and ill call you crazy

  9. anonymous
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    Jul 28th 2012 report

    I believe the song is about a person who when he was born his father had dreamed about him being like him or being a kid who played sports hence (Dear Father forgive me cause in your eyes I just never added up). And his mother had dreamed of him being perfect hence (Dear mother, I love you I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough). As for the brother and sister in the song he says (But dear brother, just don't hate me For never standing by you, or being by your side) meaning he was the quite one in the family who didn't do much with the family as for the sister I think he may have said something that might have bothered her hence (Dear sister, please don't blame me I only did, what I thought was truly right). And again here's something else that could have hinted to him being a loner in the family (It's a long and lonely road, when you know you walk alone), and then at the end (Please forgive me, I can't forgive you now.) he wants his family to forgive him because he can't forgive them after all the things that had happened to him.And at the very end he says (If we could start again, would that have changed the end?) so there I'm guessing that if he could change everything to the day he was born would it be worth it to become the: football player, the perfect kid,the voice of the family,and not have said the thing that bothered his sister.Just for the love of his family.

  10. justsmee
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    Jul 13th 2012 report

    This goes for all music not just ffdp...if you want to truly interpret a songs meaning, listen to the song as a whole a few times musically then do the same lyrically. After that, listen to the inflections in voice during the lyrics to get a better grasp on the intended voice( passive,aggressor, apologetic, confusion,etc.) And the use of the instruments during certain parts of the song will show the feeling for the message being relayed...That will help in the overall message.

  11. anonymous
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    Jul 9th 2012 report

    I think the lyrics of this song basically explain themselves. This song is about a man who is full grown, (obviously) and is probably thinking back to his childhood. What is remembered is mainly about his family, and is explained in the song. He obviously did not have a good relationship with his family, and is apologizing for his mistakes, but some of the lyrics explain that he also was not treated fairly. Later in the song, the following line is said, "I'm still so far from home." which leads me to believe that he is a soldier in war and has been away from his family and his home for so long that it has triggered him to think back, and it isn't a happy memory. It then puts a lot of regret on him.

  12. anonymous
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    Jun 9th 2012 report

    this songs in the lead vocalist point of view how him and his parents never agreed on anything like there were always arguing with each other and this songs a way to get his thoughts about it in the open

  13. anonymous
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    May 16th 2012 report

    Sounds like he f'ed over his whole family & he remembers the feeling of liking it...so that makes him a douche!Sh*tty song by a sh*tty band!

  14. anonymous
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    May 13th 2012 report

    This song is about a young man who turned away from his family because they hurt him. The video depicts a young man growing up and going from being loved to being hated. I think that after he leaves his family passes on and he feels guilty for hating them when he could have spent time with them and leaving without a goodbye. Now he wont ever see them again and can't fix it.

    I speak from personal experience since my family is dead to me living but dead to me and I should have spent more time with them before I changed and began to hate them

  15. anonymous
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    May 4th 2012 report

    I think this is a great song, and I guess the song just means either the same or different for all of us due to any situations we've been in. This song always reminds me of my brother who is currently in jail and I would think the song from his perspective. There was always something 'off' with him. He has been to jail several times and is only 25. Now this last time I think it has really just hit him that he needs to stop for his wife and kids and for us. My parents at first were saying that they can't help him anymore and basically gave up on him. My other brother (also in jail) just hopes the best will come for him. This song 'matched' our family in a small way, and that's why this song caughty attention so much. That and it was just great.

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