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Five Finger Death Punch: Wrong Side of Heaven Meaning


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Wrong Side of Heaven Lyrics

I spoke to god today, and she said that she's ashamed.
What have I become, what have I done?
I spoke to the devil today, and he swears he's not to blame.
And I understood, cuz I feel the same.

Arms wide open, I stand alone.
I'm no hero,...


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    Sep 22nd, 2014 9:07am report

    Its about soldiers who do their duty when they go off to war... They are trained to kill enemy paper targets but the psychological effects change when paper becomes flesh.
    "I spoke to god today, and she said that she's ashamed. What have I become what have I done.
    I spoke to the devil today, and he said he's not to blame, I understood cuz I feel the same."
    That's the soldier looking in the mirror. Sad upset hurt and pissed that he took another human life yet he did what he was supposed to do what he was trained to do.
    "I'm not defending, downward descending,
    falling further and further away!
    I'm closer EVERYDAY!

    I'm getting closer every day, to the end.
    The end, The end, the end,
    I'm getting closer EVERYDAY!"
    The soldier feels what he did was wrong he is not justifying his actions he sees the faces of of the men he has killed every time he shuts his eyes he hears the horror the screams the bullets in every routine daily activity.
    He wants an end to the pain he wants to take his own life.
    Approximately 22 veterans take their own life every day most of them under the age of 30.
    I am a veteran. I was a 249 gunner this song depicts exactly how I feel.I thank Five Finger Death Punch for putting my very thoughts to music.


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    Sep 30th, 2014 9:42am report

    I think most people are missing the point of this song, and yes I have seen the video.

    It unfortunately has nothing to due with veterans (even though I am a disabled vet.) It has more to do with the fall of man.

    The song is sung from Adam's point of view.

    God is ashamed, (adam ate the fruit)
    Devil claims he isn't to blame (free will)
    I stand alone (no other men)
    I'm not made of stone (depression for what he has done, releasing sin into the world)

    I heard from God and she sounded just like me (Having knowledge of good and evil)

    I saw the devil today and he looked a lot like me (A sinner, fallen from grace)

    Wrong side of heaven Righteous side of hell - physically somewhere in the middle like earth,(not in the Garden any more) - spiritually neither good nor bad, just Human

    Let me know what you think.


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    Nov 22nd, 2014 11:16pm report

    The fall of man and human guilt have always been interconnected. When God exposed the fact that Adam and Eve had eaten from the tree of absolute knowledge, they both felt guilty and immediately tried to cover themselves up. They felt embarrassed by their own sin and nakedness. Anyone adhering to the Christian, Jewish or Islamic faith knows instinctively that guilt and the fall of man cannot be separated from each other. That's what the singer in this song is struggling with.

    The question then becomes, how do we free ourselves from our own guilt? The answer lies in forgiveness...


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    Feb 28th, 2:18am report

    It's a person or demon crying and calling his leader a God and called almighty God a devil


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    Feb 25th, 2:43am report

    I relate to this song because i am the daughter of a vet and i salute all people who try to save us(police ems military firefighters and all veterans) my father is a firefighter and my mother had killed and almost got killed but she kept going and before she had me she thought that life was at its lowest and then she met my father who also has depression and axiety just like me and my mom. I relate to the song because i fight physically and emotionally but i keep going because people care about us veterans and police officers and ems and firefighters. I saluted the flag since 1st grade and now i have a song that is the story of my life. I thank vets, police, ems, and firefighters. But some people cant figure it out so im saying this from my point of view. A soldier for a mother a firefighter for a father and me a soldier in training whos already killed.


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    Jan 4th, 1:22pm report

    I have a question? Why does the video talk about veterans becoming homeless is it because what they did was wrong(meaning killing and taking others people's lives in wars)


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    Oct 30th, 2016 10:58pm report

    I loved the video !!! it was well matched to the song !!! now the video is unavailable and the other version is shorter !!! Love the song and its meaning just thing the Vet campaign was finally getting a voice in a positive way only to be deleted !!!! sad day for me !!!


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    Sep 30th, 2016 9:32pm report

    Great feedback, I loved this song the first time I heard it, it got me thinking, it made me sad & angry then made me excited & hopeful, it was just an emotional roller-coaster of emotions. So my 2 cents in short form are "DUALITY". Read on if you wanna know details, sorry for the tome. The video shows how different people deal with the same situation, it shows sad statistics that bring to light some sad issues that veterans deal with, a seemingly happy ending or two and in the end it reinforces the brotherhood a soldier carries as the successful man shot first helps the now homeless seemingly drug addicted man who helped him years before but the others on the street get no happy ending. Duality is seen again as one is white and one is black. I think it's about dogma, duality, morality & our internal struggles with these that sometimes have drastic effects on our lives. The dogma of evil & good, man & god, woman & man; fables & myths are systematically taught to children assisting in their mental formation of a moral compass along with one's life experiences and environment. The nurturing aspect of a mother such as mother Earth are why he refers to god as a "she", further expressing duality by referring to the devil as "he".

    The lyric "What have I done, What have I become: are the realization that the moral code has been violated, an internal struggle in the form of questions. The little girl wants to give the man sitting losing his family on the street a flower but the mom pulls here away, taking that nurturing motherly aspect away subtlety, again duality. The lyric "Arms wide open, I standing alone" I believe is a conscious awakening and the realization that you alone answer for your actions, singularity.

    The reference to god & the devil looking and sounding like him are references to him beginning to realize this fact but not understating right & wrong point to the fact that there is a struggle. Duality of right & wrong can be seen differently depending on which side of the weapon you stand. The second part of the song he is realizing he sounds like god and looks like the devil, stripping duality as he is one, the same and/or both. The lyric "I'm no hero, I'm not made of stone" refer to the fact that he is just human, struggle is natural and expected, we came into this world naked with nothing and will leave it alone with nothing, singularity. He turns from the devil symbolizing a choice representing the positive or morally right, there's something positive but he earlier stated he looked a lot like the devil so he's turning from himself, singularity & duality.

    The repeat of the choirs although musically necessary remain unchanged, a dual singularity so as a human he goes back to the internal struggle. Struggling at first then recognizing each-other in the video, finally walking away together, the black man, the white man, the homeless drug addict, the successful businessman; strip away all dogma that religion, family, friends, government and society have taught them.

    The brothers walk away aware of duality but stripped of its chains, expressing care for each-other and recognizing the need for care, expressing true morality and the beginning of the healing process. The hook, "Wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell" are the internal summation of the answers to the questions struggled within to justify who he is and who he has become.


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    Aug 9th, 2016 8:45pm report

    As a former soldier, and as an Uncle that has lost a cousin and a nephew, one to PTSD and know FFDP, this is for the soldiers. Thank you FFDP


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    Aug 7th, 2016 8:27pm report

    Ok all seems the wrong side of heaven would be the USA for the fact he is home or they are home. The righteous side of hell would be the fact that he is living the war over and over in his head and can't break free. Yes they are home so please don't thank them a simple welcome home will do. Much respect for the men and woman who fight for your freedom on the front line and places abroad. Your welcome home is always waiting my brothers and sisters.


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    Jun 15th, 2016 6:01pm report

    To those that feel this is not aimed for Vets with PTSD:

    Your part of the problem. Watch the video.

    Think about what it says.

    Wrong side of heaven. (what we did made us unworthy of heaven)

    righteous side of hell. (We don't deserve to be in hell for what we did because our actions saved lives as well.)

    I'm no hero. (we don't want to be thanked. We did what we had to do. It turned from being about the USA, to just the Marines next to you)

    I'm not made of stone (We do not show our pain. We are trained to control our emotions, but it eats us up inside.)

    We don't want to be thanked, and many of us still function in the civilian world. There are those that don't. If you care, buy that homeless man you pass on the way home some dinner. It would be a selfless act for someone who fought against those that would hurt you.


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    Mar 4th, 2016 3:00pm report

    I thought the band has been pretty clear this song is about veterans suffering from PTSD. The lyrics can have different meanings to different people but if the point of this website it to try to figure out what the songwriter meant, in this case we already know.


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    Jun 10th, 2015 6:03pm report

    This is my favorite song, and the first one i listened to by 5.F.D.P
    When I explain this song to my girlfriend, I explain it as this....
    Pretty much, this man (or woman) is trying to be a good person, but it gets hard over time. He doesn't mean for any of it to be bad, and he wants it to all be good. He regrets what has happened. He feels like he is alone and he is looking for help. He says that he sounds like God (meaning he speaks of truth and light) But looks like the Devil(meaning he is seen as a bad person,and may sometimes act like a bad person.) Now, he can't even tell if he is wrong or right. He is caught between two worlds."
    I have heard this song countless times, and it pretty much explains my life story.


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    Mar 10th, 2015 3:22am report

    From a solider/police officer perspective:
    Given the vet ptsd theme of the video here is my take. The song is definitely a moral dilemma.

    Spoke to god today and she said shes ashamed....I understand cuz I feel the same.
    Put in to a situation to do bad shit to bad people and having a guilty conscious for killing.

    Arms wide open...righteous side of hell.
    Cant take the pain of killing/seeing buddies killed and am I doing bad things to do the right thing?


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    Feb 19th, 2015 2:42am report

    A agree with almost everyone that this song is about "MAN" (man or woman) who is living everyday life and not knowing what is truly right or wrong or how to handle the choices.
    Everyday we make choices between right and wrong, and at time a when we choose wrong we sit back and try to figure out what to do. To narrow this down to a any individual or type of individual (VET)is OK, that how some people relate, BUT I think it about all of man kind (female, male, all races, all colors all living things).

    My thoughts on why he refers to GOD as a female is because we take comfort in Females and (relates back to early child hood, mothering.and the devil as himself is because he knows he make the choice that is making him feel this way.

    I'm sure everyone can relate to this song one way or another, and if you can't then I think you are lying to us and yourself



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    Feb 10th, 2015 2:26pm report

    I think this song, like many of his songs is about his relationship with Satan. He has clearly sold his soul to the Devil, but part of him wishes he hadn't. Though another part takes deep pride. He's very conflicted and lost.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Dec 28th, 2014 12:07pm report

    I think it is about a man that has did others wrong and does not know how to get forgiven.
    I think he is contemplating suicide.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Nov 18th, 2014 11:13pm report

    It's the fall of a man.

    God beeing a woman, I can see god as being our intelligence. (in french, intelligence is a female noun if that makes any sense.)
    It's not flesh, since she sound like him.

    Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. As a man fall, this ability is ashamed of what you done with it.

    Devil beeing a man, I see him as the ground of man's actions. He's the flesh who act.

    It's the duality knowledge/skills and acts.

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