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Five Finger Death Punch: Wrong Side of Heaven Meaning


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Wrong Side of Heaven Lyrics

I spoke to god today, and she said that she's ashamed.
What have I become, what have I done?
I spoke to the devil today, and he swears he's not to blame.
And I understood, cuz I feel the same.

Arms wide open, I stand alone.
I'm no hero,...


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    Nov 8th 2014 report

    It's not about the fall of man. It's about returning military and thestuff they go through PTSD, 22 commit suicide daily and more and more are homhomeless. Just look at zoltan bathory's interview on it.


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    Jun 15th 2016 report

    To those that feel this is not aimed for Vets with PTSD:

    Your part of the problem. Watch the video.

    Think about what it says.

    Wrong side of heaven. (what we did made us unworthy of heaven)

    righteous side of hell. (We don't deserve to be in hell for what we did because our actions saved lives as well.)

    I'm no hero. (we don't want to be thanked. We did what we had to do. It turned from being about the USA, to just the Marines next to you)

    I'm not made of stone (We do not show our pain. We are trained to control our emotions, but it eats us up inside.)

    We don't want to be thanked, and many of us still function in the civilian world. There are those that don't. If you care, buy that homeless man you pass on the way home some dinner. It would be a selfless act for someone who fought against those that would hurt you.


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    Sep 26th 2017 report

    I agree with most who say it's about veterans and the fall of men.

    Just one more thing that came to my mind:
    "I saw the devil today, and he looked a lot like me."
    Devil might represent the enemy, those who they're supposed to kill. But maybe he saw a soldier from the other side and recognized they're a human being just like him, maybe facing the same struggles as he does.
    And the following lyrics:
    "I looked away, I turned away."
    Suggest to me that he turned away instead if shooting, sparing their life.

    Yeah just my thoughts on that part, love the song <3

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 5th 2021 report

    I'll say this: The song is amazing, but I can't seem to figure out why Ivan refers to God as a she. The best thing I can figure is he's speaking from a Catholic POV, in which he would be speaking of Mary. But the song is a great one that I'm glad they came out with. It's an issue that has to be addressed. My dad is a Marine Corp and Army veteran and once he got out, he was 110% on his own. He even said the VA did nothing to help, but he soldiered on and he made it. That was almost 20 years ago. The point is, there are thousands of men and women who are more than fighting for us. They're DYING for us. Just as the music video said, we are failing them. To see a veteran on the streets is spirit breaking and it makes me so happy that a band as popular as FFDP called out the problem, now the only thing left to do is lend a hand and help them to at least make an attempt to repay them for what they did for us.

  5. anonymous
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    Oct 23rd 2020 report

    First of all, Anonymous commenter on Aug 10th, 2017 8:39am, don't call people idiots. It was a question, not a thing for you to call out on. What you said is just plain mean and rude. Besides, how do you know if the person you called an idiot was like me, a sheltered innocent kid who didn't know some things? Not all of us are Einsteins. I know for a fact because I'm not a genius. I ain't no Einstein-genius who can calculate the universe. I'm just a human, alright? So is the so-called "idiot" you called out. You're a human too, you aren't perfect, just like the rest of us.

  6. anonymous
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    Oct 4th 2020 report

    Why do the military always have to make everything about themselves? Maybe if they ever grow up they can see no one cares, they made their choices, live with them, get over yourselves. No one twisted your arm, made you go. Its about all of us in our lives and what we go through, just vets always want the spot light, truly suckening but then thats why they are vets, lol.

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  7. anonymous
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    Aug 27th 2020 report

    Im a 36 year old man. When u was 18-20 I tried so hard to join all branches of the U.S service. Expunged my record and everything but still was rejected. At this point I'm do passed i never got in but I'm also happy I never got in.. you guys are promised so much and built up so high until you retire from the military then you're on your own. Thank God nkt so much now as it was back when there was war. I salute all of you who read this and I support all veterans and active duty members. God bless you all and I hope no vet ever has a hard life or takes their life. You mean everything to all 350,000,000 of us that you served or fought for. God bless you and thank you so so so much

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 18th 2020 report

    As a combat veteran in the Gulf war 1990 1991 I have 100 percent rating from the Va PTSD and this video has a lot of meaning to which only a combat veteran would understand.

  9. anonymous
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    Feb 16th 2019 report

    i totally see this being about veterans i also see this song being about someones personal war inside their on heart and head. Theres alotta crazy shit out there that a parent tries to keep away from their home and far from their children but wen then devil whispers sweet nothings into ur kids ear and then he is gone forever theres a painful war in a mothers soul that just cant be beaten. The guilt the tornment the not being able to revive your son knowing youre responsible for killing ur first born son is some shit that is so fucking painful it should kill u but it just doesn’t. War is everywhere and its right in my own head and it will never be won or lost it just exists and it full of complete craziness that camt be tamed its a constant loudness that just buries me every second of everyday! God Bless All the Military out there and thank you all for EVERYTHING YOU DO AND EVERYTHING YOUVE DONE!

  10. anonymous
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    Aug 28th 2018 report

    I take the song as god thing. A preachers son who question the existence of god since 5th grade. Yet have been places in my life where i have awaken by a sense of someone standing over me open my eyes unable to move only to see the reaper standing over me. Not wanted by either in the afterlife i shall always roam. I have embraced my choice.

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  11. anonymous
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    Oct 18th 2017 report

    I feel what the veterans are going through. By the time I finished watching the video tears were streaming down my face.

  12. anonymous
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    Aug 10th 2017 report

    To the anonymous commenter from Jan 4th, 2017 1:22pm you are an idiot the video in and of itself is about the two sides of the problem that veterans face on the outside, the lack of knowledge about options they can make use of and lack of funding for those options to the point that even if they attempt to make uses of the tools available they may still be denied and the general apathy of the public towards the issues the veterans have as well as the fact that while supposedly the veterans have a better chance of getting a job but the reality is that most employers are LESS likely to hire a veteran due to the fact that they (the employers) want someone they can train in the specific way they want a job done and they would have to fight the way the veterans were trained to do a task to have them do it their way

  13. anonymous
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    Aug 8th 2017 report

    My husband texted me the first verse of this song on Monday 07/31/2017. He had a massive heart attack on 08/03/2017 and died.
    He had been a sniper with the 82nd airborne. He rarely spoke of what he actually did in the military. His soul was troubled and deeply conflicted. He suffered from PTSD and anxiety. He rarely left the house and had been sober just over a year when he died.
    He was so gentle. He would not even kill a bug and would rush to the defense of spiders or other insects. Then there was this other side that tried to care for no one and get close to only me.
    We had been married for 26 years. I turned 47 08/01. I spent over half my entire life with Butch. I am so lost and heartbroken. His would of been 50 on 08/24. He marveled that we would be 50 in a few weeks. He never believed he would live as long as he did.
    I knew he had not been feeling well for the past week but he did not let on to how bad it was. I pray he can finally have true peace. My life will never be the same and I do not know how to go on.
    I have read the lyrics of this song everyday since he left and am so sad that there are so many suffering as he was. I cared for him for 26 years and so hope I didn't fail him at the end.

  14. skullripper48
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    Jul 15th 2017 report

    this song is about the thoughts of a veteran in my opinion, they fight for their country, and are deemed murderers by people who don't deserve to walk on the same ground as them.
    "Wrong side of heaven" refers to striving for righteousness, but finding yourself viewed as a villain

  15. anonymous
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    Feb 25th 2017 report

    I relate to this song because i am the daughter of a vet and i salute all people who try to save us(police ems military firefighters and all veterans) my father is a firefighter and my mother had killed and almost got killed but she kept going and before she had me she thought that life was at its lowest and then she met my father who also has depression and axiety just like me and my mom. I relate to the song because i fight physically and emotionally but i keep going because people care about us veterans and police officers and ems and firefighters. I saluted the flag since 1st grade and now i have a song that is the story of my life. I thank vets, police, ems, and firefighters. But some people cant figure it out so im saying this from my point of view. A soldier for a mother a firefighter for a father and me a soldier in training whos already killed.

  16. anonymous
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    Jan 4th 2017 report

    I have a question? Why does the video talk about veterans becoming homeless is it because what they did was wrong(meaning killing and taking others people's lives in wars)

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  17. anonymous
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    Oct 30th 2016 report

    I loved the video !!! it was well matched to the song !!! now the video is unavailable and the other version is shorter !!! Love the song and its meaning just thing the Vet campaign was finally getting a voice in a positive way only to be deleted !!!! sad day for me !!!

  18. anonymous
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    Sep 30th 2016 report

    Great feedback, I loved this song the first time I heard it, it got me thinking, it made me sad & angry then made me excited & hopeful, it was just an emotional roller-coaster of emotions. So my 2 cents in short form are "DUALITY". Read on if you wanna know details, sorry for the tome. The video shows how different people deal with the same situation, it shows sad statistics that bring to light some sad issues that veterans deal with, a seemingly happy ending or two and in the end it reinforces the brotherhood a soldier carries as the successful man shot first helps the now homeless seemingly drug addicted man who helped him years before but the others on the street get no happy ending. Duality is seen again as one is white and one is black. I think it's about dogma, duality, morality & our internal struggles with these that sometimes have drastic effects on our lives. The dogma of evil & good, man & god, woman & man; fables & myths are systematically taught to children assisting in their mental formation of a moral compass along with one's life experiences and environment. The nurturing aspect of a mother such as mother Earth are why he refers to god as a "she", further expressing duality by referring to the devil as "he".

    The lyric "What have I done, What have I become: are the realization that the moral code has been violated, an internal struggle in the form of questions. The little girl wants to give the man sitting losing his family on the street a flower but the mom pulls here away, taking that nurturing motherly aspect away subtlety, again duality. The lyric "Arms wide open, I standing alone" I believe is a conscious awakening and the realization that you alone answer for your actions, singularity.

    The reference to god & the devil looking and sounding like him are references to him beginning to realize this fact but not understating right & wrong point to the fact that there is a struggle. Duality of right & wrong can be seen differently depending on which side of the weapon you stand. The second part of the song he is realizing he sounds like god and looks like the devil, stripping duality as he is one, the same and/or both. The lyric "I'm no hero, I'm not made of stone" refer to the fact that he is just human, struggle is natural and expected, we came into this world naked with nothing and will leave it alone with nothing, singularity. He turns from the devil symbolizing a choice representing the positive or morally right, there's something positive but he earlier stated he looked a lot like the devil so he's turning from himself, singularity & duality.

    The repeat of the choirs although musically necessary remain unchanged, a dual singularity so as a human he goes back to the internal struggle. Struggling at first then recognizing each-other in the video, finally walking away together, the black man, the white man, the homeless drug addict, the successful businessman; strip away all dogma that religion, family, friends, government and society have taught them.

    The brothers walk away aware of duality but stripped of its chains, expressing care for each-other and recognizing the need for care, expressing true morality and the beginning of the healing process. The hook, "Wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell" are the internal summation of the answers to the questions struggled within to justify who he is and who he has become.

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