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Hollywood Undead: Street Dreams Meaning

Tagged: Drugs [suggest]

Street Dreams Lyrics

Dead of the night we go into the world unknown
Just let us go
I Know that I'm breathin slow, inhaling smoke I just awoke
A Bottle Of pills I'm chokin down with dancing demons all around
But I'm hearin sounds, and I know I'm hearin...


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    Jan 9th, 2014 1:04am report

    I think this song is about someone spiraling into insanity.

    "Again in the night, we go into the world unknown, just let us go." -This person, making bad choices and doing drugs/drinking alcohol, doesn't want the help of others. He's not interested in getting better.
    "I know that I'm breathing slow, inhaling smoke, I just awoke." -He's just woken up and is already smoking something; he's ill and is breathing slowly, barely.
    "A bottle of pills I'm chokin' down, with dancin' demons all around.
    And I'm hearin' sounds and I know I'm hearin' voices now." -He's taking pills and he's hallucinating, hearing voices, seeing things.
    "With all the buildings crashing down, it's Armageddon again.
    I'll drink the poison from the ground and make a toast to the end." -He's dying, but he doesn't care; he's accepting it.
    "For all the kids and all the ones and even some who've just begun.
    To feel the pain cause they can't stand to stay away." -He doesn't want anyone to end up in the world that he's stuck in, but he knows most will end up like him, they can't stay away from bad lifestyles.

    "I see the streets burn every time I fall asleep
    I'm losing all my sanity
    I can't hide from the voice that speaks inside of me.
    I see the trees burn along with all my memories
    I'm losing all my sanity
    I can't hide from the voice that speaks inside of me." -More hallucinations which are now becoming dangerous. He hears voices, and he has visions, and he knows he's becoming dangerous, wanting to burn and hurt things now.

    "I saw you walk into a room, I saw a face I thought I knew.
    And all along it was true, It was me, it wasn't you." -He's probably in an asylum or rehab, some place that will help him recover. Still hallucinating, thinking he's seeing people. He's realizing that it wasn't anyone else's fault that landed him there, only his fault.
    "I asked myself if it's the truth a guilty conscience isn't proof." He's not sure if that's the truth, if he belongs there, and isn't sure if they're just making him feel guilty for his mental instability.
    "A fingerprint, well what's that do? Cause gasoline can burn that too." They might file him down as another patient, take his fingerprint, photograph, whatever, but he can burn it and erase any trace of himself.
    "So hide your knives and save yourself. It's just you there's no one else." He's warning others that in his condition, he's a danger to himself, and he is alone in the fight.
    "Will I change? The time will tell. Why can't I dream? What is this hell?" -He's not sure if he can recover and fix himself. In the meantime, he's stuck in hell, and he can't see anything good in his life, can't dream.
    "So maybe I should stop this time and draw the line and see the light.
    But it's too late, I can't this time. I've lost my mind so say goodnight." -He's going to hurt someone else, blinded by insanity. He's trying to stop and save himself, but he can't this time. He's gone insane, and there's no going back now.

    "Who's to judge who's insane? Watch it all wash away." -He's saying that in reality, no one can judge who is insane and who is not, because there's always something sinister about people once the outside is washed away.
    "Save us from what we've made. It doesn't die, it only fades." -People that have lost their minds need to be saved from the monster they created, but it never truly goes away, only fades.
    "If I can't feel there isn't pain. Another day and it's all the same." -He's felt so much pain that he's saying if he can't feel pain, it's not there. Days are passing and he stays the same. His life unchanging.
    "I always pray, I never change. It seems to me we're all to blame." -He doesn't want to change; everyone's responsible for causing pain of some kind.
    "Meet your matches, no more rain. Burn this fuckin' world away." -He's finished with the world and is ready to burn it away, refusing to suffer depression ("rain") any longer.


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    Oct 17th, 2019 10:06am report

    I think it's about schizophrenia. "I can't hide from the voice inside of me" Could refer to schizophrenic voices. "I see the streets burn" Could be hallucinations. Who really knows aside from the writers


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    Jul 13th, 2019 7:41pm report

    It's about thinking how fucked up your life is or the LA riots.


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    Apr 27th, 2014 4:52pm report

    to sum it up i think that is about all the problems that drugs can cause , " i see the streets burn everytime i fall asleep " might be methaphorical , by saying i see the streets burn it might mean that he is seeing alot of broken dreams in the streets , alot of drugs being sold on the street ruining peoples life , or it might just mean that hes gone insane because of the drugs , either way the message this song is giving is still very strong .


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    Feb 21st, 2014 2:29pm report

    The titel says iT all.

    ITS About street dreams.
    Just The Wishing that everything gets better while you are living a fucked up tough life


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    Feb 19th, 2014 2:38am report

    It could be a reference to people with intrusive thoughts,(thiughts you don't want to have but come for no reason)
    This could produce rage and might make people feel insane
    But the first part would be about suppressing the thoughts by smoking and later thoughts about suicide, every time they go to sleep the thoughts take control and you see "the streets burn" also who is to judge who is insane could be referring to the fact you feel insane because you have no control of your thoughts
    I could Afcourse be somthing very different this is yust how I understood the song


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    Nov 16th, 2013 11:43pm report

    This is about some one who has no will to allow his sanity to give himself hope and give his opinion with dreams, that can't allow him to describe his own features, and allow his own conscience to be a,"life," filled mind of ill will and no power to control his thoughts/actions, with the devilish passion, and overlook on his life.


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    Jul 14th, 2011 7:52am report

    It could be about the LA riots and how it affected them all because they all lived in LA at the time


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    Jun 17th, 2011 6:57pm report

    I think it's talking about J3T backstabbing Deuce, but from Johnny's perspective.

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