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Incubus: Adolescents Meaning


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Adolescents Lyrics

I'm feeling out of bounds, out of bounds
I'm running out of time, out of time
I know there's no such thing as either of them
But it's doesn't make me feel any better.

out of sight, out of mind
out of sight, out of mind
we're out of...


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    Dec 5th, 2015 12:19am report

    I think it's about how we're "taking our attention away" from what really matters and not really "paying attention" at all to that. Our minds are glued to our social status, our technological advances that are unnecessary and our true selves. Myself personally, out of sight and out of mind can tie to our attention span and how it's being destroyed by materialism. Great song. This band is one of kind and always has been


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    Dec 20th, 2012 12:17pm report

    No, Jesus!

    The lyrics talk about how new generations are being wasted, young people have no drive, no passion for things, grow detached and the time to change things is shortening.

    Brandon knew how inportant young generations are, he could see them taking the wrong path, and he warns the world about it. Young generations are the future, they must learn to love what they have, and to love others. Unstead hate spreads like the wind. The clock ticking, things must be changed.


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    Sep 21st, 2011 9:38pm report

    hahaha..That which comes from the earth, is of the greatest worth. One of life's not-so hidden truths.


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    Aug 12th, 2011 8:33am report

    to spoon

    Jesus man!!!
    stop smoking this shit:)))


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    Jul 20th, 2011 7:13pm report

    adolescents = ado les cents = out of les cents = out of the cents.

    out of sight, out of mind = forgot about.

    out of time = not getting any younger.

    = time to make some more money before we get any older.



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    Jul 17th, 2011 7:40pm report

    Brandon Boyd was interviewed on Alt. Nation and he said the inspiration of the song itself was sparked from his idea that humans are a young species. And since there are many horrible things going on around the world, he said he was worried that our time may be limited, while we still need time to grow


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    Jun 21st, 2011 6:06pm report

    This to me is about a changing world, a world where we have lost touch with whats real, whats important, our true selves. incubus' lyrical creations are very much metaphysical and almost mystical sometimes, its really exciting. "out of bounds, out of time. he knows they dont exist" to me he's speaking of our individual and collective psyche (spirit - soul- connection) which is separate from time and space.

    Were conditioned and virtually brainwashed to grow up (hence: adolescents), get a 9to5, consume meaningless junk...the phrase out of sight, out of mind is very simple for my interpretation anyway...a large chunk of humanity seems to be caught in this web of thinking that if we can't physically observe something then it certainly doesn't exist.

    The lyrics suggest a disconnect between what society feels "adolescents" should exude in daily life and what he personally feels. he feels overwhelmed with being told just being who he is, is not good enough."its getting out of line" we've strayed so far from being what we truly are, a "natural" human living in peace with ourselves and nature, and not conforming to all this economical non-sense.

    "were out of mind"- instead of using our intuitive mind, we're literally using our brains, our conditioned cycle of habitual routine, our false ego as they say, to a point where we may be out of time? ...hmmm maybe, but nature has shown absolutely astonishing (even mystical/magical) ways of bringing together evolutionary leaps in such opportune times and in ways that has enabled the possibility for continuity of life.


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    Jun 16th, 2011 6:29pm report

    I guess its just about being young.


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    May 31st, 2011 5:03pm report

    This is a song about someone caught between life and death, right and wrong, stuck in the middle, which is what being an adolescent is all about. Still a child, on the cusp of responsibility, running out of time, there are no bounds or time constraints, but that fact is meaningless.


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    May 10th, 2011 5:48pm report

    Perhaps its a song about a past relationship, of the writers' youth, adolescence. Now 'they' (we) are out of sight and out of mind, and out of time. The relationship has ended, its a thing of the past. Maybe. Whoever knows?

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