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Incubus: Here In My Room Meaning


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Here In My Room Lyrics

This party is old and uninviting
Participants all in black and white
You enter in full blown technicolor
Nothing is the same after tonight

If the world would fall apart
In a fiction-worthy wind
I wouldn't change a thing now that you're...


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    Dec 3rd 2008 report

    I think this song goes a bit deeper than casual sex or being bored at a party . . . then again could just be me . . .

    i think the party is a metaphor for life in general. in general this guy is bored with people, bored with their normal-ness and the way everyone just wants to blend in (all in "black and white").

    he meets someone who stirs the pot -- who's actually different, and beautiful -- and it opens him up to a whole new way of seeing the world, and of making love. that's why nothing is the same. before life was just a boring, dull party, but now suddenly there's the hope that there's more to life than this.


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    Feb 26th 2009 report

    There are subtle hints in this song that allude to a meaning a bit different meaning than a party hook-up.

    From what I gather, the song is about a guy who has been hurt emotionally, and hasn't found love. Then when he sees this girl, who treats him differently, he feels more complete, wishes that things would never change.

    "This party is old and uninviting
    Participants all in black and white.
    You enter in full blown technicolor
    Nothing is the same after tonight."

    Everyone there is the same. But when he sees her, there's something special about her right away.

    "You enter and close the door behind you
    Now show me the world as seen from the stars.
    If only the lights would dim a little,
    I'm wary of eyes upon my scars"

    Literally pertaining to the fact that he has been scarred before. He's self-conscious of that fact, but as the next paragraph will show, she's different. The fact that the feeling shared between them is described as "showing them the world seen from the stars" obviously means that it is something truly extraordinaire and special (not just great sex).

    "I came here expecting next to nothing
    So thank you for being that kind of girl."

    He went expecting not to find this significant other, this person who seems him for what he is under his scarred self. Hence, "thank you for being that kind of girl." It certainly doesn't seem like he's referencing "that kind of girl" to a girl that puts out.

    Not saying that it isn't about sex, "pink tractor beam into your incision" is a pretty clear illusion to sex, but obviously the song is about more than them having sex, it's about love.

    "Head spinning as free as Dervishs' whirl"
    I'd say this would be an excellent way to describe intimacy with someone you're really connected with.

    Again, I can neither confirm nor deny that this is Incubus' true meaning to the song, but I like to think that this is what it's about.


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    Jul 30th 2007 report

    I agree. It's definitely about a couple meeting to have sex. And there is a definite love connection as a result.

    "This part is old and uninviting. Participants all in black and white."

    Here he explains the boredom he's experiencing at the party. It seems like no one is truly having fun, which may not be the case, but since he isn't, he sees everyone in a dull light.

    "You enter in full-blown technicolor."

    He sees her, and everything immediately brightens. She's the object of his interest. And nothing else is in his sight anymore.

    "Nothing is the same after tonight."

    I'm guessing that he knew that this was a life-changing moment. It can be like that sometimes. XD

    "If the world would fall apart, in a fiction worthy wind, I wouldn't change a thing now that you're here."

    He's declaring that she completes him and that he has no regrets. Even if the world ended the next day, he wouldn't care.

    "Love is a verb, here in my room."

    To love, or even to make love, or, I think, even both. There's a connection, sexual or more.

    "You enter and close the door behind you."

    Obviously, this is when the lovemaking began. She entered his room.

    "Now show me the world as seen from the stars."

    He's asking her permission, I think. He compares lovemaking to flying. A good analogy in my opinion. :]

    "If only the lights would dim a little. I'm weary of eyes upon my scars."

    Either he has a bad track record with relationships that he's tired of being reminded of, or he wishes people would would stop judging his imperfections. Who knows? It seems pretty open-ended. I could go with either.

    "Pink tractor beam into your incision."

    Sounds like penetration to me. :o

    "Head spinning as free as dervishes' whirl."

    The sensation has him swimming.

    "I came here expecting next to nothing."

    Obviously he was looking for this party to be a drag. He expected to be bored out of his mind.

    "So thank you for being that kind of girl."

    Hmm... Well, it seems self explanatory, but for the sake of analysis, he's thanking her for spending the night with him. It seems as if the experience has enriched his life.

    Well, that's my opinion. XD

  4. Effector
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    May 16th 2018 report

    There's no party, there's no sex, there's no door, no stars -well other than the written metaphors of course.

    Well this interpretation is subjective and it is by all means what was intended by the author/lyricist.

    This number is about heartbreak, unrequited love and most all that comes with such a dreadful experience. Within all these, this girl of your dreams had been fixated or a particular idiosyncrasy -Just For You. Speaking from experience, although I have been a failed romantic, I bear the torch of their trust. I have to remind you that this interpretation is purely subjective and indeed what the author/lyricist had intended; I feel so relieved and at peace (in any order) when I hear the last bit of this breathtaking song: I felt fulfilled in ways for them (the several "her"s) maintaining a temperament just for me. What more could I have wanted but their heart in some measly percentage at least? Because I truly did love them with all my life. Not any more I have to add; I am happily with the Lady of my dreams eternally...

  5. anonymous
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    Jan 1st 2012 report

    Its a simple song about a guy that goes to a party and it sucks. Ant nothin hapnin.then this girl comes in and everything get brighter cause he likes her and they go to his room and screw then she leaves. Its casual sex. Sex for the sake sex. No feelings involued. Ant any of yall ever done that? Jesus some of there posts are stupid. Hes dead? Your stupid.

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  6. anonymous
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    Mar 16th 2011 report

    I have interpreted this song completely different then casual sex. It's about a funeral. A guy has died and from the afterlife is now watching his own wake/funeral. And how the woman he loved never showed up to his funeral.
    "This party is old and univiting. Partcipants all in black and white" - this refers to both the formal attire worn at a funeral and how though he might have liked and loved these people they weren't the "ones" who lit up his life.
    "You enter in fullblown technicolor" - this refers to the woman he loved entering the room (if she had indeed showed up) lighting up the room with her prescene
    "love is a verb here in my room" - refers to the greiving, crying, all the emotions attached to funerals because there is so much love for people when they are gone
    "If only the lights would dim a little. I'm weary of eyes upon my scars." - as someone stated earlier he doesn't want people to judge him. Especially since he is now deceased and can't defend himself. He wants to be remembered in a good way.
    "I came here expecting next to nothing" - he is refering to life and how he never really had high expectations for himself
    "thank you for being that kind of girl" - he is dually thanking her: the first reason is sincere, thanking her for loving him and all his faults. The second is sarcastic because it's like "well you can love me when I'm alive, but once I'm gone I'm nothing to you?"

    And that is my interpretation of the song. I think it's alittle different, that's true. But look into the song and see for yourself. Imagine it in your head.

  7. anonymous
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    Apr 29th 2010 report

    Just wanted to make a comment about "Pink tractor beam into your incision". At first I thought that was a rather crass way to refer to intercourse. Then, I thought about it for a while. What is a tractor beam? A powerful force that draws one object to another. With each thrust he is drawing her further and further into himself, both body and soul.

    I think this song is about more than casual sex. It may have started out as casual sex, but ended up being a truly life-changing, transcendent experience.

    Oops. Getting turned on. Gotta go!

  8. anonymous
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    Nov 5th 2009 report

    I think this song is about true love AND casual sex. the night is clearly a sexual encounter, and although it is at a party he feels like it might be more than just casual sex because of the extraordinary feelings he gets. but at the end it seems like he is battling with himself as to what "that kind of girl" is...is she really extraordinary or is she really just THAT kind of girl?

  9. System3142
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    Mar 12th 2009 report

    Actually, its about a fallen general who finds the perfect weapon.

    Party old and uninviting: War
    Participants all in black and white: Chess pieces.
    You enter: The weapon.
    Nothing's the same.

    The world will fall apart with this weapon, but he doesn't care. Love's a verb in his room.

    You enter the world and close the door behind you: Its the weapon of weapons, you can't really beat it. Kinda like the Sange and Yasha. That's why the door behind her is closed. Female, so possibly a sword or a powerful gun. It helps him forget about his failures as a general in the past.

    Pink tractorbeam in your incision: well, you know. A red laser, maybe.

    It runs on gas because it makes his head spin.

    The only problem is, he calls it a girl. Kinda like:
    This is my rifle. It is like any rifle except that it is mine. I will call her... I dunno. Scarlet.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  10. anonymous
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    Mar 11th 2009 report

    I believe that this song is about a person who's been deeply hurt. Fearful of being hurt further.

    Describing the participants as black and white shows how disinteresting they are and how easily they can be categorised. Out of nowhere appears someone who is spectacular and engaging. The focus changes to the welcome stranger.

    From the narrator's point of view love is merely a verb and has no deeper meaning. The act of love is simply physical within the narrator's room.

    The stranger enters the room. There's a vague hope that we'll be shown "the world as seen from the stars". Which is to say that we're given a different perspective on life, one which we've previously been unable to view. The scars that are referenced are previous traumatic events which have shaped the narrator's life. Scars that we hope stay hidden in the dim light. The light may represent the openness and willingness to divulge these events. By dimming the light a little we're becoming less vulnerable and maintaining our protective facade.

    Personally I think "Pink tractor beam into your incision" is a really poor play on words and the worst line in the song. Anyway, they make love (in the physical sense of the word). The head spinning is the release of endorphins as climax is reached. I believe that "I came here expecting next to nothing. So thank you for being that kind of girl." is a reference to just how non-descript and meaningless this girl ended up being. She was a 'nothing' kind of girl. She had absolutely no lasting effect.

    Anyway, that my two cents.

  11. southerngirl86
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    Dec 18th 2008 report

    For me this song describes a no strings attached, casual, purely sexual relationship.. black and white implies a boring routine lifestyle or relationship, and then something good and new comes in, and is that person, and is absent of any of the regular emotional attachement, i think thats what he means by expecting next to nothing, sometimes you need a good experience without worrying about everything that comes with it, just take it for what it is, and thanks for being that kind of girl.. just thanks for understanding that its not a relationship, but a sort of understanding between two bodies.

  12. anonymous
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    Feb 5th 2008 report

    Hey so I have my own interpretation. I believe it is about casual sex. The love here takes a different form, there is no romance in this song. You can feel that just in the music. She is still a stranger so the scars line is simply insecurities at this sort of situation, the narrator has never had casual sex before. Nothing is the same after tonight because he feels satisfied but maybe a little empty too. It's like losing your casual-sex-virginity. It's a really weird feeling. Someone can seem so exciting and you can be so intoxicated in the moment. She walks in and closes the door behind her which is a pretty confident movement. She is clearly initiating it which is why he feels a little nervous at her seeing his scars. He seems very submissive in this song to me, and she, while being amazing also seems to be intimidating.

    Don't get me wrong, he doesn't regret doing it, but the way it fades out at the end is like realizing that there isn't really any love between them, what happened was cool but now it's done and back to the real life as he kinda drifts off to sleep.

    On another site someone mentioned a Wizard of oz representation and I want to make sure people know this isn't my original idea but I fully agree. People all in black and white, enter in full blown technicolour, and then the fictionworthy wind.

  13. retroitregulator
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    Jun 12th 2007 report

    Yeah this song seems to be about being at a lame ass party and being thrilled to hook up with someone you didn't expect to. love the play on words like the pink tractor beam part and the "you show up in full blown technicolor" pretty sweet!

  14. jubilantham
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    May 9th 2007 report

    I agree with you poetic, but I think it could be a little more. "love is a verb here in my room" definitely means they're making love, but when he says "Nothing is the same after tonight" it makes me think that he's never had a better sexual encounter or that he fell in love. Maybe not right, but just my opinion.

  15. apoeticheart
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    Apr 20th 2006 report

    He picks a girl out of a crowded room and begins talking to her. They later meet up in his room where they engage in sex.

    "Pink tractor beam into your incision"... great play on words.

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