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In My Room Lyrics

*tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* Are you gonna let me in?
*tap* *tap* Hello?
*tap* *tap* *tap* Hello?

[Verse 1: Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope]
2:45 and the bell went off
Thank God, many people think I'm odd
But I...


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    May 5th 2023 !⃝

    “2:45 and the bell went off”- he’s in school, presumably college or late high school due to the fact he possibly has a job and sounds like a grown adult-still lives with his mom, which, if he’s in college presumably means he doesn’t have much/ deadbeat “basement dweller” type of man

    “Are you gonna let me in?”- schizophrenia appears suddenly and without warning and may disappear just to come back later, this could be some form of this or another mental disease he had that’s coming back to him in doses, possibly one he’s had before and could be aware of? “many people thinks he’s odd” and he’s always alone, the perception other people have of him could mean he did something like talking to hallucinations at school or has had episodes publicly before.

    “Avoid sunlight with a chalky tone”- 90% chance he’s white, could be a reference to the fact most school shooters/mass killers/psychopaths like him are white despite general disposition to other races for crimes such as mass murder.

    “I get home and I don’t say hi, ain’t no one there”-parents aren’t home often/at all, likely a single child if he’s home alone this often and he “don’t care” His family could be scared of him due to his “oddness” and clearly sociopathic traits. Being alone often as a child/not receiving enough attention does cause certain mental illnesses to develop or grow. Especially if no authority figure/parent was around to teach a troubled/predisposed kid the difference between rights and wrongs.

    “So young and pretty it’s too bad she passed”- could possibly know her personally, maybe a previous victim or a girl he has a crush on that’s likeness appears in his mind.

    He’s definitely schizophrenic or something closely related, schizo hallucinations are most commonly audio, then visual- he hears her voice first, then “sees” her, Tactile, while uncommon, comes after the audio and visual, which occurs when he is able to hold her in the night, but only after a while of just visual and audio.

    “Tap tap go to that piece of ass” - the fact that he has to let her in through the window rather than her just appearing in his room suggests that he is the one actively allowing her into his head, possibly because the loneliness is making him so desperate for company that he (unconsciously?) allows himself to be deluded in her presence.

    “mother's cats jumped up on the covers And it scared my baby, 'cause she don't like pets” it could possibly be the fact that the cat is his moms that he imagines this girl dislikes it- the referral to cat as “it” could be seen as a way to make himself not feel any connection to the cat, calling it “he” or “she” could make it feel more like killing something human/alive- his moms cat suggests her presence, his moms absence from home could be because of a sour relationship between the two, he subconsciously wanted a reason to rid it just to cause his mother pain or take out his anger with her. It could also be the fact that his mom is from his real, sad, depressing world where he had nothing, and he wants to sever the ties between the real and false world within his mind. he could also possibly need concentration and detachment from reality to “keep her alive”. Which is why she disappears when he’s distracted with this cat.

    She becomes his reasoning for his sick mindset, which is commonly an insanity excuse by killers, “the voices told me to” etc.

    “She slips me the tongue and it tastes like bacon”- he has never has kissed with anyone before because, well, tongues don’t really taste like bacon. He has to pull these sensory experiences from things he’s already experienced, which is why he’s comparing her to a food.

    “I can’t ignore you” is likely him slowly falling deeper into the delusion.

    The fact this fictional woman mentioned the neighbors kid- it could possibly be him with an already existing vendetta against the kid, if he was always walking home alone the neighbors kid could have possibly made fun of him or something other- or he could have been looking for an excuse to kill a child. Sociopaths tend to go after somebody they deem weak and unable to fight back- which makes the victim less human in self reasoning after the deed is done. It also could be a grudge held with the neighbor, because he’s explicitly “the neighbors kid,” not “the kid next door”.

    The chorus of taps continue after he kills them. But the main lyrics state he was “waiting for the taps” which could possibly be that the guilt or discomfort was disrupting his concentration, meaning he couldn’t hallucinate past the beginning taps before it was cut off. He could also be reminiscing of her/their memories while in her absence.

    He could also possibly already be in jail, or he simply imagined killing the neighbors or something other, as 2-3 months without any suspicion is an extreme amount of time for three people to be dead with nobody noticing. It also suggests his family still hasn’t been home in 3 months.

    Now that he can’t summon her back, the guilt begins to build up on him- sociopaths do have remorse and empathy, just much less. He used real pronouns for the people he killed, which means he did see them as human; might have been a mistake he made in haste of getting “his baby” back.

    He begins to express painful remorse, not understanding how or why he did what he did, before the final lyric. “yeah, uh, listen, I'm, I'm not a crackhead, man” the tone and manner of this sentence suggest he’s talking to someone, most likely the cops or a lawyer, as he has no friends or family to turn to with this, we could assume he got caught and is now trying to build a case of some sort for himself.


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    Sep 13th 2021 !⃝

    a mentally ill man is visited by his neighbors wife, who has taken an interest in him. either she’s some sort of astral projection, or she’s visiting him in real life. because she only comes at night, he thinks she’s a ghost. he kills whatever displeases her to keep her around. when she says the neighbors kid (her son) saw her climb in his window, the man kills the entire family, unaware that he also killed his lover. he waits for her to come back.

  3. RawrRobin
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    Dec 1st !⃝

    Okay so, ima provide more information.

    I believe hes a deranged/schizophrenic man whos lover died and hes having hallucinations of her(hench the schizophrenia) anyways hes pretty much declaring his love and even going as far to say he will shoot up a whole school. Hes also touched starved as the Lyrics (tap-tap-,that ass) So bro wants to fuck her. In all honesty hes blinded by love. You happy fruitcake of a emo?

  4. RawrRobinRawr
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    Dec 1st !⃝

    I feel as this song is about a deranged, obsessed, yandere type of a man who declares his love, for his lover?. And about how hes waited to have sexual intercourse with them. Basically dome Ayano Ashi type stuff.

    or you could go with the Schizophrenic stalker man that probably kidnaps his presumed lover for his own personal desires.

  5. anonymous
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    May 5th 2023 !⃝

    In My Room, My Insane Clown Posse is about a mentally ill man who hallucinates his deceased partner. "So young and pretty, too bad she passed," it says in the song, meaning she is dead. Out of grief, and possibly schizophrenia, he thinks she is there but really, she is dead.

    She said that the neighbor's kid saw her, and so, he kills the whole family and waits for her to come back.

    Maybe because he killed a whole family, he stops hallucinating her and she does not come back. He starts freaking out and as the song says, "Where the fuck is she?!" and, "I killed those people" he regrets it and is angry she isn't coming back.

  6. anonymous
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    Mar 30th 2023 !⃝

    personally, i believe that in my room by insane clown posse is about a schizophrenic lunatic, due to some of the lyrics i believe it’s true. it could also be about a ghost. but i think we can all agree that it’s about toxic love

  7. anonymous
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    Mar 11th 2023 !⃝

    “In My Room” is a song about a mentally ill man (presumed to be in college due to the fact that he states he goes to school, but he sounds like a grown man). The neighbors wife visits him every night by climbing through her window. Due to the fact she only comes at night, he believes that she is a ghost.He waits every night for her as soon as he comes home and she is gone by the morning. He does anything to keep her around. Even killing his mother’s cat because she doesn’t like pets. One night she says the neighbors kid (her son) spotted her climbing though the window, and she can’t come back because the kid knows their secret. In an attempt to make them keep their secret he visits them with a shotgun and a knife and proceeds to kill the entire family (even the wife/ his lover). Then spends months wondering why she never came back.

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