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James Blunt: Best Laid Plans Meaning


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Best Laid Plans Lyrics

You don't like it in the dark
but you won't let me shine a light
I would wash away your troubles
But it seems
The more that I hold on
The more that you let go
And I know, you better let somebody love you
or find yourself, on your own

Tell me why...

  1. anonymous
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    Jun 19th 2018 report


    Answer to your Question: To thine own self be true [You don't like it in the dark]

    • “Do I like him? Absolutely not. Will I allow this to continue? No. I can’t. I don’t deserve to fall apart over a man who can’t see what is right in front of him. “

    I believe “love” is a spark, your “spirit” connects with another. YOU do not lay plans to fall in love “song Your Beautiful”, but I promise if you ever experience “Your Beautiful” YOU will realize he is not that. “Your greatest blessing was the dinner” and the following.

    GET IN THE WAY: I think YOU will not get “hurt” if YOU face “truth”, and learn to let go of “lies” YOU put up with for ten years. The “truth” many are “looking for love ‘in’ the wrong places” because they do not know themselves, so they do not know what to look for to get the spark.

    It shocked me how little I knew of myself until I looked at myself. That did not happen until I did volunteer work in a juvenile jail ministry [knee-to-knee with drug bosses, murderers, rapists and runaways]. After eight year, I had developed a series of hard “questions” to ask them, one of which almost got me punched out. The consequence, every question I asked them was turned on me at 2 AM.

    Pray YOU see that spark in your daughter’s eyes, then you will know what to look for when you see IT in a partner. I see IT almost every day, even in your comments.

  2. auburngirl2005
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    May 12th 2018 report

    I turned a woman singing it instead of a man.

    She is saying he is hiding from himself. He doesn’t know that he deserves someone that truly loves him because he has been hurt so many times he has built a solid wall around himself. He’s very guarded. She is determined to tell him that she will be there for him through anything. He can’t bear to believe it because it’s never happened to him before. Everything has always fallen apart for him. He won’t or can’t realize that she is the one for him or there may be someone else that will crack his shell and break down the wall that surrounds him. She has always had good intentions. She really tries to make him see that he shouldn’t grow older and be alone. She knows she can be the one but he won’t allow it and she understands at this point that he will never share himself completely with her or someone else. Her voice is pleading for him to listen but he can’t. It’s not because he can’t hear her, it’s because he is not secure with himself and believes that he does not deserve her.

    This song is word for word of how I live every day. It’s been 10 years of back and forth trying, more on my part than his because he can’t cross the line that shows he is open to letting his guard down and being his true self to me. He hides himself in his profession(physician) to show he did accomplish something but that is how far he will go. His behavior is cyclical. As is mine at times. One small gesture or word and everything turns in to a complete disaster. Out of the blue at in a restaurant, in plain view of families and employees, I through him a curve ball in a joking sweet way-“you’re never going to commit, are you”? I wasn’t insulting. I was stating what I knew down deep inside of myself. I knew I wouldn’t hear the answer I wanted to hear. I didn’t expect the answer I did receive. Complete utter breakdown on his part. I admit, I curse but I have never heard someone use the F word so many times over and over again. He was screaming at me. He turned into a different person right in front of me. He said it was all my fault. He actually said I was worthless. I was mortified. I felt like I was in a bubble and it exploded. In between the lines of hatred I was basically being told he wanted me on his terms only and that I was his weekend girl, so to speak. I sat there stunned. I cannot believe we weren’t asked to leave. Everyone was staring at us. I just sat there and didn’t even say a word. Earlier before I asked the question he had given me $40.00 for whatever. When he was done with his breakdown I slid the money towards him and got up and walked out. I should have given the money to the waitress in front of him and said” she deserves this more than I do” obviously referring to me as worthless to him. Disposable. Replaceable. He followed me to my car. I got in. I sat there and looked straight ahead and started crying hysterically. I mean bawling with tears running down my face. He saw me. He saw me and didn’t open the door, knock on the window, nothing. He just turned around and walked away. I didn’t even watch him go. I thought maybe he would drive past me to see if I was still there but he didn’t and I knew at that point he didn’t care one bit that he just blasted me and how I felt. I know for sure that he felt good about himself after that. He was pleased with himself that he could reduce someone to tears like that. I couldn’t put myself together which was a major problem because I was on my way to pick up my daughter and she would have definitely seen that I had been crying even though her attention would have been focused on her phone. This has happened before, not to this extent and never in public. I allowed this to happen to me over and over again for 10 years. 3 days later I get a text with a poem that means he misses me. I don’t respond. Then I get a phone call. I don’t answer. Do I love him? Most definitely. Do I like him? Absolutely not. Will I allow this to continue? No. I can’t. I don’t deserve to fall apart over a man who can’t see what is right in front of him. He’s blocked, he’s trapped inside his head of ever being good enough to know that he had someone that truly loved him. He’ never break down his wall. There will never be a girl that can do it for him. He is lost and always will be. I say I won’t go down with ship, I won’t surrender. I will always love him but self preservation is much more important as is my daughter who didn’t need to see me crying that day and ask me “ why are you crying like that”?. All over a simple question.

  3. anonymous
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    Sep 20th 2013 report

    I once dated a girl who had borderline personality disorder. The way that he describes the situation is exactly the way mine was.

    I sense so much pain in his voice. He can't make her see, make her realize that he is willing to give her everything and willing to do anything to make her happy, but she just won't let him.

    Much like my situation.

    " you don't like it in the shadows, you won't let me shine a light"

    I Interpret this as someone who doesn't like where they are, Who they are, but they won't let anyone get close, won't let anyone help them.

    " I would wash away your troubles. But it seems the more that I hold on, the more that you let go"

    This is a person who can't allow to be helped, because they're scared. What they know is much safer than what they don't. So they hold on to what they know and let go of anything that might resemble change or is different and unknown.

    " and I know, you better let somebody love you, or find yoursel, on your own"

    This part brought me to tears. He is essentially giving up on the idea that he's the one who can break her walls. The one who can help her break her fears, the one she will trust and open up to. He's, at this point, just trying to make her understand that she needs to give someone, anyone, a chance to show her love, trust, even if it isn't him because he loves her that much.

    The rest goes to describe what essentially happened to me, step by step.

    Nothing I did was ever good enough. Whatever I did to show her I loved her never convinced her that I did. Anything that I did, as loving and caring and as much devotion as it showed, was always taken for something else. It was never what I meant. It was never what I hoped it would be in her eyes.

    I love you. I hope you find a way to love and let someone love you. I wish it was me. But I love you none the less and wish you love and happiness even if it isn't with me.

    I wish you could see I would have done anything for you and given you everything I offered. I miss you with all my heart. I hope you'll find happiness where you are.

  4. anonymous
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    Dec 3rd 2011 report

    Every thing he tries to plan falls apart because the girl is just not intreasted in the relationship anymore but she can't finish it "Tell me why all the best laid plans fall apart in your hands, and my good intentions never end the way i meant"

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