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Song Released: 1982

Crimson And Clover Lyrics

Ahh, Now I don't hardly know her
But I think I can love her
Crimson and Clover
Ahhhh,Now When She comes walking over
Now I've been waiting to show her
Crimson and Clover, over and over

Yeah, My mind is such a sweet thing
I wanna do...


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    Aug 11th 2013 !⃝

    She's in a relationship with another girl and she wants to...er...you know what. :P

  2. anonymous
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    Oct 12th 2021 !⃝

    Whoa..OK..Yeah Everyone knows the song is a remake..my god & I thought I was crimson..after all these doubled-downed posts* “Enough to drive a sane man mad!” Contrast, Difference, Reality..“Crimson & Clover over and over.” Thank You for the lemon squeeze

  3. anonymous
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    May 3rd 2021 !⃝

    From the time I first heard this, as a teenager, I thought it was about a young guy’s obsession with a virgin he had only just met — love at first sight — and his desire to deflower her in a field of clover.

  4. anonymous
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    May 16th 2020 !⃝

    The lyrics are originally from a guy, Tommy James, after really listening to The words of a song I’ve always liked, it seems pretty clear, he talks about seeing her, not knowing her, but could love her, she walks over, been waiting to show her, “Crimson and Clover, over and over”, what a sweet thing, I want to do everything, “Crimson and Clover, over and over”, it pretty much sums up (especially in the time it was written, the lust a guy has (Crimson) & what he wants to do right away (been waiting to show her, over and over, I want to do everything - he just saw her for the first time), yet the sweet innocence, quite possibly young female (Clover, also green) possibly virgin, (even if not a virgin, what a guy might have in his mind seeing a beautiful girl right away, while what a girl might be thinking, he looks cute, and more of an innocent flirtation). It could be an actual extreme truth of male sexual feelings when young, and opposed to a female, (my such a sweet thing, want to do everything, over and over Crimson & Clover - his possible immediate lust & her possible innocence and sweet, not wanting to jump right in, usually & especially back then a sweet innocent girl would likely want a relationship first, long-term, back then probably even marriage first. In complete truth and possibly not even any wrong feelings, they say a guy thinks about sex, every 7 seconds, probably less, however, still a lot of times & the stats are way more than women, so this could simply be a very honest account of a guys feelings. The part that goes in another direction & who knows if it’s the year we live in, maybe not (things happened back then that weren’t discussed, allowed to get away with), yes I am bringing up the possibility of a sexual predator, while they might not have been considered that in those days, everything was hush hush, either way it’s a little scary when you listen to the lyrics and you realize, he could be out looking for girls, what he wants to do, over and over “Crimson”, bad and “Clover”, the innocent possible victim of the night. As much as I would not want this song to be about that, & while it most likely isn’t, you could also totally see a sexual predator thinking exactly that way, maybe even more so back then...food for thought??? SRJ

  5. anonymous
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    Apr 8th 2020 !⃝

    The song was written by Tommy James and his drummer, the name Crimson And Clover came first then the song and lyrics the sounded right in an attempt to change the sound of the band Tommy James and the Shondelles

  6. anonymous
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    Mar 31st 2020 !⃝

    First of all this song is a remake, first sung/written by Tommy James. I recently found out that he was/is quite religious (Catholic) so I tend now to listen to his songs in that vein. For example if you listen to "Sweet Cherry Wine" in that context it's pretty clear what the song is about. The same thing may be going on here.

  7. anonymous
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    Mar 30th 2020 !⃝

    About a gay girl who is imagining what it would be like to be with the girl she has a crush on but she doesn’t know if the
    Girl would be into it or not. Also smoking weed while she’s
    Thinking about all this. Simple, right?

  8. anonymous
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    Feb 12th 2020 !⃝

    It's about lady parts. Crimson is the inside color and clover is the hair. Simple as that.

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  9. anonymous
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    Jan 18th 2020 !⃝

    It's about a woman losing her virginity on the grass. The blood (crimson) mixing with the grass (clover).

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  10. anonymous
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    Mar 30th 2019 !⃝

    It's a remake, so anyone saying she wrote it for best gf is wrong.

    But when she sings it, she sounds like she's questioning something and is insecure of the emotion she should feel or how the other person would feel(if it includes another person).

  11. anonymous
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    Mar 30th 2019 !⃝

    Idk but Joan didn't write or sing it first.

    I hear her sing it and it doesn't sound solid to me, more like a question or insecurity of an emotion.

  12. anonymous
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    Mar 18th 2019 !⃝

    Honestly, I think there's a chance everyone here is right. A great poet, like a great song writer, employs the use of words whose various interpretations can relate in such a similar manner as to enrich and deepen their meaning as poetry or lyrics. Such meaning can be intimate and convey a complexity of feeling and association. Joan likely shared a great many things with Cherie that could include everything Crimson and Clover has been taken to mean by those commenting here and more. One thing is for sure, the way Joan sings the lyrics, she means them with some sweet nostalgia of intimacy that certainly sounds erotic to my ears. Thanks for reading.

  13. anonymous
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    Jan 10th 2019 !⃝

    Maybe dollars and anarchy or 4chan and v for vendetta or weed and reds or maybe something else more simple like the fact that the colors combine make the color brown maybe resembling the other name for heroin “brown” who ever wrote this song should’ve been in the acidtrip olypic for being so wasted and writing a song who knows everything can mean anything what is normal for the spider is utter chaos for the fly. Whatever everything contradicts itself anyway. I love you all

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  14. anonymous
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    Dec 21st 2018 !⃝

    For starters, the song was written by Tommy James and Peter Lucia, not Joan Jett! I prefer to just sit back and enjoy the music and lyrics and not try to dissect what it is about...a majority of songwriters in the 60's were high when they wrote these. Trying to figure out what they really meant is ludicrous and unless you can read minds you will never know the true meaning making it pointless. Just listen and enjoy, who cares what it means??!!

  15. anonymous
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    Sep 6th 2018 !⃝

    I think Joan sang that in honor of Cherie Currie after she left the band. Joan and Cherie were very tight and I believe they truly loved each other. It was tough on Joan when Cherie left The Runaways.

  16. anonymous
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    Mar 15th 2018 !⃝

    The combination of unknown meaning came to James as he was waking up, comprising his favorite color – crimson – and his favorite flower – clover. (There is also a species of clover native to Europe called the crimson clover.)

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