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Kacey Musgraves: Merry Go Round Meaning


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Song Released: 2012

Merry Go Round Lyrics

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    Mar 10th, 2013 3:54pm report

    Now a days people get married as teens and young because that's what is displayed on TV, society, and kids see it from their parents and if you don't do what they do you wont survive.

    People go to church to make themselves feel better about themselves to try to cover the pain, many lost the reason of the true meaning of church and religion they go out of the force of habit.

    Same pain but in different families
    Same situations but in different areas

    Looks, drugs, cheating are all the things that happen in a lot of families in this century result in children turning to drugs instead of guidance young females get caught up in looks to cover the pain and cheating is the number one in cause of divorces. The three most common things that society exposes to young adults and children.

    The loss of innocence at a young age, young love, people think they are truly in love at a young age so they get married, they become like what society teaches among the rest of the people who made the same mistake and the "settle down in this town" they become like the rest in this world. No one wants to be different so they join the rest and no one knows when it will get better.

    Kids fall in love too easily, sex is no longer a private thing so their first time is their best time, causing many to believe themselves are truly in love. Young adult don't listen to their parents because they don't feel corrupted and leaving them with a choice of marriage at a young age. In this case the parents are divorced so the child says they wont end up like their parents who fell in love at a young age as well now the parents are divorced with a child who is a young adult as well.

    Miscarriages, abortions are common with young adults who are not ready to conceive and who are drug addicts. Drugs have been in their life for so long they don't know a life with out them. They are so far gone they don't want to get better.

    Same old job since they were young, because they either don't have a high school diploma or cant get a job because they have a drug history, use their money to buy more "distraction" drugs, alcohol, gateway drugs, to make them feel better about themselves, their life and mistakes.

    ^^^^^ all the distractions, and all the most common wrong things in the world.

    We live out our life the same, drugs, alcohol, and sex eventually we get bored so we die either of an over dose or of a different drug that's more lethal. While everyone does the same.

    Two children of divorced adults became young adults made the same mistakes as their role model adults one ended up a pill popper and an alcoholic while the other had an unplanned child and ended up not caring for the child.


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    Feb 12th, 2013 2:48pm report

    This is a song that relates the innocence of a child (Merry Go Round) to the growth of a person and the conformity into society. Musgraves states at the beginning of the song that in the world we live in today, "if you aint got two kids by 21, you're probably gonna die alone. Atleast that's what tradition told you". This line shows that at a ripe age, kids are being forced into adulthood because of bad decisions and the upward trend of premature child birth in highschool and college students. The chorus of the song shows a disfunctional family, possibly as a result of having a child and conforming to society at such a young age. "We get bored so we get married, just like dust we settle in this town" shows that not only are kids having kids at such an early age, they "falling in love" much to easily, getting married, without even learning what true love is all about. "Broken Merry Go Round" shows the loss of innocence as a child turns into a adult when they really should have many more years to live out their childhood. The idea behind Musgraves' piece is that children need not to conform to society and pressure from others because very rarely do you get the oppertunity to live life/childhood to the fullest when you are too young and immature to have a family, have bills to pay, and such big responsibilities.

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