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Lana Del Rey: Bel Air Meaning


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Song Released: 2012

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Bel Air Lyrics

Gargoyles standing at the front of your gate
trying to tell me to wait but I can’t wait to see you
So I run like a mad to heaven’s door
I don’t wanna be bad I won’t cheat you no more

Roses, Bel Air, take me there
I’ve been waiting to meet...


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    Mar 18th 2017 report

    I think that this song is about sins, forgiveness and faith. She says "I don't wanna be bad I won't cheat you no more." Which could mean that she asks for forgiveness and promises to god that she won't be bad and won't betray him hence the "I won't cheat you no more.".

    "Roses bel air take me there I've been waiting to meet you." Could also be a metaphor for heaven since roses represent death and bel air in l.a is beautiful and bright, so she knows what heaven is like and wants to go faster there, wants to meet God faster.

    "I'm waiting to greet you, come to me baby." This may be her calling to god, for the holy spirit to enter her life and she waits for him, so she can "greet him." With accepting the Christianity.

    So this is just my guess since the lyrics to me sound like that and in Tropico at the part of this song she gets baptized (when someone starts to believe in Jesus he/she gets baptized.) And she dances with the boy and starts "dancing to heaven." So it can be a metaphor that she became a Christian and asked for forgiveness, started believing in him. It's just a guess I may be wrong though :)


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    Aug 8th 2015 report

    this song is very simply about Axl Rose. "trying to tell me to wait but i can't wait to see you" is a reference to Guns N Roses song Patience. the name of the song, Bel Air, is where one of Axl's homes are located. she sings "sweet child of mine" which is one of GNR biggest songs. the violence references are all about Axl's violent relationships with past lovers. "idol of roses" is pretty obvious, axl ROSE. ok now this is my favourite part, "lead early to war with your brilliant direction" WAR is Axl's initials, W. Axl Rose. there are many more references to Axl's life within this song and if you're educated on his life you would be able to see them all!!!

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 12th 2017 report

    i think she is speaking to someone she loved who is now in spirit, she longs to be with them again..

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 24th 2016 report

    I think its the not only about her intrigue for a wealthy man in an affluent place like bel air but also about her finding refuge in the wealth and the older man. She wants to run in his arms like a child but he's so serious the gate with the gargoyles telling her to wait..and that's why she respects him but also looks to him like a god or someone who she somehow sees as better than her or at least someone who can lead her to war with their brilliant direction. Someone trusting because she doesn't trust herself. She idolizes him

  5. anonymous
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    Jun 26th 2015 report

    I believe that this song is about Lana's hopes to become rich and famous. She wants to make it in the big leagues but it is hard work. She is trying to find her way up to the top and depicts bel air as the top, as heaven, or as where she needs to go. But she is doing it in bad ways and believes it is okay. Because it is how other people do it too.

    "Gargoyles standing at the front of your gate.
    Trying to tell me to wait,
    But I can’t wait to see you."
    The houses in bel air, a city in Los Angeles which houses/housed many famous celebrities, are mostly very big. A lot are mansions and some are moderate sized but in the bigger side. The people living there are rich and she is saying that the "gargoyles" at the gates are making her wait, but she doesn't want to wait to be famous.

    "So I run like I'm mad to heaven's door.
    I don't wanna be bad,
    I won't cheat you no more."
    She doesn't want to cheat her way up to the top anymore but she feels like has to to make it to where she wants to go.

    "Roses, Bel Air, take me there,
    I've been waiting to meet you.
    Palm trees in the light,
    I can see late at night
    Darling, I'm waiting to greet you,
    Come to me, baby."
    This is her depicting bel air as this wonderful place and she needs to get there. To see its beauty first hand and to be one of the people to live there.

    "Spotlight, bad baby, you've got a flair
    For the violentest kind of love anywhere out there
    Mon amour, sweet child of mine,
    You're divine.
    Didn't anyone ever tell you
    It's OK to shine?"
    This is what other people are saying to her. They are telling her or she is telling herself that it's okay what she does no matter how bad or violent as long as it's for her to "shine"

    "Don't be afraid of me, don't be ashamed.
    Walking away from my soft resurrection.
    Idol of roses, iconic soul. I know your name.
    Lead me to war with your brilliant direction."
    She is getting closer to what she wants. And she is thinking to herself that she did this in the wrong ways. She fears herself and is ashamed of herself. She left her soft soul for what she now has. She is realizing what she wants is like war.

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