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Song Released: 2017

Greatest Love Story Lyrics

Greatest Love Story
They said I was nothing but a troublemaker never up to no good
You were the perfect all American girl wouldn't touch me even if you could
But you was sneaking out your window everynight riding shotgun in my car

  1. anonymous
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    Oct 22nd 2018 !⃝

    Greatest Love Story lyrics, it's too clear.
    That's great! Hope you are now well. Happy that you and your husband are back together!

    Night Viewer sometimes

  2. anonymous
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    Nov 29th 2017 !⃝

    I believe this song tells the story of your one true love. You see there is only one true love of your life. “Sometimes you have to make the biggest mistake in your life to find the love of your life” I truly believe in this saying because it happened to me. I was married for 16 years have 3 beautiful children but I wa never really in love with my ex husband and he wasn’t with me. We were pregnant at 19 he was 22 and he did right by me and married me and it wasn’t until our second child was born 7 years later that I realized hey this is not what it’s suppose to feel like but because we had kids I kept fighting, fighting for attention fighting for one date night where we just went without any problems fighting to be touched and melt by the feel of his touch and it never once happened in 16 years. Then came a third pregnancy and a child born who was severely sick child o thought this might pull us together and it did while I child was in the hospital for 16 weeks fighting for her life. We came home and it was like nothing happened then s big move due to a job and a force move I never wanted brought me to a town where I knew no one had just left my whole life behind my best friends everything for him and 6 months into the new life tha was suppose to make everything right and I left a 16 year marriage. I left everything and moved into a hotel for 4 months got into a relationship a year later that turned into a horrible mistake that led to emotional and mental abuse then one night of physical for me to go wtf am I doing. I shit everyone out for a man who just used me for everything I had and I was broken. And then while still fighting for this relationship I met someone and this someone was married but when I first laid eyes on him my insides screamed “yes there he is! There’s your man your one” and I did what I shouldn’t have and got his number and texted and we had an affair which never works out for the other woman but in my case did because it turns out he thought the same as I did about your one person and said in me I was his and he was mine and we fell so in love. Sobin love that I let him go home 4x to figure his life out the first three times he was back in weeks and now recently he moved out of my place back home to be with his kids and I admire and love him more for that he loves me and wants to be with me and has said that and has asked me to wait but he went home!!! Now I believe in love at first sight and never did until I met him and he is my person my missing puzzle piece the man I will have a life with and well it wasn’t until I heard this song that I truly believe even more in the fight I have to fight to make him realize and he does but he’s stuck. This song is about true love and happily ever after and if there is someone out there who was truly put on this planet for you and you find him or her then you need to fight you don’t give up you let them go when they need to because they will be back because of it’s a live like no other they will see and see all to quickly. The question is the person who does the letting go how can he/she bare it all and not break? The answer is simple they do break they are breaking every day apart from the love of their life but they continue to fight to let the other one know that they are here no matter what they are never leaving because they believe in true love and have found it in the one they let go knowing they will be back. This song has made me realize that more than anything and I will fight everyday till I die and if it takes a lifetime of fighting and he comes back just as I’m dying at least he came back knowing I never loved another I was always true to him and I always will be o will never be with anyone unless it’s him and I make sure he knows it everyday until he comes home. I’m just hoping he comes home sooner than before I die I’m under 40 and to have found my one when sometime it takes a lifetime for people to find their one I have found mine and I will never stop fighting and never stop loving only him and listening to this song made me realize I may have a fight to fight but I will win in the end whether it takes 2,4,6 20 years from now I will always be here for him I am his home.

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