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The Fall Lyrics

Under the weight of a broken nose
It's not that simple but he won't seem to notice
There must be more to this
So leave those sinker states and
Let's book a holiday
We're painting all the counties in blue
'Cause we're already boring

  1. anonymous
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    Jul 29th 2023 !⃝

    This song is to me very obviously a breakdown from the perspective of a Tory (this man that the singers former parter is or was dating) I’ll call him mike and the girl Sara. He’s showing the world from his point of view, ranting and explaining himself. First of all I think when it reads “ and the ramblers will say it’s got a marvelous view” mike is talking about an either physical or metaphorical cliff and the “ramblers” are the lower class and Sara, I believe when he says “they don’t know how many lives it took” he is talking about how he might have considered suicide and when he looks from the cliff it only reminds him of that, but when Sara looks off she just sees a beautiful view. Mike also takes antidepressants but I don’t believe he’s actually depressed, because of the line about dopamine, I think he’s only taking them to get that rush of dopamine because his life has otherwise lost its color. This ending rant is incredibly important mikes character, because it shows us he feels like he rules the world with the grey stencil building that contain people that are worthless characters in his story. “I look to all of you and see a different fucking species” this confirms that he simply doesn’t care and he could do something but he doesn’t because he’d have to put in actual effort. He can never imagine himself in those lower class peoples shoes, and he explains how when you’re that high up (in upper class) you can barely even look at the fall.

  2. ArotheSnail
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    Jan 11th 2022 !⃝

    This song is very interesting as the main attention is not directed at the chorus or even the verses but the bridge which you could also interprete as a verse if you want to. The bridge seems to be about a wealthy man who is have a meltdown. " I look to you and see a different fucking species" could be refering to the less wealthy and portraying how corupt our social system is. " I would do something if it werent all so effortful" showing he would help fix our world if there wasnt so much to be done. "But I'm so high my brain can't even look at the fall and when you've reached the top the only way to go is" possibly refering to su*cide due to the sudden stop in music and dramatic beats that come in at the end of the song.

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