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Madonna: Frozen Meaning


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Song Released: 1998

Frozen Lyrics


You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to be
You're frozen
When your heart's not open

You're so consumed with how much you get
You waste your time with hate and regret
You're broken
When your...


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    Feb 6th 2017 report

    I think its God speaking to our Hearts. Asking us to be open to him. To LISTEN with our Hearts and be less Materialistic and Judgemental. If we continue in those paths, He will lose us, and He LOVES US so He will lose too. God can not "make" us love Him, but when we do we can let petty things go and focus on what is important. God is asking us to 'surrender our Hearts to HIM.

    (a Christan and Catholic)


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    Apr 18th 2018 report

    Strange that people think that this song is about love.

    To understand the song better one must watch the official video. The video shows madonna in death valley. she is presented as gothic witch. 1 in 3 or 3 in one. Video is very creepy and watching it one can understand it is anything but love.

    Madonna represents Hecate, widely considered the goddess of witches.She is often represented in ancient times as having three faces or three heads (sometimes animal heads) or even three bodies, to denote the triplicity of her character and attributes (birth, love and death). 

    The dog (or more specifically, bitch) is the animal most commonly associated with Hecate, sometimes a three-headed dog. black dogs were once sacrificed to her in purification rituals. She was also believed to manifest herself as a dog, and the sound of barking dogs was often seen as the first sign of her approach.

    You one see what your eyes want ..... frozen, when your heart's not open

    You only look at the things as you have been taught i.e the good and evil and how can you have enlightment unless you open your mind and heart;

    figure out the rest of the song meaning yourself. Its really satan calling to people. copied.


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    Jun 14th 2013 report

    FOR THOSE WHO CAN RELATE..You only see what your eyes want to see...Meaning that your in denial with yourself..you think that you are invincible and that even though there is many lies around you and within you that you choose to close the blinds.....You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be You're frozen When your heart's not open..meaning there is much love out there and you decide to close up because you are afraid to get hurt and lock out your capabilities...you think you are in control but you are not..something darker and hurt is bound to your actions...You're so consumed with how much you getYou waste your time with hate and regretYou're brokenWhen your heart's not open...Life is full of discoveries and adventure..its the fools way of ascape into a timeout world where he has to have possessions that fill in the pain..you look back and wished you didnt do the things you did or felt that you trusted somebody that betrayed you or others you hurted...God is calling to you and are you listening because your heart is the best thing he made for you to use...dont let all that pain and regret close you up....When your heart's not open
    Mm, if I could melt your heartMm, we'd never be apartMm, give yourself to me..You hold the key..suddenly the truth is revealed by an inner voice which is inside you..it is telling you to open up your heart..give in and love yourself..trust in yourself..only you can change the world around you..only you have the power to fix it......Now there's no point in placing the blameAnd you should know I suffer the sameIf I lose youMy heart will be broken......God is telling you that you are one of his true people and he is telling you that he feels your pain..he understands the ridicule you suffered..Love is a bird, she needs to flyLet all the hurt inside of you dieYou're frozenWhen your heart's not open...sometimes freedom is out there..you think you cant reach it..its the freedom of love..but you was built with wings..even though you feel they are broken..all it takes is one good start..healing then flying...and trusting the unknown in relations to all that is good for you..Give in to a new Try..

  4. anonymous
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    Jul 29th 2022 report

    The lyrics suggest one thing while the video depicts something else. I had my suspicious about it being satanic, but liked the song itself and the lyrics until I heard the remix and the demonic sounding voice doing the chorus.

  5. anonymous
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    Oct 16th 2021 report

    Purely clean a song. "You only see what your eyes...". Have you ever tried looking at your reflection? What do you see? So philosophical, inversely, it's saying "know yourself". This is mysticism...and a true way to attaining perfection is by knowing yourself.
    When you know yourself, then you will realise you're everything, anything, you become one with time, sense, everything. Only then your heart will open. You will love everything and anything.

  6. TheUnknownMind
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    Jul 12th 2021 report

    This song is about a cold and emotionless man who struggled to open up about his feelings to his woman. The results of that was it turned their relationship into hating one another, and later regretting the relationship altogether.

  7. anonymous
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    Jul 12th 2021 report

    This song is about a cold and emotionless man who struggled to open up to his woman. The results of that was it turned their relationship into hating one another. Furthermore, she goes on talking about her regrets about him and how he shoulIf

  8. Bee
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    Mar 3rd 2021 report

    In my modest opinion this lyrics remind us of heart chakra. Until heart chakra is locked, we can’t live life to the fullest.

  9. anonymous
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    Jan 1st 2019 report

    I think the song is about love.Is relates to someone any person can be in love with but it's difficult to return the love back.

  10. anonymous
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    Oct 1st 2017 report

    I think the song is about love and trust if u realy love some one u have to trust him or her and let that love cary u on rather seing things diffèrently and listining to gossips. '.Love is a bird she needs to fly' meaning we deserve to be free in love. 'let all the hurt inside of you die' meaning if you are hurting thinking am cheating on you,you are wrong. 'if i loose you my hearth will be broken' meaning dont think u are the only one expressing ur emotions i do too but u chose not to see it. Great love song dou a sad song but it has nothing to do with satan forget the video. Ugo nigeria 08067248470

  11. anonymous
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    Aug 4th 2013 report

    some may say it is a Satanist song and some may look at it in the way of the interpretation above, but really it is what you take away from it and what it means to you( you only see what your eyes want you to see), I'll be honest i don't really listen to Madonna's song, but i really love this and there is no doubt in my mind that she is an amazing artist and performer and again i'm going to be honest i heard online in some opinions that it is portraying a Satanic message, i got scared i'm scared of stuff like that, like you know the fact that there is a black dog and crows in the video- which could connotate death and evil, so without thought people like to assume thats the message overall, it could also be showing irony that people make stereotypes of animals like that because they are closing themselves away from the fact that they are god's creatures. the background being set in a creepy way could show that is the hatred inside your heart and could be reflecting what the world is slowly turning into. i think it is offensive that people straight away reference it to illuminate, because she makes the so called "6 sign", do you know that that sign expresses perfection, like when you ask someone "so did it taste good" and people use that sign to say it was really good, many Indian cultures use that and also in there dancing, so does that mean that they are all illuminate?, people need to think, because now i don't know the meaning Madonna wrote it with, but if it was just meant to show the ad temptations in the world, then it is offensive, people need to think about what they say, as it does hurt, she is a person too you know, she has feelings. But then again it is the message you want to see and hey if there is more than one meaning to it, then it shows that her songs are relatable in more than one way.

  12. anonymous
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    Dec 28th 2012 report

    i think its a satanist song im not a satanist im a muslim but i love this song and the way she sings

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