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Showbiz Lyrics

Controlling my feelings for too long
Controlling my feelings for too long
Forcing our darkest souls to unfold
And forcing our darkest souls to unfold
And pushing us in to self-destruction
Pushing us in to self-destruction

And they...


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    Jun 26th 2009 report

    Hello there! I can't believe nobody has submitted this amazing song yet, really. One of my favorites, but there's a good reason I love it, I believe.
    I use to roleplay a lot, and there's this character I grew to almost love. When I first listened to "Showbiz", I was shocked and went to tears. This whole song was him. These lyrics where his mind, his feelings, his life, I could almost imagine my character singing it. I believe that perhaps having this character was the reason I got the whole meaning of "Showbiz".
    OK, enough sentimentalism, here we go:

    There's this couple. The love between them used to be very intense, at least from the singer's part, who was always attending her.
    But time has passed, and the girl began to lose intererest in keeping him by her side (for she knows he loves her so, he'll never leave her; like, she took his love for granted).
    Her indifference starts to make the singer more dedicated to her. He sees she's not interested in the relationship anymore, so he starts getting things too far in order to grab her attention.
    However, this becomes a vicious circle that makes the girl even less dedicated to the relationship (she got more attention for free), thus making the singer even more extremist...

    And here's when Showbiz appears. The boy starts to develop a deep resentment for the girl that is so indifferent to him, but somehow can't help loving her. But we can sense his love for her is about to disappear in a sort of tragic way, though.

    "Controlling my feelings for too long" - His bitterness to the indifferent lover, kept inside for a long time and about to explode.
    "Forcing our darkest souls to unfold" - He has become a different and dark person.
    "Pushing us into self destruction" - The vicious circle, of course.
    "And they make me, make me dream your dreams. And they make me, make me scream your screams." - My favorite part *sigh*. This guy's obsession with the girl has made him feel her feelings, I dare to say he ended up feeling only hers instead of his own. All he has done that time, was pleasing HER, giving up everything he ever had for her happiness.
    "Trying to please you for too long" - Already explained above, right? His efforts are just useless, and he's about to give up.
    "Visions of greed you wallow" - She feels comfortable with the free love. He knows and feels it...
    And the first part again.

    This is my character's story, this is Showbiz.
    Please rate without considering my sick absurd roleplay references!


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    Oct 1st 2009 report

    This is also one of my favorite songs, although I disagree with the whole romance/roleplay idea in the prev post

    It is called "ShowBiz" for a reason . This is a refrence to almost all forms of modern constructed entertainment (ie: Movies , Theatre , computer games ..ect)

    "Controlling my feelings for too long , Forcing our darkest souls to unwind "
    - About the influence that TV/Movies have on us as we grow up and are constantly exposed to these (sometimes very dark) ideas , how they end up almost controlling our feelings and forcing our darker nature to take hold.

    "Pushing us in to self-destruction "
    - The Thoughts/ideas/feelings conveyed through TV are more often than not unrealistic/false . The expectations people have of life based on these can be self destructive when they are not met in the real world

    "Trying to please you for too long
    And visions of greed you wallow "
    - Tv/Movies are made to please the intended audience , and often contain themes that inspire selfishness/greed

    "Make me dream your dreams, Scream your Screams "
    -another reference to showbiz promoting a lack of independent thought and controlling our feelings

  3. anonymous
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    Feb 8th 2018 report

    Some people say it's about the music industring controlling musicians while other says it's about demons, by the song's name "Showbiz" I believe is the first interpretation.

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 29th 2016 report

    Let me get this clear, I know the song is called Showbiz, but based on "MuseWiki", they called it that because that was their favorite song on the album so what better way to put focus on a song then make the title the title of the album?

  5. anonymous
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    May 13th 2011 report

    He is talking about demons controlling him.

  6. Muser
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    Apr 10th 2010 report

    I love this song because just so... GRIPPING :) it just catches you, and its SO about Matt, Dom and Chris... and I think that it means...
    Controlling my feelings far too long
    -means that in interviews and everything, all his emotions are fake, and he has to do what he is "meant" to do/say, not what he really feels, and the fake emotions are taking over him and:
    Forcing our darkest souls to unfold
    -making him harsh to all the fans that stalk him, other bands in competition, and generally a harsher person, because the world of show business is toughening him up.
    And pushing us into self destruction
    - making him want kill himself...

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