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Hyper Music Lyrics

Your golden lies
Feed my role
In this forgotten space race
Under my control
Who's returned from the dead?
Who remains (Just to spit it in your face)

You know that I don't want you
and I never did
I don't want you
and I never will

You wanted...


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    May 11th, 2017 5:37pm report

    I don't know...I think it could be about a girl who expected too much from Matt, I mean it says it in the song..."and you wanted more than I was worth". But other people are saying it's about religion and what not, I guess it could be about whatever you want, maybe it's a multi meaning song. Either way if you're reading this the song is already 16 years old.


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    May 5th, 2013 5:46pm report

    I think its just about a relationship that went terribly wrong. "Hyper" is not only someone who is jittery, or excited, but it also means someone who publicizes, or lets everyone know about an event. So Hyper music is someone who is letting another person (probably in their relationship) how they really feel about him/her. And obviously that person has very strong animosity towards him/her.


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    Jan 4th, 2012 1:41pm report

    Or it could be religious, lol


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    Jan 3rd, 2012 1:28pm report

    Well, I thought about how this might sound as a political thing and some things fit (particularly in a cold-war sense). i.e. "space race", "returned from the dead" (Kennedy was shot, Elvis died - or did he?) using fear of Communism, "needed proof" - trials of people for being commie etc. It's all very 60s America/Kennedy era etc. BUT THEN I thought, why would he use the word "love" about a politician. Who the hell does love a politician? So I went back to my original interpretation (which also fits better with the slow-tempo version of this song: hyperchondriac music).

    This is a song about a relationship.

    "Your golden lies
    Feed my role"

    - the other partner believes he is worth more than he does, so when he does something awful, she dresses it up in her own self-deluded lies which paint him out to be better than he is, or at the very least forgivable.

    "In this forgotten space race
    Under my control"

    - this puts him in control of the relationship, gives him the upper hand. As long as she believes he's this person she's conjuring up, then he can get away with anything. The 'race' is to discover the empty "space" in his heart - the fact that he doesn't actually love her. He can feel them "racing" towards this inevitable conclusion, whereas on the surface at least, their relationship has kind of fallen into a state where it's static - and the race towards it's end lies "forgotten".

    "Who's returned from the dead?
    Who remains (Just to spit it in your face)"

    - HE HAS. Everytime he does something which he thought would make him "dead" to her, she forgives him. He remains with her, just to spit in her face and do it again (kinda like biting the hand that feeds, if you will). (Incidentally I love the childishness of this line.)

    "You know that I don't want you
    and I never did
    I don't want you
    and I never will"

    - This suddenly becomes very self-explaintory, doesn't it?

    "You wanted more
    Than I was worth"

    - he feels as though she wants him to be this better person, which he's not.

    "And you think I was scared, yeah"

    - she thinks he's just scared to become this more mature version of himself (but this version isn't him at all, it's her own invention).

    "And you needed proof"

    - She needed proof of his love - always asking him for reassurances, or perhaps, even following his behaviour which leads to her (ultimately) discovering the truth.

    "Who really cares anymore?"

    - he's passed caring about her, or this relationship because he feels so constrained within it.

    "Who restrains?(Just to spit it in your face)"

    - this could be him asking who on earth restrains, and ties down, the one they supposedly love? This is a double - is he talking about the way he treats her? Or her strangling-hold on him? Or, conversely, is he talking about his complete lack of self-restraint and trying to justify himself? - as the line is couple with "Just to spit it in your face?" I would suggest he's talking about her restraining him, just to spit his bad behaviour back in his face and make him feel guilty.

    So yeah. That's my opinion anyway.


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    Apr 24th, 2011 4:50pm report

    I believe it talks about a bad political leader who is hated. Nothin more to it.

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