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My Chemical Romance: Desert Song Meaning


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Desert Song Lyrics

We hold in our hearts the sword and the faith.
Swelled up from the rain, clouds move like a wraith.
Well after all, we'll lie another day.
And through it all, we'll find some other way
To carry on through cartilage and fluid.
And did you...


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    May 14th 2007 report

    I think at first it means that we all have the strength to face and overcome our weaknesses. whether it be addiction (like gerard), etc. 'We hold in our hearts the sword and the faith' and there's a way through everything 'And through it all, we'll find some other way
    To carry on through cartilage and fluid' then I think it talks about gerard's past (his drinking problems) 'From the lights to the pavement
    From the van to the floor
    From backstage to the doctor'
    and that if he didn't overcome it he could have died. 'From the Earth to the morgue, morgue, morgue, morgue ' and then he's wondering if his death will 'ever come' and that he could play for the rest of eternity for the dead. 'Spend the rest of your days rocking out
    Just for the dead '
    and he's saying eventually, we all die anyways.
    'All fall down
    Well after all...'

  2. anonymous
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    Aug 2nd report

    this song is about depression,death,faith, keep living despite what life throws at you, I've been there nd im so glad I'm here.

  3. Willow Mcrkilljoybulletproofan
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    Nov 26th 2011 report

    i think it is about Gerards life because he went through a lot of pain, and kept losing the most important things in his life so he delt with it in the easiest way for him, music.

  4. anonymous
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    Oct 1st 2011 report

    My Chemical Romance had some rough patches in their first 3 years. To start, Gerard and Mikey Way's grandmother died. Then Gerard went from being a raging drug addict to a sober man, which took a bunch of effort. Gerard was also pretty suicidal when he was on drugs, so that was a definite problem. This song looks back on the band's troubles, but states that because they went through all of this, they're more hopeful for the future:

    "Did you come to stare or wash away the blood?" - They can either live with these problems or clean off the slate and make a new start.

    "We hold in our hearts the sword and the faith" - The sword is for courage to keep trying for freedom from the pain, and you need faith to be able to wield the sword.

    "From the lights to the pavement From the van to the floor From backstage to the doctor From the earth to the morgue" - This explains how things would of been if they had given up.

    "Did we fall down?" - They don't know whether or not they'd hit bottom or are drifting toward it.

    "Spend the rest of your day's rockin' out just for the dead" - This means that if they hadn't of got through it all, they would of just been playing for all the dead ones, seeing as they'd be with them.

  5. xMyChemicalRomancex
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    Jun 11th 2011 report

    Here's what I think:
    Gerard wanted to die. He was sick of his life because he kept on losing the people he loved most. He wanted to see them again more than anything. He was thinking of killing himself, and yet, something kept on nagging him. He continued to wonder if it'll ever come (meaning death), and which it didn't, because he always thought if he killed himself, the lost loved ones would be angry at his selfish act. He then knew that he was going to die anyways, and no
    matter what he'll see everyone again. To "find some other way," and "to carry on," ment to.
    hang on to life while you still can, with "did you
    come to stare or wash away the blood" was Death coming to tell him it's not his time to pass on yet, but he'll be watching. All and all, Gerard knows what's right for him. He lives...

  6. anonymous
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    Mar 3rd 2008 report

    Well I think the song is about miscarriage, because its called desert song, like as in the woman is as empty as the desert inside, the way it says, washed up by the rain clouds move like a raith, means, the way that Gerard has had to struggle through his life, walking home in the rain, feeling down, and when it says, I can see you awake anytime in my head, means that even though the baby has died they can still see her alive in their heads.

  7. villenoel
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    Mar 15th 2007 report

    It's all about Gerard's life basically. because lines like "from the van to the floor" there's that bit on life on the murder scene where he's drunk/stoned or whatever and he's lying on the floor by their van. and I also think it's about him wanting to kill himself.

  8. heartagramXfailure
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    Mar 12th 2007 report

    It's going from life of fame, to death. From the Lights To The Pavement, From The Van To The Floor, From Backstage to The Doctor, From the Earth to the mourge

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