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My Chemical Romance: Gun. Meaning


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Gun. Lyrics

(We could get somebody else, but we want someone like you x6)

Well as soon as I get my gun.
I'll point it out the window with the setting sun.
As soon as I get my gun.
I'll tell you all about it when you fall in love.
As soon as I get my...


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    Jul 18th, 2015 7:03am report

    I think the song talks about wars that countries like the US were involved with this century and how the teens that are obligated to sign up for the army forces end up paying the price of their lives. Some boys at a young age dream of serving their country and the American culture made it already common and acceptable for boys to play with toy guns - and that would supposedly make them anxious for a real one.
    Reaching the chorus the song describes the government as this machine that is fueled by the blood of the youth that dies fighting. The frustation is that when we turn 18 we are taught how to kill, how to shoot, how to fight in the army but we are never taught what love is like. There's a whole institution devoted to wars and protection using violence but not even school dedicate time into teaching us about this feeling of love and passion.
    On the second part it is said "I'm never gonna have a son/She's never gonna have a son" - these verses might not only refer to the death and blood shed but also to the fact that only men are obligated to sign up to the army (because sexism). Having a son would just make this blood machine continue its work, while having a daughter would possibly break it and force it (the government) to find another solution.

    That's what I understood at least. Bye :)


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    Apr 7th, 2015 4:19pm report

    I really like the interpretation about a soldier with their gun, I thought it was very thorough and gave me a different perspective on the lyrics.

    Just adding my two cents, I think some of the song may be against gun control, hence "the government wants your gun", and "if we're old enough to die for your mistakes" may be that if you're legally old enough to own a gun, you shouldn't have it taken away just because less responsible and respectful people can't control their urges to kill.


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    Feb 8th, 2014 2:13am report

    "I'm never gonna have a son/She's never gonna have a son"
    I thought of Gerard's past. He was an alcoholic, and alcohol destroys male sperm cells.
    I'm not a doctor so I actually have no idea what I'm talking about.

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Aug 24th, 2013 8:40pm report

    This song is one of my favourites out of Conventional Weapons, because of the meaning it has.
    In my opinion, I think Gerard is talking from the point of view of a soldier.
    "...As soon as I get my gun..." The amount of times he repeats this phrase shows how much the character can't wait to join the army and become a soldier.
    I didn't figure out the second verse much.
    Then the chorus kicks in. "Well, if I'm old enough to die for your mistakes, then lets go! Can I bleed enough to fill up what the engine takes, I don't know!" I think this part was directed to politicians, in general. That soldiers die in wars for the mistakes that these politicians have done, and how the war machines feed on the injured and dead (blood).
    "And if you're watching up above, they're teaching me to kill, who's teaching me to love?" I think this part was the soldier asking God to forgive him of the sins of killing other innocent soldiers, because that's what they have been instructed to do.
    The third verse is the soldier fantasising about the things he would do when he 'gets his gun'.
    "Well as soon as I get my gun, they'll put me on vacation underneath the sun." The soldier thinks life will be easy after joining the army.
    As for the "I'm never gonna have a son/She's never gonna have a son" part, I think that people have realised these children fantasise about being in the army, saving lives, and instead are taught violence. So people are basically afraid of bearing children that are eventually going to be mind washed and taught violence.

    That's my opinion on the song. I might have taken it too literally, but it makes sense to me. So sorry for my bad English and thank you for reading. :)

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