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My Chemical Romance: Sing Meaning


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Song Released: 2010

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Sing Lyrics

Sing it out,
Boy you got to sing what tomorrow brings
Sing it out,
Girl you got to be what tomorrow needs

For every time that they want to count you out
Use your voice
Every single time you open up your mouth

Sing it for the boys, sing...


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    Dec 12th, 2010 12:29pm report

    This song, I actually came to this website looking for an interpretation myself, but when I found it didn't have one, I decided to write my thoughts. I think the song basically means that the generation today, has to speak up and be like, the leaders of tomorrow. "Sing it out, boy you got to see what tomorrow brings, Sing it out, girl you got to be what tommorow needs," we gotta speak and look ahead to what is coming in the future and learn to be what the world will need for what the future holds. "For every time, that they want to count you out, use your voice, every single time you open up your mouth," lots of older people today don't care what the young people have to say, and every time they wanna shut them out, the kids of today gotta talk their own opinions no matter what. The chorus, basically the entire thing says, "Sing it for the world and for everyone who can't speak for themselves ("sing it for the deaf, sing it for the blind") And it's also saying that we have to speak up before the leaders we have today screw us up too much and when they drown us out, we have to speak louder, which is what these lines are saying, "Sing it out, boy they're gonna sell what tommorow needs, sing it out, girl they're gonna kill what tommorow brings, You've got to, make a choice if the music drowns you out, and raise your voice every single time they try and shut your mouth." And then the next part of the song seems to me, to be like a chant, or something, getting louder and louder, the "Cleaned up corporation progress, dying in the process," and "Children that can talk about it," because whats goin on now, the kids will be the ones affected and will be the ones to talk about it in the future. And "Sell it till your last days, buy yourself the motivation!" meaning never quiet down until you die and get the motivation to do so. Then the next lines confuse me a little, but, "I am not the singer that you wanted but a dancer," I think might mean that I am not what you wanted, I am what I want to be and have my own opinions, and it also says, "Talk about the past sir, and wrote it for the ones that wanna get away," might mean that you need to talk about the past to know anything about the future, and they are talking down on people who dont want anything to do with today's problems, and that is who they wrote the song for to kind of motivate them. And they end with the chorus basically to again reinforce the fact to people that they must get involved and speak loud their own opinions. That is what I think the song is saying, just they use more... "musical" terms in saying it. Thanx for reading took a lot of time in writing this.:)


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    Dec 14th, 2010 12:45pm report

    I believe that this song is about standing up for what you love and what you believe in.
    "Sing it for the boys,
    Sing it for the girls" is basicly saying that you need to say what you wanna say
    "sing it for the ones that'll hate your guts" and
    "For every time that want to count you out, use your voice every time you open up your mouth" both mean that no matter who doesn't like what you say or believe, you should not care what they think. Every man, woman, and child is entitled to thier own opinions and beliefs.
    "sing it out, girl they're gonna kill what tomorrow needs" means that now is the best time to voice your opinions and beliefs, because there isn't much time left, because you grow closer to dying every day, and you never know exactly when you die. This is a beautiful song, and I firmly believe that this song is a great reminder to voice your beliefs.


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    Jan 2nd, 2011 1:42am report

    I think the whole meaning of the song is basically 'speak up and stand up for yourself and don't let anyone tell you different'

    oh and to the person who mentioned the illuminati please stop reading dan brown he's a jack ass, the illuminati he wrote about are not real and they are not coming to get you or destroy your world... it's called fiction... look it up..


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    Dec 26th, 2014 12:06am report

    I believe they are saying everyone with good intentions has to speak up and do whats right, stand up to those who are doing something wrong, speak for those who cant (the blind/deaf/someone who is scared/has no way to) and use any advantage you get to make the world a better place for tomorrow...


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    Jul 16th, 2014 7:31pm report

    I feel as if they are singing to all the kids who get bullied beating at home by parents, brothers and sisters, to stand up and show you have a life and can't be controlled by fighting back and being yourself


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    Dec 30th, 2013 12:48pm report

    It's trying to say, do what you love. Who cares what people do or think? As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.


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    Sep 16th, 2013 9:18pm report

    this song is a prompt to say that no matter who or what type of person you want to be is okay and you should voice that person very loudly, even when everyone tries to drown you out. you have to shout louder.


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    Oct 6th, 2012 10:49pm report

    I believe it is a song against the corporate agenda, the depth of which the illuminati has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Music is the MOST influence means of media on the human mind and spirit, what better way to "Drone" people then through music. Simply the illuminati is wanting our souls, each and everyone and I do hope that MCR is on the side of the good guys.


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    Apr 15th, 2012 4:03pm report

    I think that this song is basically telling you to sing no matter what anyone says. Its telling you to speak yur mind and let your voice be heard. To cross boundaries and make the world a better place. So use it in the best ways,not the worst.


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    Apr 8th, 2012 4:11pm report

    My interpretation of the song SING is that its saying you have to stand up for those who can't do it for themselves.
    "Sing it for the deaf
    Sing it for the blind"
    You have to speak up for everybody,doesn't matter if you know them or not.
    "Sing it for the boys,
    Sing it for the girls
    Everytime you lose it sing it for the world"
    You need to "sing" for the world!


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    Feb 24th, 2012 2:53pm report

    I think it means something different for all of us. For me, personally, it's Anti-Illuminati, and I've Loved MCR all my life. I don;t know what I'd do if they started working for the Illuminati!

    Oh, and a question. If we actually had a chance to kill the Illuminati and the Government, would you be in there like a bullet... Or would you walk away?


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    Dec 14th, 2011 12:02am report

    Whoever said that about bl/ind... you're right because also in the video the symbol is about a happyface looking up like he's high... it's because that's a subliminal message that we are blind for believing in God... But i believe in god, so SCREW YOU ILLUMINATI AND SATANISTS! no offense given to anyone...:)


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    Nov 21st, 2011 11:15pm report

    Please interpret the line.....


    I would love to hear what you have to say about that.


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    Nov 21st, 2011 11:07pm report

    You all are wrong. This is propaganda at it's finest. READ the lyrics. Everything mentioned here is immediately then negated. For instance, "Cleaned up Corporation Progess" dies in the process. "Children that can talk about it" are living on the railways. When does motivation ever have to be bought? What generation would ever refer to themselves as "Nothing" and a "Dead Scene". And the fact that because they are "Generation Nothing" is because they are the "Product of White Dream." Then after telling everyone to sing their heart out.....you are not a singer after all, you are a dancer merely going throught the motions.

    Cleaned up, corporation progress
    Dying in the process
    Children that can talk about it

    Living on the railways
    People moving sideways
    Sell it 'til your last days
    Buy yourself the motivation

    Generation nothing
    Nothing but a dead scene
    Product of a white dream
    I am not the singer that you wanted but a dancer.

    They lyrics "SING" for themselves.


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    Jul 4th, 2011 7:33pm report

    I think this song has a very strong meaning that you should stand up for yourself and for others who can't. I think the lyrics "dying in the process, children that can talk about it livin on the webways" means that children these days are spending so much of their time in cyberspace, the real world is dying. This song is really just saying that people need to "see what tomorrow brings" and make a stand to change it for the better.


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    Jun 19th, 2011 6:04pm report

    To me, this song is about standing up for what you believe in, whether your opinions are followed by others, or you're standing alone.
    It tells me to stand against mainstream corporations, (ex: BL/ind), and step away from the conforming state that the world is being pushed into.
    This is one of the most moving songs on the Danger Days album; and it seems to push a the most meaning of the band, out into one song.
    - An anonymous Killjoy.


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    May 25th, 2011 5:32pm report

    This song (a very awesome song) means to me that....In the world today...the only way to get s*it done is by rasing your voice and to make sure its heard...also just because someone has a disibilty donst mean that they cant do something> "sing it to the deaf sing it to the blind"


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    May 21st, 2011 5:01pm report

    To me, this song really hits me as, "Don't give up, you have to be what tomorrow needs." It's also a rebellious song, saying you need to "use your voice, and sing it for the world" and not listen to the selfish leaders trying to rule it (ex: BL/ind). And the little chant closer to the end, "Cleaned up, corporation progress..." Tells me be what you want to be, not what THEY want you to be. That's all.
    Love, an unnamed Killjoy.

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