What does The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You mean?

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My Chemical Romance: The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You Meaning


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The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You Lyrics

Gaze into her killing jar
I'd sometimes stare for hours
She even poked the holes so I can breathe

She bought the last line
I'm just the worst kind
Of guy to argue
With what you might find
And for the last night I lie
Could I lie with...


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    Nov 18th, 2008 11:05pm report

    No one has left a in depth interpretation for this so I'm gonna give it a go as this is a fantastic song from an amazing band , you may not agree with how I interpret but yeah I'm gonna try.

    - I think the first 3 lines are a metaphor based on gerards experience with suicide and drugs, and is not actually refering to a person by saying "her" I think it is referring to the lady of death or dangerous drugs will put his life in danger. The "stare for hours" means he would sometimes take drugs and put his life in danger by doing so for hours, or he would think for hours about committing suicide. "She even poked the holes so I can breath" means either that death "she" is sometimes merciful and instead of killing you off she (lady death) will say you and help you breath again or the drugs poking holes and through his lungs and organs.

    After the first 3 lines 'she' is not always referring to death or dangerous drugs, but occasionally an actual woman who he cares about very much, probably loves. "She bought the last line" is about a woman breaking up with this man because of his drug problem and he is unable to accept it so he argues with her because she has found his drug problem, which is what links to "I'm the worst guy to argue" because he sees he can't honestly justify his drug use. He knows he is going to die through his drugs or suicide problem and wants to lie with the woman he loves on his last night.

    Then what I think is the chorus:
    Alright, give up, get down
    'Cause it's the hardest part of living
    Alright, she wants, it all
    To come down this time.
    -Is the man saying to himself. Ok its time to give up and end my life because being alone is the hardest part of living. He then goes onto say ok she wants to split up forever.

    In this part I'm wasnt sure but I decided my original thought perhaps was looking into it to far, by thinking of prescription as a healing solution and he is lost in the prescription/solution to his life. But I'm going to say "Lost in the prescription" means he is lost in how much dosage of the drug to take and how much will his body take before it makes him fatally ill. Bella Muerte is spanish for beautiful death, hotel in its contexts makes it a metaphor 'check into the hotel beautiful death' This means he has taken the drugs . Because it means by checking into a hotel you are almost in your hotel room but not quite, meaning he has almost reached death but not quite.

    "It gives the weak flight It gives the blind sight" means he has taken the weak way out because he was blind to see what he had left to live for. "The cops come" I think means paramedics and "until" they come means he is blind and weak until they come and maybe save him. "Or by the last light" is the other option that if the paramedics don't save him the last light could be the last thing he sees, the woman he loves 'his light'. "Lie next to you" now means the woman is with him when he is dying through the overdose of drugs, and it was her who called the paramedics or "cops" as the song refers to.

    This verse I think is the doctors/nurses talking to the man who has had an overdose. I have always thought "pull the plug" means the doctor is ordering them to pull the plug on the life support when he is in hospital, as the man is in a coma but not completely dead yet. "like to learn your name" suggest that by using the word learn it means we would like to learn your name and your identity, learn more about what you were like as a person. "And holding on" means the woman he loves is holding onto his hand and the doctors are hoping that by them hope he does "the same" means they hope he fights to hold onto life. "Aw sugar" is the doctors feeling sympathetic for the man who has been taken off life support as he is not showing any signs of life in his coma. "Slip into the tradegy" means he is slipping out of life. I think the chamber represents his lungs or his body as a whole, and "spun it dry" means all the air from his lungs has gone, or all his strength/life from his body has gone.

    The last verse repeats:
    Pull the plug
    But I'd like to learn your name
    And holding on
    Well I hope you do the same
    Aw, sugar.
    - I think by the last "Aw, sugar" the man is finally pronuced dead and the aw, sugar is a sympathetic metaphor used for him and the woman he loved, who still loved him but spilt up with him earlier in the song because she didn't want him to die.


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    May 8th, 2012 5:46pm report

    Well the album follows the story of a man who loses his true love in a restaraunt shootout, then makeing a deal with the devil to capture 1000 to be with her again (interpretations on the main story vary, but this is my oppinion and the more common oppinon of fans)....this in mind this song comes right after the ghost of you in which the man does not know if he can continue what he's doing, and if it will really bring her back, and so I interperet this song to be the rise before the fall. He is pushing past his doubts and continuing to collect souls. I believe when he mentions her "killing jar" he is refering to the souls he has collected to get her back, much like a savings jar, and when he says he sometimes stares for hours I think that he means he feels so guilty he can't get past what he is doing. I feel that he is accepting it could all end here and he is asking her ghost to lie with him one last time. This said I think that the song is a metaphor for loss and drug use, and the resulting battles held in Gerards head during this time


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    Sep 1st, 2007 9:06am report

    This song follows the story of two assassins, as it does in many other MCR songs.
    The two are in love, they live a jet set life - of drugs, murder, crime and passion. With is kind of obvious by the name.

    This is there last night before another murder job.

    'And for the last night I lie.
    Could I lie with you?'

    lol just wat I think :P


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    Jul 2nd, 2007 7:08am report

    Basically this song is about getting off your high horse and coming back down to earth before it all goes to your head and you destroy yourself.


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    Dec 20th, 2006 12:24pm report

    I believe this song is most likely about addiction and suicide. What, with constant talks of "holding on", "the last night" and "when the cops come". Plus and this "Jetset lifestyle" is a drug reference, not being able to keep up with everything around you. Hotel Bella Muerte means the "Hotel of beautiful death". Hotel could be referring a place that the mind goes temporarily.

    rock on!!! did you know that gerard way got attacked my a black bird at a hotel in pheonix in san francisco, then when they left the bird attacked skipknot...
    i cracked up laughing when I read it....


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    Oct 15th, 2006 10:43am report

    In the song gerard sings 'check into the hotel bella muerte'
    well I looked it up and bella muerte means beautiful death in spanish so yeah dats all I know reli
    most of gerards songs are metaphors so you mite wanna think bout that xoxo
    wuv yoo all xoxo


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    Sep 14th, 2006 9:52am report

    I think this song is about drug addictions and them getting the better of you. "cause its the hardest part of living"
    "lost in the prescription" "it gives the weak flight" this is refering to the drugs aswell
    "pull the plug" this means the addiction is almost causing the person to want to die...Neway that's my thoughts


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    Aug 2nd, 2006 8:18pm report

    Basically, this song is about mcr' climb to the top and how it affected gerard. He became a drug addict and suicidal, and the song talks about it. For example "lost in the prescription, she's got something else in mind, check into the hotel bella muerte.." gereard started out on prescription drugs and later moved on to coke. He also became really depressed and had thoughts of suicide. Im not sure if that's what the songs about, but this is my interpretation

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