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Nickelback: Savin' Me Meaning


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Song Released: 2006

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Savin' Me Lyrics

Prison gates won't open up for me
On these hands and knees I'm crawlin'
Oh, I reach for you
Well I'm terrified of these four walls
These iron bars can't hold my soul in
All I need is you
Come please I'm callin'
And oh I scream for...


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    Jul 29th, 2008 7:18pm report

    I think it's about a guy that's about to kill himself, but falls in love with a women who saved him.


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    Jun 22nd, 2008 6:14am report

    This song has a lot of meanings to it. It may deal with Chad's search for faith, especially as this was written around the time of 9.11. But I see it as something else. I think it is someone learning to come to the truth of who they really are. Someone awakening into their true self and that can be so scary and frightening you want someone there with you to tell you whether or not it is for good, whether or not you deserve to be awake, I mean typical transition concepts in life. I hope them writing this may have helped them deal with whatever feeling it was.


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    May 31st, 2008 5:54am report

    I am not at all religious, but when I showed my mom the music video (which is awesome; check it out if you haven't), she asked me if I thought the song had any religious meaning. I believe that it was written to be interpreted several ways. It could have something to do with religion, though I'm not familiar with the band members' philosophies, or, as other people have said, it could be about someone trapped in a cage of emotional imprisonment. I would probably say it is about a person who just wants to get out of life but can't until he learns to see things as they really are. He is calling on someone, possibly a religious figure, to help him do this so he can die and be at peace with the world and himself. I could be wrong, though.


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    May 21st, 2008 5:34pm report

    This isn't really an interpretation, but in the video, the gift of seeing how long people have to live seemed to be passed from person to person-in the beginning, the guy's life is saved, then he has the gift, and in the end, he saves the woman's life, and then she has the gift.


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    Mar 10th, 2008 3:33pm report

    I believe that this song is about an addict. When he says the “prisons gates won't open up for me” its because he feels trapped by this addiction and he feels like there’s no getting out of it. “He’s on his hands and knee” its like when an addict is on the floor looking for his stuff. Or he’s hallucinating and he wants more so he thinks he sees some on the floor. He says he wants savior because he wants some body to rescue him because he’s about to give in again. He’s terrified of it but at the same time he can’t resist, he needs help. And towards the middle when he says “ Say it, If its worth saving me” He doesn’t feel worth of being saved because he might give in again. Also he talks about heaven because he feels like at one point he was a good person and now he has no wings there is only one place he is going to end up if he doesn’t stop using. He even feels out of place and like he doesn’t belong that sometimes he wants to just give up. He keeps falling into temptation of this drug, that he has become his prisoner that all he wants is to be save. Addiction is a difficult thing.


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    Mar 7th, 2008 3:16pm report

    Ok, I just watched the video and I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the woman that died, or Jesus. If you watch the video, at the beginning a man is walking around confused, he could see how long people had to live too, then he saw the main man, who was about to get killed. He saved his life then the ability to see how long people had to live was passed on to him. Then the man saw how long people had to live, he was confused when he saw the old woman die he started to figure it out, then he sa the pregnant woman, and could see how long the baby had to live. At the end the man saw the woman getting in her car only had a few seconds so he pulled her away from her car and saved her life, then she could see how long people had to live.


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    Feb 27th, 2008 2:28pm report

    I think that this guy has had some hard times and is thinking about suicide, but he doesn't know God, and he doesn't theink he will be accepted by God for some of the things that he has done. I think he is really falling and is trying to test God by jumping off, to see if God will save him.


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    Feb 14th, 2008 2:26am report

    Its more personal, forget the video, listen to lyrics and composition. IMO it's about people in crap relationships that they struggle to get away from to be together. Case in point. I'm in Iraq, the woman I love marries another man to replace me because she can't stand the fact that I am married to my job. It was my choice, I made the wrong one.

    These citys walls aint got no love for me, Tikrit, what am I doing here? Teach me wrong from right. Ive killed men, woman, and children, I feel Im beyond help and am just waiting till it's my turn to have my boots placed in the sand, my helmet hung, my tags draped, and a flag on my coffin.

    I want her to show me what is wrong from right, I don't know anymore. If she would give me the chance I would give all of this up and come home to her. I constantly feel like Im falling further and further into an abyss.


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    Jan 4th, 2008 1:48am report

    I think that this song is about a person who is in love with a girl. he lives a bad life as far as being into trouble. He's trying to tell the girl to say "I love you". He wants to change his life around but he needs help.

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    Dec 26th, 2007 12:44pm report

    My personal interpretation of this song was that one can be so in love with someone, and would change their ways if the person would love them back: "say it for me say it to me, and ill leave this life behind me, say it if its what saving me" When they are ready to give it all up, or rebel if they cannot love live without their love: "im on the ledge of the 18th story...all I need is you, come please I'm calling... The rate I'm falling" etc.

    Pretty different interpretation to the ones above, but I guess songs sound different to the listener


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    Aug 21st, 2007 8:22am report

    This is the best interpretation I could find. Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savin_me#Music_video

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    Jul 31st, 2007 7:42am report

    I believe that the video is about a man that got a second chance, because he was saved by the first guy in the beginning of the video. So he gets the gift/curse of seeing when other peoples life will end. It is kind of like fate telling him ... you got a second chance now let someone else have one ... and so the gift/curse is passed on from person to person. But I like the Jesus interpretation for the actual song!!


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    Jun 26th, 2007 6:10am report

    The song is asking God for forgiveness and how he wants God to save people a lot of times Christians refer to people that come to the Lord as being "Saved". Also many times Christians and Many unsaved pray to be "Broken" and that's what he is asking for in this song


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    Jun 10th, 2007 6:28pm report

    When you get the power of seeing the numbers and you save somebody you pass the power on to them.


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    May 31st, 2007 5:55am report

    With the whole jesus thing, well I think the lead singer looks like him =p he's a god in his own right... anyway in the video clip, has anyone noticed that no-one is destined to live past about the age 40? the unborn baby only had 42 years left, and the mother 22, and all the adults had 20 years or so left.. perhaps the interpretation could be that they are prophesising some sort of mass-scale human wipe out and they are asking someone above to save them...

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