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Panic! At The Disco: Always Meaning


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Always Lyrics

When the world gets too heavy
Put it on my back,
I'll be your levy.
You are taking me apart
Like bad glue on a get well card.

It was always you
Falling for me.
Now there's always time.
Calling for me.
I'm the light
Blinking at the...


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    Mar 6th, 2012 3:54am report

    *First of all, it's 'a king and rusty throne' at least, I'm, like, 80% certain. It just makes more sense with the next line.

    I think it's about a couple, but she's been kind of distant, and he's trying to tell her that he still has feelings for her (I'm the light, blinking at the end of the road. Blink back to let me know) because it's tearing him apart that they aren't what they once were because of her (You're taking me apart like bad glue on a get well card). And the second verse is about him being in love with this girl, but he's beginning to wonder if she still loves him back (I'm thinking that my spider's dead) and how lonely he would be without her, and he could keep telling himself that their relationship is fine, even though he really knows it's not. The chorus basically says how she was the one who wanted to be in the relationship, because she like him first, but now because she's being strange and distant, he doesn't know what to do with himself.
    In my opinion, that is. :)


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    Jun 16th, 2012 6:44pm report

    Well...nope. I think "Always" is a very beautiful song written by Brendon Urie talking about his (ex?) best friend, Ryan Ross. Ross used to write the lyrics for every song by P!atD and when Brendon sings "It was always you" reminds me the lyrics from "lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off" where Ross wrote "you know it will always just be me".
    I'm not fangirling on their alleged romance but...I don't know. I think that couldn't just be a coincidence, I think the same thing about "folkin' around" from Pretty Odd.


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    Nov 20th, 2012 11:47pm report

    I feel totally different about this song then anyone else. I feel that this song could be about how a girl who always liked this guy (It was always you, falling for me) and now every time he is with her, he feels the need to be with her (Now there is always time, calling for me.) He thinks she has known he likes her and she wants him (im the light, blinking at the end of the road) and now he wants a sign to see if she knows he likes her too(blink back to let me know)

    "When the world gets too heavy, put it on my back l, ill be your levy"
    I believe this is him letting her know he really does care, and will be there for her, when she needs him.

    "You are taking me apart like bad glue, on a get well card"
    She is breaking him down, and he is falling for her now.

    "Im a fly thats trapped, in a web, but im thinking that, my spiders dead"
    He is in a relationship and he feels like the relationship is going no where.

    "Oh, lonely, lonely little life I could kid myself, Thinking that I'm fine"
    He feels like nothing is happening in his current relationship but he was telling himself otherwise.

    "That I'm skin and bone
    Just a cane and rusty throne"
    He feels like he is down to nothing. He was living his life not really paying attention to her, so she had moved on.

    "Oh, the castle's under siege
    But the sign outside says
    'Leave me alone' "
    He feels that she is taking down his walls slowly. But cant figure out why because he dosent open up to people, or talk to that many.

    -Stella Boner.


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    Jun 4th, 2018 6:07am report

    I feel like this song is definitely about a relationship. The boy started out dedicated to this girl who never really appreciated him and took advantage of him, but she starts to care for him as soon as he gets tired of her bs. She's trying to get him back ("it was always you falling for me") but he's moving on to other things and is too busy ("now there's always time calling for me"). He still has feelings, though, and is willing to try again, but it's clear that he needs to know that she's committed.


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    Jan 11th, 2012 1:31pm report

    I've a little thoughts if the song referred to their beloved friends at Young Veins. I don't know why but i found it that way. Hope they will regroup soon :)


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    Nov 11th, 2011 11:52pm report

    It's not "All the castle's under siege." It's "Oh, the castle's under siege."


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    Sep 14th, 2011 9:24pm report

    That he is in love with a girl and he'd do anything for her and when the song says "you are taking me apart like bad glue on a get well card" it means that he is going crazy for her. This girl he is in love with loves him back but he is always too busy with other things for them to have a relationship and she moves on while he is being famous (cane and rusty thrown) and he hasn't moved on from her and he wants to be left alone about it. He wants to know if she still feels the same way about him even after she has moved on and that's why it says blink back to let me know.


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    Sep 4th, 2011 9:56am report

    I think it's a very sweet song. I think it's about a guy and a girl who were dating and they were in love but they grew apart because the girl was "taking him apart". However, when they both moved on he realized he was a wreck without her so when he was saying "I'm the light
    Blinking at the end of the road" it's like he was following her but could never catch up so he used a metaphorical light to communicate like morse code and he's desperate for a response from her in "Blink back to let me know". Also when it says at the end of the song "It was always you" I think he now means that it was always her that he loved, instead of it being the girl always loved him in the beginning of the song.


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    Jul 2nd, 2011 7:09am report

    he starts out saying that hes in love with her, and that shes worked her way inside of him and he loves her now, then it explains that he didnt always love her but shes always loved him. sadly, hes worried that she no longer feels for him but hes going to admit his feelings and give it a try, finaly in verse to he says "I'm a fly that's trapped In a web But I'm thinking that My spider's dead" meaning that, first, hes now in love with her but, he thinks shes over him. the next lines almost seem to suggest that he considers it all kinda funny that he missed his chance (in a not-so-funny kinda way) finaly it shows his sorrow for what hes lost and gives the picture of a lonely old man at the end of a long, har, and lonely life. at the end he seems to realise she was truely ment for him. instead of saying " it was always you falling for me", he simply says (last four lines) "it was always you."


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    May 25th, 2011 5:31am report

    The guy will do anything for the girl but he doesnt love her the way she loves him. "It was always you falling for me..." She always had feeling for him but not him for her. In the end he realizes that he loves her but "My spiders dead," She moved on and he can't get over it.


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    Apr 4th, 2011 4:14pm report

    Is quite clearly about Ryan Ross leaving and their fall out.


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    Apr 3rd, 2011 4:06am report

    This song is about a guy thats in love with a girl. The guy in the story seems like Gatsby from the book The Great Gatsby. In the first part he says how he would do anything for her even carry the world but when he says that shes taking him apart like bad glue on a get well card he is basically saying he knows that shes playing him but he still likes her. In the great gatsby Gatsby basically does anything for the girl Daisy even though he knows she never truly loved the real him. Then when you get to the chorus Daisy did fall for Gatsby. Now that Gatsby is back from the war and rich hes been waiting to get back with her. Then the light is a reference to the book about how there is a light across the water that reminds Gatsby of Daisy and the blink back to let me know is about how he's waiting for her to say she loves him. Then for the spider part it is just saying how Gatsby has been caught under Daisy's spell for a long time and how hes lonely without her despite the fact that hes throwing a ton of parties which is the kidding himself part. "I'm skin and bones just a cane and a rusty throne. The castle's under siege but the sign says leave me alone" This is basically saying how Gatsby really stopped growing as a person when he met Daisy and is trying to go back to the past with the rusty throne reference. Then in the end when Gatsby's world is falling around him he refuses to end his dream and fires his servants while isolating his friends and ends up dying completely alone.


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    Mar 23rd, 2011 3:34pm report

    To me its about a girl that likes a guy but the guys only thinks of them as friends, but then he starts to like her as more then a friend but he does not know if she still feels the same. that's why it says "I'm the light blinking at the end of the road
    Blink back to let me know."

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