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Panic! At The Disco: When the Day Met the Night Meaning


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When the Day Met the Night Lyrics

when the moon fell in love with the sun all was golden in the sky all was golden when the day met the night when the sun found the moon she was drinking tea in her garden under the green umbrella trees in the middle of summer when the moon found...

  1. kevmm325
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    Apr 7th 2009 report

    The song in my opinion is clearly a fairytale which begins with the moon and sun falling in love and all being golden (When the moon fell in love with the sun
    All was golden in the sky
    All was golden when the day met the night)

    The next stanza talks about the moon hanging out in a garden drinking tea. The moon hadn't ever really seen the sun because she's away or just coming when he's there and when he's leaving she's coming.

    (When the sun found the moon
    She was drinking tea in a garden
    Under the green umbrella trees
    In the middle of summer
    When the moon found the sun
    He looked like he was barely hanging on
    But her eyes saved his life
    In the middle of summer)

    When they finally do run into each other she's brightens the suns day because he's barely hanging on from working all the time in the middle of the summer and he wanted to meet her but didn't know how to approach her. He also didn't want anything bad to happen and so that's why he waited for her to approach him, it's his usual style. oddly enough when he met the moon it was the first time that he was able to feel the intensity of his own heat, for you see he's never had a star come that close to him before.

    (In the middle of summer
    All was golden in the sky
    All was golden when the day met the night)

    in the next stanza the sun makes his move on the moon by asking her if it would be alright if they could talk for awhile, he even promises to give her a smile. The sun works with smiles all day so he thinks maybe she came to see him smile. But she want's more, she wants to be with him and makes the sun promise not to break her heart.

    (So he said, "Would it be alright
    If we just sat and talked for a little while?
    If, in exchange for your time, I give you this smile."
    So she said, "That's okay as long as you can make a promise
    Not to break my little heart
    Or leave me alone in the summer.")

    The sun feels overwhelmed by the moon and wants to be with her all the time but has to go to work, but then he does somethnig that he doesn't usually do, he missed work, which was just fine by the moon.

    (Well he was just hanging around
    Then he fell in love
    He didn't know how, but he couldn't get out
    In the middle of summer
    All was golden in the sky
    All was golden when the day met the night
    In the summer
    All was golden in the sky
    All was golden when the day met the night)

    The sun is a conservative gentleman, while the moon is a charismatic leader. The moon has everyone wanting to go see her up close but she only had eyes for the sun, which is why she went to see him. This worked out well for the sun and the moon because they both ended up falling in love.

  2. phylesha
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    Jan 10th 2009 report

    i think it's about two people who fall in love but are very diffrent from each other like the phrase "like night and day"--meaning the sun and the moon.

    "when the moon fell in love with the sun"

  3. MochaBari
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    Dec 25th 2008 report

    Definitely a fairytale song about the Moon and the Sun falling in love with each other. I think the deeper meaning is that the Moon represents Ryan Ross and the Sun represents Brendon Urie. The Sun does not represent Keltie because she does not seem like it at all. If anything, I think she's in the song She Had The World.

    I think it makes sense. Brendon seems like such a sunny-type person and Ryan seems like he could be the moon.

    This might mean something or it could mean nothing, but the Moon loves drinking tea in her garden and Ryan really loves drinking tea. In some interviews he would be caught drinking tea and in the Thanks on the album case, he thanked "that delicious room tea". And if anybody thinks, "Well, the Moon is a SHE and Ryan Ross is not a SHE", then I submit to you that maybe he wanted to be discreet among many other things.

  4. anonymous
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    Dec 22nd 2008 report

    This song is a strait-forward love song.

    Ryan Ross is the troubled moon who looked "like he was barely hanging on", as he struggled with his father's alcoholism and depression throughout adolescence. Then he met his current girlfriend Keltie, the sun, for she was happy and positive. And then the moon fell in love with the sun, and the song basically shows how love changes your life. All was golden in the sky, or all was beautiful and happy.

    Great song, btw :D

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