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Song Released: 2008

That's What You Get Lyrics

No sir, well I don't wanna be the blame, not anymore.
It's your turn, so take a seat we're settling the final score.
And why do we like to hurt, so much?

I can't decide
You have made it harder just to go on
And why, all the possibilities...


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    Jun 9th 2010 !⃝

    I keep reading all these depressing interpretations, but it occurred to me after watching the video that it's a more self-assured or triumphant song. I mean, the whole video and song is upbeat, and at the end of the video she even sticks her tongue out at the camera.

    I almost wonder if this isn't like an "I told you so" kind of song where a past love wronged her and it turned around and bit them in the rear.

    The other thought I had is that its a song about getting over be depressed that love can hurt, and getting over the bumps in relationships. I mean she says "I burned every bridge I ever build when you were here" meaning she gave up a lot of things to be with them, but at the end she says "I can't trust myself with anything but this" meaning she's confident in her decision.

    Another one I read somewhere said something about the whole part beginning with "Pain, make your way to me" (ending with "This heart will start a riot in me") makes it sound like she doesn't care how many times she's hurt, she'd rather 'Loved then lost than never loved at all' as the saying goes.


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    Sep 10th 2009 !⃝

    I think this is about Hayley going through a breakup and shes saying "thats what you get when you let your heart win" meaning that she fell in love with someone too fast and she let her feeling of love come before what she was thinking and then when they broke up she basically thinks i let my heart win instead of my head.

    So thats what i think by "thats what you get when you let your heart win" means. i love this song :)

  3. anonymous
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    Sep 16th 2012 !⃝

    I can relate myself to this song so much, the lyrics just fit together. When i was little my mom and dad got a divorce (i know sounds like a cheezy sob story but please hear me out) and it was really hard for me and my sister to go through because a horrible person and did all these things that were cruel, and i was so oblivious to let him go, because he was my dad i didn't want to? but then i started to see the side of him that was horrible and i didn't want to be around him.... this song by paramore speakes to me so much because of the lyrics. when i finally broke out and stood up to my dad and said i've had enough i felt good and everything has been fine ever since, i didn't back down! when hayley says 'No sir, no i don't wanna be the blame not anymore, it's your turn, to take a seat for settleing the final score, and why do we like to hurt so much? i can't decide, you have made it harder just to go on and why? all the possobilities, well i was wrong!' this part makes me think of How my dad used to blame everyone else for his problems and his mistakes, even me his daughter! and i basically said no, i don't wanna be the blame anymore for what you've done, it's your turn to face what you've done to me and realize the wron that you've done, i said why do you do this?! 'why do u like to hurt so much?' and then i used to say to him, that i can't go on, and all the things he could of done to better him self;all the possobilities! i found out that he couldn't cuz he's selfish and didn't care. and that i was wrong!
    Then it goes 'That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa, that's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa! i drowned out all my sence with, the sound of it's beating! and that's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa! it's true, i did drown out all my sence with my heart, because he was my dad and i loved him, i really wanted him to change. but he never did, so i let go of him because there was never gonna be a result of good in the end..... and that's what i got ;) when hayley says that's what you get, it makes me feel that it's what you get when you do listen to your heart and break free.
    then hayley says "I wonder, how am i supposed to feel when you're not here cuz i burned every bridge i ever built, when you were here, i still try, holding on to silly things, i never learn oh why? all the possobilities, i'm sure you've heard!' when she says this, i think of the time when i cried all the time because i didn't know how to feel about my self after i basically told him to get lost, and i did burn all my bridges just for him, like, stuff i planned, gone out the window for him, i even did badly at school because i was so upset, i rewined my education! and i do still try holding on to 'silly things' like when he took us out, but fair enough he didn't do much with us, but i allways see the light again in my mind and think stuff him no way. i never learn, true stuff, and all the possobilities that he's heard of, and he has! he didn't go through with any of them.
    Pain make your way to me, to me ( i let the pain from him get to me because then i can remember the horrible person he is, and i'll allways be just so inviting,( i will show him that i don't care, and just let it hit me and then brush it off!) if i ever start to think, straight this heart will start a riot in me, let's start, start hey! this says to me that, when i started to think straight and come to realize he's horrible, then i started a riot in my heart, basically meaning that i woke up and realized and i stood up for my self, let's start, start hey! basically means that i did.
    now i can't trust my self with, anythin but this, and that's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa!' i can trust my self to never be let down or be bought back into his life again, and i am now happy and better of without him, that's what i got! ;D thank you so much if you read this and heard me out, it means alot, and that's why this song means to much to me, and why Paramore are my favourite band. i <3 Paramore xxxxxxx thank you

  4. anonymous
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    May 27th 2012 !⃝

    Buon compleanno Teresa e Riccardo. On a coniicdental note, on August 15th I celebrate 33 years of bliss with Judy. The coincidence is that August 15th is the mid-summer holiday in Italy, Ferragosto, when the whole country is closed down for sumer break; more coniicdentally, it is also the feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. Holyday and holiday how cool is that! Again, happy birthday to Theresa and Richard.Incidentally, getting hammered in Italian is called getting leaded (full of lead). Sounds better and makes more sense in the idea of being made heavy or the other sense of being plumbed. Gee, Mr Stream of Consciousness is back. I'll be in Chicago another week and then I am going to Palatine until further orders.

  5. anonymous
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    Feb 23rd 2012 !⃝

    In my opinion, the song CAN be about heart break and failed relationships, but it's more or less about how even after going through all the bad stuff you still press on. Hence "That's what you get when you let your heart win" even though you've failed, you're proud 'cause at least you tried. :)

  6. anonymous
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    Feb 5th 2012 !⃝

    If you watch the video it's clearly about taking back a lover after infidelity. Not being able to choose between being alone or with him and unhappy. She falls back in love with him, only to have him cheat again. "That's what you get when you let your heart win" In the end he ends up getting burned as well and she takes him back again regardless of her misery. About getting burned because she chose to go with what her heart wanted by getting back with him even though in her head she knew he was bad for her

  7. anonymous
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    Jan 26th 2012 !⃝

    I always thought it was about liking someone you're not supposed to, and therefore being in denial about it. And trying to hide it from the other person, even though it's obvious.

    Now you can either read my super lengthy break-down of the song, or listen to it and figure it out for yourself.

    "No sir, well I don't wanna be the blame, not anymore."

    I think this describes that feeling of regret and stupidity you get after saying something you think is really dumb to your crush, and they react in a way you don't particularly enjoy (giving you weird looks or whatever)

    "It's your turn, so take a seat we're settling the final score."

    I think this part is about being scared the other person is freaked by you and how you feel about them, but you still really want them to know, just in case the feel the same way.

    "And why do we like to hurt, so much?"

    Liking someone who you are not supposed to like (for whatever reason, because they "aren't in your league", have a girlfriend/boyfriend, are just a friend, don't like you back, etc...) hurts a lot. And you feel as though you're bringing the pain upon yourself by liking them. Therefore, choosing to hurt, and liking the pain you receive in that.

    "I can't decide"

    Either whether or not you like them (cause you're in denial when you like someone you aren't supposed to) or whether or not to tell them, or whether or not they feel the same way. You can't decide a lot of things, which is why this line isn't very specific.

    "You have made it harder just to go on"

    It's hard to get through the day because you just like them so damn much, and you can't.

    "And why, all the possibilities where I was wrong"

    When you like them, you start thinking of possibilities. Like "Oh, maybe they like me back and I'm just being ridiculous" or "Maybe we'll date someday in the future" or "Maybe they only treat me the way they do because they're scared to like me, because it's not rational for them to, given the circumstances" or "Maybe they'll break up with her/him soon" And in the end you realize that wasn't the case, and you're just silly for feeling the way you do.

    "That's what you get when you let your heart win, whoa."

    Hurt, that is. You get hurt when you let your heart win.

    "I drowned out all my sense with the sound of its beating."

    You were completely irrational and thought stupid things you never should have all because you liked them. Because you're crazy for liking them, because you simply aren't supposed to.

    "I wonder, how am I supposed to feel when you're not here."

    You don't want to believe you like them, because you know it will just end in pain. But you still feel happier when they are around, and more upset when they aren't. And you don't want to admit it, because it shows that you like them, which you aren't, so you don't know how you are supposed to feel.

    "'Cause I burned every bridge I ever built when you were here."

    You're throwing away so much for them.

    "I still try holding onto silly things, I never learn."

    You think about little meaningless things that happened between the two of you, tricking yourself into believing they like you back. But now that you're being hard on yourself, you can clearly see they never did, and it was just stupid to think otherwise.

    "Oh why, all the possibilities I'm sure you've heard."

    Same thing with the possibilities. But by "I'm sure you've heard", i think it means even though you're refusing to accept it, other people and see you like them, and they have told them you like them, so you are sure they have heard you like them, even though you aren't necessarily allowed to.

    "Pain make your way to me, to me.
    And I'll always be just so inviting."

    Same thing as before, with feeling like you're inviting the pain in. Basically because ANY emotion would be better than liking them.

    "If I ever start to think straight,
    This heart will start a riot in me,"

    By thinking straight it means not liking them, because you know you can't. Even though your heart would be screaming out (This heart will start a riot in me)

    "Now I can't trust myself with anything but this,"

    You can't trust yourself around them, because you're too scared you'll screw something up, either by letting them know how you feel about them (when you aren't supposed to feel that way, so it could be BAD)or by saying something stupid to make them hate you (the first one kind of leads into the second. But now you have finally accepted that you like them, and you can trust yourself about that.

  8. anonymous
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    Jan 17th 2012 !⃝

    I don't think it's necessarily about getting hurt from being in a relationship with someone. It could be interpreted to be about having feelings for someone who doesn't feel the same way about you and letting them know about those feelings only to be rejected but for some reason you still like them. Or maybe I just see it that way cause I'm relating it to something I've been through. Just a thought.

  9. anonymous
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    Nov 11th 2011 !⃝

    This is a song about letting your heart win...meaning, even if you think about that "it's over!! i'm never going back to it" but still your heart is persisting you.
    It's just like having a crush on someone or when u start to like a person..then u give up because bad things happened or something like that.
    But still..every time u see that person/or just remembering your happy moments together your heart aches(in the lyrics"why do we like to hurt so much") and still wants to go back to that person or just hoping that it could happen(all the possibilities)..and that's what you get when you let your heart win.
    The other person also feels that way..that's why("we" like to hurt so much)
    they can't talk each other about it(love for example)so just letting your heart win to be together with each other is enough(Now I can't trust myself with anything but this)

  10. anonymous
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    May 13th 2011 !⃝

    It means you love someone but you don't want to anymore because so much pain has come. Everything you use to have you hold on to because it makes you still feel like you guys are still one. You blame your heart because you can't take the pain.

  11. WakeMeUpWithaSlap
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    Apr 23rd 2011 !⃝

    This song reminds me of a horrible addiction i used to have. Or am still in a phase of getting out of.

    Just listening to the song shout in my ear

    reminded me how stupid i was to fall for the same trap everytime. How i let my body and my heart tell me to do this.
    When deep inside, I already knew the trouble of doing this again. And how just yesterday I was promising to stop.

    The song is a reminder, to not be blinded by feelings but to consider the actual facts as well.

    In my opinion(:

  12. anonymous
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    Jan 10th 2011 !⃝

    Basically, Hayley was in a relationship that moved too fast and caused a lot of arguments for her, and she was always the one made out to be the blame. This song is basically saying that she should of seen it coming when you choose love over reality and that she can't take it anymore.

  13. epicsound
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    Aug 18th 2010 !⃝

    It sounds like the chick is in a relationship with a guy that has hurt her. During the relationship she grew very attached to the dude but like every guy before him he has hurt her. She knows the pain is coming just like before because "she let her <3 win" so she knows that she can't listen to anything anyone tells her. It's her decision to stay with him or move on which it sounds like she's gonna leave him.

  14. anonymous
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    Feb 4th 2010 !⃝

    I'm not exactly sure what it means, but my interpretation is this: -It means that when you fall in love or something, and then you get rejected or whatever, It's kind of just what you should expect for not thinking.- As I said, just a thought. BUT, I know it's good for drawing pictures! xD

  15. anonymous
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    Jan 26th 2010 !⃝

    Well I keep hearing these heart breaking interpretations, but I believe in this song she has taught herself that when you let the heart have what it wants you'll just end up hurt and alone. So she has trained herself to accept the consequences and never do it again.

    Or it could be a mocking song to an enemy how she/he made all the wrong moves and he/she deserves it as pension for all that she/he has done.

  16. anonymous
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    Dec 5th 2009 !⃝

    Hayley is talking about her ex cheating on her and they break up and he is still cheating and eventally he loses both girlfriends and "lets his heart win" (whooooohhhhh)

  17. Reign_Alexander
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    Sep 26th 2009 !⃝

    This song basically explains itself.

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