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Paramore: Emergency Meaning


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Song Released: 2006

Emergency Lyrics

I think we have an emergency
I think we have an emergency

If you thought I'd leave, then you were wrong
Cause I won't stop holding on

So are you listening?
So are you watching me?

If you thought I'd leave, then you were wrong
Cause I...


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    Dec 30th 2009 report

    Hello Folks.

    On the acoustic video of this song, you can watch it on youtube, hayley told what this song is about at the end.
    Her parents and the parents of one another in the band (Jeremy - Basement) are devorced. So this song is about how children/teens etc feel about the devorcement of parents.

    "I´ve seen love die, way too many times when it deserved to be alive. And I´ve seen you cry, way too many times, when you deserved to be alive, alive" or
    "[So are you listening? So are you watching me?]And you do your best to show me love, but you don´t know what love is"

    So, don't need to explain this line, parents try to teach their children love, although they don't even know about it. And if they even notice how much it hurts their child.

    And like "These scars they will not fade away". When parents devorce, it hurts the whole life.

  2. anonymous
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    Mar 6th 2012 report

    I had to listen to Christmas Gift reepatedly from late November 2008 through early January 2009 while working at a Books-A-Million. It is without a doubt the worst Christmas song ever. It is to Christmas music what Manos: Hands of Fate is to movies.I blogged about the song back in '08 and Morucci found my post. He seemed wounded by my remarks, claiming that he had only written it for his family. I almost felt bad, but then I remembered the 9 hour days when I would have to listen to that song over and over again and came to my senses.

  3. anonymous
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    Jul 13th 2011 report

    So i agree with the first person who posted a meaning for this. There is an acoustic version on youtube which is awesome, where hayley explains that it's about kids who have divorced parents. (such as herself and one other person in the band, i'm not sure who though)
    The line 'so are you listening? so are you watching me?' is the child (perhaps hayley) asking her parents if they will listen to her because they are trying to keep things on the down low so it doesn't hurt the kid. But 'i can't pretend that i don't see this' is the child saying that even though the parents are acting like nothing's wrong the child knows there is (because children can usually sense things).
    'it's really not your fault, when no one cares to talk about it' is hayley trying to convince herself, as well as others, that the divorce isn't the child's fault. As many children blame themselves for their parent's divorce, hayley may have blamed herself as well,so she is saying that the divorce wasn't her fault, especilly since her parents tried not to talk it through with her.
    'scars they will not fade away/ no one cares to talk about it, can we talk about it?' the divorce will leave scars on the child. It could be physicall due to cutting or just emotional, especially if the child is old enough to undertsand what is happening as they may see what it is doing to the parents. The child (hayley?) is asking their parents if they can talk about it, because the parents may be trying to hide it but it's not working and the child needs to understand why it is happening.
    Okay so yeah that's my interpetation of the song just from what other people have said. =) x

  4. anonymous
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    May 26th 2011 report

    she needs an ambulance but forgot the number so she went mental scage and forgot how to breath so her scars wont go away now. sad times

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 18th 2010 report

    i think this song is about divorce, and the little things that parents don't talk about to their kids, and pretend the kids, and their problems are non-existent.

    the line 'it's really not your fault, when no one cares to talk about it', so i think that the parents r trying to hide the fact that their love is falling apart so it wont hurt their children.

    'so are you listening, so are you watching me?' refers to how when parents go through divorce the kids often feel ignored because the parents are going through all these problems. the kids feel invisible, and sometimes neglected.

    'so you give up every chance you get just to feel new again' refers to how there were so many chances to fix the problems, but you just gave up, started over, and wanted something new.

    this is just my personal interpretation of the song.

  6. rocknrolladdict
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    Nov 23rd 2010 report

    I think it's about kids who are dealing with divorce. Right after my parents told me they were getting divorced, I went over to my friends house, and as I walked into her room, this song was playing. It described how I felt, exactly.
    To me, it seems like the person who would be narrating it is having two conversations at once. One with his/her best friend who is helping that person get through it.

    Listen to the song, try to figure it out again.

  7. flyleafsfan
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    Sep 7th 2010 report

    this is a great song i love it!!! i think its about love and heartbreak.. cause she says "if you thought that id leave than you were wrong cause i wont stop holding on"

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