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Pink Floyd: The Fletcher Memorial Home Meaning


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The Fletcher Memorial Home Lyrics

take all your overgrown infants away somewhere
and build them a home a little place of their own
the fletcher memorial
home for incurable tyrants and kings
and they can appear to themselves every day
on closed circuit t.v.
to make sure...


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    Nov 6th 2008 report

    Roger Waters' dad's name is Eric Fletcher Waters. This song is about his dad being killed in WW2. He is expressing his feelings about the leaders of the world between the time of his father's death and Roger's own life. I believe that he feels that the leaders are childish and immature and treat soldiers and the world as toys in their playground. They are safe from the frontlines behind the glass eye, or binoculars, satelite, etc. It sounds tome like he'd like to get them all in one room and kill them all in the memory of his father.

  2. anonymous
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    Feb 14th 2019 report

    Anonymous meat packing glitterati-gliterati=the military uniforms with all the shiny braid, medals and palettes and meat packing refers to tins of south American corned beef.
    I don't think thetes any deeper meaning.

  3. anonymous
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    Jan 2nd 2018 report

    A painful song about those international world leaders and their leftist ideology that was in part responsible for WW2 and the damage done to the human race. Where Roger Waters dear father Eric Fletcher Waters sadly lost his life in that war, while serving and defending his country of U.K from a Nazi takeover that was already infiltrated with Zionism. The sad thing of what could make many radical atheist people mad and angry about WW2, even in these days is probably because they don't understand the separation, and hate to see themselves in these international world leaders who might have been radical left wing Jesuit trained Zionist/Nazi cabalists that left the love and belief of God out of it's value system. And intentionally didn't want to stop the war when Hitler was pleading with Great Britain for a joint peace treaty. Where Eric Fletcher Waters and the millions of other people would've been saved. But he and all of them were denied by Churchill and Roosevelt who wanted the war to drag on and on 'cause for them, the end wasn't justyfing their means yet. So anykind of peace was rejected. This was before Hitler became totally mad and started to invade Russia. Either because of his madness about fearing the radical leftwing spread of Bolshevik communism. That, that actually started to infiltrate and corrupt Germany's soul away from god, years before WW1 with the sinful nature of the Jesuits, who taught and trained Bolshevik ideology that gathered from there, then to New York before they left with intent to takeover the orthordox Christian church and murder their Christian Tsar Nicholas of Russia and his family. So, is it so, with all the bitterness that still hurts, 'cause Hitler of WW2 might have been in cohuts with the international Zionist world leaders agenda from the beginning that he couldn't get out of to save Germany and the Human Race's moral values away from The Order that wanted that homeland back for themselves to become disciplined as a Jesuit taught and trained Zionist/Nazi state that was established in Palestine. All for a rejuvenation in the name of the Jewish peoples I on Israel.

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  4. anonymous
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    Jun 13th 2017 report

    Well he mentions McCarthy and Nixon so yeah he is probably talking about fucked up leaders and politicians, or just any people who abuse power or act childish while at the helm of a nation, group, province, army etc...

  5. anonymous
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    Apr 18th 2011 report

    Basically, the message Waters is trying to convey here, is that "all of our political leaders' are nothing but childish, cowardly, insane, selfish, life-taking, terror-creating, egotistical, power-crazed freaks; who should be locked away to spend the rest of their years in an asylum amongst those of their own kind; preferably, as far away from the rest of the somewhat-rational thinking world, as humanly possible".

    The song also, perhaps, asks the question: "Good God, what do these 'wackos' do, once their 'day in the sun', (the 'game'), is all over and they're left to face their boring, meaningless retirement-years without all the "play toys" they've grown so accustomed to for all these years?"(!)

    (*See: the rest of the "Final Cut" tracks; and "Pigs,(three different ones)" from Animals".)

  6. internetfilth
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    May 28th 2008 report

    I understand the whole Post-War Figures idea to this song but, I have a different interpretation. I came up with mainly because of all the subtle mentions to insanity that goes along with Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

    I just kind of think it's a ballad for people who are insane, which could even go along with the post-war figures idea. When I hear this song I always find myself playing "One Flew Over the Ckoo-Ckoo's Nest".

  7. anonymous
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    Dec 1st 2007 report

    Latin American meat packing gliteratti refers to those Latin American leaders of the late 70's and early 80's who were once trained at the "School of the America's"(a U.S. Military training institute that provided training, logistics and weapons to their graduates). Most of them were tyrants who repressed the people in their country.
    *Meat packing =Butchering...
    *Gliteratti= is a deformation of two words -Glitter as: shiny, but NOT GOLD- and -Literetti: Italian for "Learned"...those proud of their knowledge...Graduates of the forementioned school-

  8. anonymous
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    Aug 27th 2007 report

    Does anyone have any idea what anonymous latin american meat packing gliterati means?

  9. AEO425
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    May 3rd 2007 report

    This song is definitely about fucked up World Leaders. Waters is saying that these leaders are like children that never grew up. They need a bunch of fancy crap to fill the void because they have no real connection with anyone. Waters says that these guys are "playing games for awhile." This probably means that they look at war as a game. Dick Cheney can be another member of the Fletcher Memorial Home. You know that sociopath that is making a shit load of money off this war, and is using it to buy more toys and "amuse himself." Anyone who thinks any different about Cheney is a motherfucking sheep.

  10. thirdeye2099
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    Dec 4th 2006 report

    The song is about we should make a memorial for all the bad leaders we have had and how they cannot be cured because they pride themselves too much.

  11. Picasso
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    Jan 24th 2006 report

    More importantly, it's about grouping world leaders together and applying the "final solution"....

  12. Lamarcus
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    Jan 3rd 2006 report

    This is a song, like every other song on the album, concerns war. But this one is more about how war effects people, like how Roger Waters lost his father. The song title comes from Waters' father's name: Eric Fletcher Waters.

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