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Sia: Big Girls Cry Meaning

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Big Girls Cry Lyrics

Tough girl
In the fast lane
No time for love
No time for hate
No drama no time
For games
Tough girl
Whose soul aches

I'm at home
On my own
Check my phone
Nothing though
Act busy
Order in
Pay TV


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    Jun 9th 2016 report

    When I see the videos it reminds me of being sexually abused by my dad. The confusion, manipulation, stress, the mind control. The words don't match always what I feel but it hits my inner soul of my past and how I felt.


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    Dec 18th 2014 report

    this song is about a girl who was very independent and never gets into many relationships and she meets a guy who starts to strip away all of her independence and ability to be alone and makes her forget about all the good traits that she took years to build back from a previous relationship. And she loves the idea of being in a relationship so much she starts to drive everyone else away and she loses who she really is within to keep a boy. And eventually the boy breaks her heart and she no longer cares what people think and even big girls cry when their hearts are breaking. and when she wakes up from dreaming, she's alone. And she keeps trying to pretend like she isn't alone, but she knows she is


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    Oct 18th 2018 report

    This song is about how people always judge people who are bigger because of their size. Often in our society, we all forget that they have feelings too and we are hurting them because they are probably self conscious and all people do is bring them down.

    The line 'check my phone' is saying that these people are constantly scared and I personally am not even big but I've been bullied and been scared about what people will text me or say to my face.

    It's a beautiful song with an amazing message.

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 24th 2020 report

    I thought it was about MK Ultra programming,how they traumatize them as young as birth being forced to see,hear but not speak of the evils that are being done to her,to shatter the mind in order to create a new personality one that can make sense n handle what one goes thru, government uses them for via ,sleeper agents,etc..silence..yea
    That's wat I thought ..all seeing eye,can't speak throws up the 666 sign

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  5. Angelboo
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    Jan 10th 2019 report

    She's telling Fergie that big girls do cry.

  6. anonymous
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    Feb 6th 2016 report

    This is probably wrong but when I saw it I thought it was a girl that was hit by a person like a parent or a bull and then she try's taking medicine to help but they give her hallucinations and that the memoirs of her abuse won't leave. Once again probably wrong but that's what I see. I also think that it's made unclear so you can make your own conclusions on what it means.

  7. anonymous
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    Oct 7th 2015 report

    I think "Big Girls Cry is sad,meaningful and sweet because when Maddie Ziegler was getting hands over her face it probably could have been a person who was forcing her to be quiet

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  8. anonymous
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    May 11th 2015 report

    I read somewhere that all of those three videos featuring Maddie Ziegler is somehow representing some sort of child abusity... and that Maddie represented a some sort of 'slave girl' or what i should call it... she was used to a lot of horrid stuff and you can tell that by the 'dance moves' she does in Big Girls Cry... like when she holds up her own eyelids-forced to see something horriffic, when she glides her fist over her mouth/face-she puts on makeup to look pretty but she doesn't really care anymore so she just smears it uncarefully, when two hands comes up from beyond her and places themselves over her mouth-she is forced to be silent about what heppened to her, then they lift her up from the by the neck-meaning she was strangled... things like that... I don't know if these facts are true but they seem to fit the whole video trilogy pretty good actually.

  9. anonymous
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    May 4th 2015 report

    This is a song of empowerment. Her independence, which from a break up she's down yet not crippled. She doesn't care about her appearance because big girls cry then they're heart is breaking.

  10. anonymous
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    Apr 2nd 2015 report

    This song seems to be about anxiety and how sometimes people as successful as they are sometimes feel alone. The constant process of sometines not being able to control your anxiety no matter who you are.

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