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Crazy Lyrics

Tell me what's wrong with society
When everywhere I look, I see
Young girls dying to be on TV
They won't stop till they've reached their dreams

Diet pills, surgery
Photoshopped pictures in magazines
Telling them how they should be


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    Jun 11th, 2006 6:41pm report

    This song is the greatest.. It tells the truth about the world and how messed up it is... How girls have all this pressure thrown on them to look skinny and pretty and perfect... or how Mom's and Dad's can care less about their children because their money is what makes them most happy... or how people are living in 5 million dollar house's but yet there's kid's dying from starvation...
    "is everybody going crazy?" it's great!


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    Jul 23rd, 2007 7:18am report

    What's wrong with society?
    When eveywhere I look I see,
    Young girls dying to be on Tv,
    Wont stop 'til they've reached their dreams.

    Diet pills, surgerry,
    Photoshopped pictures in magazines,
    It doesn't make sense to me...

    -It's about how 'society' People in our communities are pressuring people to be different, to be like they see on TV. From people at school, the newspapers media in general is portraying the type person no one can be. And people suffer when they try.

    Is everybody going crazy?
    Is anybody gonna save me?
    Can anybody tell me what's going on?
    Tell me what's going on?
    If you open your eyes
    You'll see that something is wrong

    - They're now asking how the hell did things get so bad? Why can't people see that what they are doing is mucking up so many lives. They're almost pleading in a way, asking people jsut to take a look...

    I guess things are not how they used to be
    There's no more normal families
    Parents act like enemies
    Making kids feel like it's World War III

    -How parents just can't see what their fighting does to their kids. Growing up in a battle ground. I guess the band knew what it was like.

    No one cares, no one's there
    I guess we're all just too damn busy
    And money's our first priority
    It doesn't make sense to me.

    - I feel that this bits about how everyone seems so preoccupied about something else, they can't see the things taht matter anymore. They all seem so obsessed about making money, even if it's not about being rich. Alot of people get so caught up in jsut making ends meat.

    Tell me what's wrong with society
    When everywhere I look I see
    Rich guys driving big SUVs
    While kids are starving in the streets

    - How is that balance right? Why do some poeple get to walk around in nice clothes go home to nice meals when people are starving, barely surviving. Now they're pointing out that they can see that this is wrong so why can't those rich guys? It's not fair...

    No one cares
    No one likes to share
    I guess life's unfair
    -..."I guess lifes unfair" Only because of the mistakes, greed and selfishness of others. If everyone was equal, if everyone saw that everyone was equal we could have such a nicer world. Life doesn't have to be unfair yet... They can see that it is, no-one seems to care that they could change it...

    Sorry I rambled on a bit.. Just my view !


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    Dec 12th, 2005 12:46pm report

    I really like this song.
    It tells about the media today and how everything is messed up.
    How eveerything and everyone is influenced by media.
    How all those lies and photoshopped images make people feel bad.
    How young girls are going anorexic or bulimic from all those gross and disgusting figures which are also photoshopped.
    How everyone relies on money now a days.
    How people can not care about others.
    How there are rich people throwing away money when there are families dying from hunger on the streeets, in third world countries.
    How everything is crazy how everything is wrong.

    I really like this song. Everyone should pay attention to it <3.


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    Jun 6th, 2014 6:05pm report

    Man, I know a hell of a lot about this song, and have first-hand experience with what its meaning is. It's saying people used to love everyone and didn't give a crap about what their bodies looked like. Then somehow everyone grew self-conscious and started dieting, having plastic surgery, and photoshopping themselves to look sexy. It's also how families don't spend enough time with each other and just care about money, and how some parents are acting like their kids enemies. Another meaning is that some people swim in money wearing bathing suits of money, but some people have to go hungry for a long time to get a bit of food. The world isn't fair, and the media has messed everyone up. Very deep meaning if you ask me.


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    Oct 22nd, 2011 10:05pm report

    This song is beautiful.. its completely different from other songs, it talks about how girls lose their self esteem just cuz of what they see in magazines,,, and how rich never care about poor..nowadays parents dont care about their children.. they are too engaged in their own work...



    Felicity Francis Lothai
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    Oct 4th, 2011 10:02pm report

    This song is about a person who did not understand what happen surrounds him. He asked "tell me whats wrong with society" because all the young girls were dying to be a famous star and willing to do anything till they have reached their dreams.
    It also about a people who did not like how they looked alike, example: a fat girl/guy taking a diet pills. This including making a surgery, all the fakes photos in magazines edited by a photoshop.

    "Is everybody going crazy?
    Is anybody gonna save me?
    Can anybody tell me what's going on?
    Tell me what's going on?
    If you open your eyes
    You'll see that something is wrong"--
    He asked is everybody going crazy and whats going on.. If people open their eyes and minds they will find out that something wrong with them.

    Things also are not how they used to be means everything is just wrong with the world.,--no normal families, parents acts like an enemy to their own childs making them terrified. But nobody cares cause they've been busy with their own life and money is their top priority.

    "Tell me what's wrong with society
    When everywhere I look I see
    Rich guys driving big SUVs
    While kids are starving in the streets"--
    This is between a young people versus the kids starving in the streets. they did not care how it feels like starving with an empty stomach.
    This makes a conclusions that life is not fair.


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    Jun 28th, 2011 6:27am report

    I have chosen the song ‘crazy by simple plan. I chose this song because I think it sends a great message to the youth of the world. The song makes a great point of how messed up priorities are in the world for everyone.
    I also believe that this song has many significant issues mentioned thought out the song that people of all ages can relate to.
    The main singer of the band Pierre Charles Bouvier sings about society and the impact it has on countless human beans, a few issues mentioned in the song are, eating disorders, domestic violence, also starving children.
    “If you open your eyes you'll see that something is wrong”
    I find the chorus in the song very interesting, they're almost pleading in a way, asking people just to take a look at what they are doing to their lives and the people around them.


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    May 24th, 2010 5:36pm report

    The basic meaning of the song -- how crazy the world seems to have gone, with media-pressures on our kids, waste, rich/poor dichotomies, etc. -- seems fairly clear, and most others have already described this well enough. (And the song portrays that Craziness very well, IMO.)

    One issue I have with this lament, however, is in the one line:

    "Is anybody gonna save me?"

    This one line would seem to symbolize (whether intentionally or not) a very large part of the reason *why* the world is so crazy: everyone's waiting for someone else to provide salvation, rather than themselves *doing* something to improve whatever portion of the world's craziness that they see and can contribute to in whatever way they can. A world full of people waiting for someone to "save me" isn't going to get saved, but will have great seats for the spiraling craziness that its people allow to grow.

    (And don't count on governments to save you, either. Over time, governments change hands, political parties, etc. A government powerful enough to "save" you is also powerful enough to give you a *real* feeling of needing to be saved.)

    At the same time, the line:

    "I guess life's unfair"

    seems like a realization. Life itself *is* unfair, as caring parents have been teaching their children to understand and cope with (and help each other with) for many *many* generations -- until recently, when (and possibly why) things started to go increasingly Crazy.


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    Oct 29th, 2008 10:14pm report

    The song makes a great point of how messed up priorities are in the world for everyone.

    However the rich giving money to the poor is not the answer. Handouots solve nothing, recipients expect it again tomorrow and complain when it isn't there anymore.

    Everyone needs to take on the responsibility. Society needs to stop promoting people to think they are entitled to get what everyone else works for. Kick the asses of parents (and all "easy way out" parasites)who choose drugs, booze or just waste what they have and allow even their own children to starve.

    At the same time teach children not to expect handouts and work hard to get out of their situation.

    Bitching isn't caring, do something to really help by donating time or money to programs that work on systematically helping people who want to help themselves.


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    Sep 1st, 2008 9:00pm report

    If we were to write a list of everything wrong in the world today it would never end. There is to much wrong in the world today and we should open our eyes and change it while we can before this world becomes more of a shit hole!


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    Jul 7th, 2008 7:57pm report

    Love this song!the way they describe what is going on in the world is great and even if we don't want to admit it, its true!nearly all simple plan lyrics have great meanings behind them and that's why their top for me!whats the point of a band that can't pass on a message,that just sits there screaming and swearing...anyway..SIMPLE PLAN ROCK!


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    Jul 4th, 2008 7:17pm report

    God how can people be so fucking mean. This song describes you fuckers. you guys make this society messed up. and I even like metal. Thanks for being assholes.


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    Jul 24th, 2007 7:17pm report

    It tells about how screwed up our world is when all everyone wants to do is follow the same sad, pathetic ass trends and how everyone want to look like some nobody out of a magazine.


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    Jun 23rd, 2007 6:52am report

    Why does everyone have the freakin need to insult bands they don't like?
    I understand if you say "I don't like that band they're music sucks"
    But why the hell would you call the people in the band alone homos?
    A very famous heavy metal band lead singer was a "homo"
    but people still love that band's music.
    Stop insulting bands you don't like seriously.
    You sound like a 5yr old saying "Eww I hate veggies they're gross ewwwwwwww"
    People have they're own opion.
    Own taste of music.
    SO SHUT UP!!

    Sorry didn't have much an interpretation.
    Just felt like I should say that.
    I love simple plan.
    I love all type of rock music.
    I even love metal.


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    Nov 26th, 2005 11:24pm report

    This song is about how everyone is going crazy trying look like celebrities, how money is their first priority and pretty much how messed up our world is.

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