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Slipknot: People=Shit Meaning

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People=Shit Lyrics


Here we go again, motherfucker!


Come on down, and see the idiot right here,
Too fucked to beg and not afraid to care.
What's the matter with calamity anyway?
Right? Get the fuck outta my face!
Understand that I can't...


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    Jul 29th, 2006 7:11am report

    When asked why "people=shit" crahan says "we are what we are, we just waste and we ruin and we corrupt, and we destroy," so people=shit basically because we are our own worst enemy, we are going to be the end of the earth and no one seems to give a shit. The message trying to get across is that of the human race is depleating itself of the simple pleasures in life and that everyone is now fake. Fake meaning people, society, everyone, is now pretending to be someone else. Not caring about others, and just themselves. In this act, they are a disease put on earth and we must show them the reality of life. They kill themselves, and or others, because they do not know what is going on in the real world because they are so wrapped up in the world politics and media, they hide reality from people because it will scare them. People need to know. People are the #1 cause of destruction on this earth and this needs to change, but the sad fact is, we can't. That is what they are trying to get across.


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    Jan 15th, 2009 1:39pm report

    Its pretty fuckin obvious what this song means, it's in the title, people are no good pieces of shit that don't care about others


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    Nov 5th, 2006 11:45am report

    Nailed straight down.

    People = shit because that's what we are.
    Want to know how pathetic we are?
    We are one of two species of animals in this world that have wars.

    The other is ants.


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    Dec 26th, 2019 12:22am report

    Everyone... If I may: I think you're going WAAAAYYYY overboard and overthinking this.

    Has anyone here ever been bullied or tormented to the point of a failed suicide attempt?

    Do the words in this piece of work not perfectly convey not only that little anecdote but also the array of emotions during that period in said person's life?

    The hatred, the pain, the outside pressure (never living up to expectations), etc...

    Dead inside and doesn't care to repair themself:
    "understand I can't feel anything. It isn't like I wanna sift through the decay"

    The inner conflict is so present:
    "who's life is it?"
    "come on motherf**ker everybody has to die"

    Call me crazy but...


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    Aug 19th, 2017 8:07pm report

    Dark Angel x... WRONG.

    Chimps, Wolves, Lions, Langurs, termites, and not to mention what animals kill for enjoyment. Martens, weasels, honey badgers, wolves, orcas, red foxes, leopards, lions, spotted hyenas, spiders, brown and black and polar bears, coyotes, lynx, mink, raccoons, dogs, and house cats.

    We just do war better. We are not unlike any other species. Our brains are bigger so we have the ability to create more damage, chaos and destruction. Don't think the animal world is 'nicer' than humans. You are sorely mistaken. We are simply smarter and with the intelligence comes the ability to cause catastrophe and destruction of our own species easier.


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    Dec 12th, 2016 12:44am report

    A large part of this song to me is about a ''possessed people'' where some knew or know they're doing evil to mankind. Where the Protagonist is defending himself,even to death if necessary as a wannabe Realistic Nihilist or a Psychological Anarchist playing ''up against the wall'' an angry demigod, down to the Motherfucker idealists who have been mislead, and had their DNA so twisted and messed up in this real world. Feeling down and disappointed by the bad things these people have been influenced with, that's used to hurt and kill each other off. Made more confused by a bullied spiritual and religious tyranny learned. That seems to have decayed the Protagonist psykey into disgust anger of man's inhumanity to man that has been so rotten. This negative outlook towards what people did and do and still are under the influence like by what the once ungodly intellectual ideology teached. That was pushed much more by the far left pshycological philosophies then the right ones that turned the individual man again from the mythological into a pshcological demi-god idiot. All this could've been influencing and changing the individual's DNA outlook drive of course, ever since the anti-humanists intellectualism of ideas that took root, first with the ruling class then with the certain people that started to practice this anti-humanism ideology that evolved up against the well meant ''Christian humanism'', alongside a created hatred ideology of anti-Semitism for not conforming, only used as a tool that unfortunately got out of hand from where it has been experienced and felt as JuDEOphobia, fear of God and Jewishness. These ideas picked up strong roots in the early 1800's Germany that deconstructed man's reality to de-humanize and re-program man's thoughts by those progressive intellectual idealists that turned out a lot of shitty ideas in peoples heads. Up until it was felt to be sadly ''misunderstood'' that even ''God Was Dead'' to the culture and the soul of the individual man, that only made it easier for the leftists to also look at the human person as ''the death of man'' to The Converted Intellectual''. Who now, may think that he's above the law when not seeing the good in man anymore, or God[JESUS] in the other person. This could give that individual that was turned into a mad dog demi-god idiot a thinking that he has the right to say and do whatever he wants to people that he now believes are equal to shit. Anotherwords, when humanity's reality in the life of the people ''was created or made'' to feel cheap and meaningless, that was led astray and away from God, this inpowered the false hungry ego of the left so called intellectual mind to make it easier to brainwash ''those'' that followed ''them'' to look and use the rest of the ordinary people as deplorable shit like was for the Revolutionists that led the people to world wars.


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    Nov 10th, 2016 11:34pm report

    Humanity is doooooomed


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    Dec 9th, 2014 12:16pm report

    People = Shit.... Is there anything else to say?


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    May 19th, 2014 5:55am report

    The human race as a whole is equivalent to excrement.


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    Mar 2nd, 2014 3:29am report

    To me it means people = shit., I'm having it tattooed across my heart.


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    Sep 23rd, 2012 9:11am report


    The title says it all. We've fucked up the world, we've fucked up our own lives, we've fucked up other people's lives. No matter how hard we try, we are still going to fuck things up.

    That is why people=shit.

    Get used to it.

    I ❤ Slipknot!


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    Nov 8th, 2011 11:22pm report

    Yeah, i´ve seen the meanings so far and they`re good, but you`re kinda of missing the point.This song is about humanity reckless but it is not corey who is saying that, it is ourselves. You know when you are alone, the you start wondering about little things and comes this voice and starts saying all that you dont wanna hear?
    I think this song is the voice that screams in humanity(as one)ears. Im gonna explain it better:

    "COME ON!

    Here we go again, motherfucker!"

    So, it´s like that voice is saying that she will start saying all those things you`re(or should be)ashamed of one more time, just so you can feel worse :D

    "Come on down, and see the idiot right here,"

    Usually bad things stay in the basement, so the voice is calling humanity to see what she thinks stupid.

    "Too fucked to beg and not afraid to care."

    The voice is not scare to say all that humanity been doing wrong and dont fell like asking her to do right

    "What's the matter with calamity anyway?"

    People dont like someone who is different then anyone else and shows it, so the voice asks "WHY?"

    "Right? Get the fuck outta my face!"

    We`ve got no awnser for that question, do we?

    "Understand that I can't feel anything."

    The voice is shitting for all the humanity excuses and is not going to stop

    "It isn't like I wanna sift through the decay"

    The voice is not going to repair the humanity, only judge her.

    "I feel like a wound, like I got a fuckin'
    Gun against my head,"

    At this point, she(the voice) is tired of being hated by humanity, because if she was listened she woulld go away

    "you live when I'm dead!"

    Humanity is only happy when other people are fucked up, and that just makes the voice feel like dead.

    "One more time, motherfucker!"

    there she goes again...

    Everybody hates me now, so fuck it,
    Blood's on my face and my hands, and I don't know why
    I'm not afraid to cry, but thats none of your business!
    Whose life is it? Get it? See it? Feel it? Eat it?
    Spin it around so I can spit in its face."

    Now the voice is imitating the human behavior, and being ironic in the last line when humanity doesnt know of who shes talking about, and telling that she disgusts
    the one in subject(humanity of course)

    "I wanna leave without a trace,
    cuz I dont wanna die in this place!"

    now its the voice imitating us again, saying like if it was one of those persons who actually thinks that we`re doomed by our own. But guess what, she cannot leave earth.

    "People = Shit!
    People = Shit!
    People = Shit!
    People = Shit!
    People=Shit! (Whatcha gunna do?)
    People=Shit! (Cuz I am not afraid of you.)
    People=Shit! (Im everything you'll never be!)
    People=Shit! (Yeah!)"

    The voice says that she wont go away, because she is what we should be.

    "It never stops - you can't be everything to everyone.
    Contagion - I'm sittin' at the side of Satan."

    We always try to be the best to all, but we cannot do that. the voice is saying that and also saying that she is a demon(interpret it the way you want)and didn`t came to offer any kind of help

    "What do you want from me?
    They never told me the failure I was meant to be."

    this is humanity reply, where she cies that her parents(god) never told the failure she was going to be.(im not blaming god for the way we are, actually I think we are like this just because we want to be.)

    "Now. Overdo it - don't tell me you blew it,
    Stop your bitchin' and fight your way through it!"

    The voice/demon is saying like: "thats is your answer? stop crying and just make things right or keep fucking up or life. just stop your whining."

    C'mon motherfucker everybody has to die,
    C'mon motherfucker EVERYBODY HAS TO DIE!"

    well, basically the voice/demon is just saying all that to have fun and convincing him to commit suicide because he is an broken being.

    "I know why"

    yeah, so this part is missing from up there but it exists. The voice/demon is saying that he is a human who has already passed away, and saw everything that his kind done wrong.

    People = Shit!
    People = Shit!
    People = Shit!
    People = Shit!
    People=Shit! (YEAH!)
    People=Shit! (YEAH!)
    People=Shit! (YEAAARGH!)
    People=Shit! (AAARGH!)
    People = Shit!
    People = Shit!
    People = Shit!
    People = Shit!
    People=Shit! (Whatcha gonna do?)
    People=Shit! (Cause I'm not afraid of you.)
    People=Shit! (I'm everything you'll never be!)
    People=Shit! (YEAH!)"

    "Got that? Right!"

    this line is alsi missing, but is a reminder for us to keep this lyrics in you head :D

    So thanks for reading it all. If you´re looking to complain about humans after this, dont do it Because you`re human too. Surprise, BIETCHES(I apologize for this moles/advanced monkeys/sea people)
    So next time, you do it right instead of complaining :D


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    Jul 2nd, 2007 7:25am report

    SLIPKNOT sees the World as a human plague that causes bad things to happen such as WAR, DEATH and VIOLENCE. PEOPLE = SHIT and we're all gonna go down in History because of someone else's bullshit. I think PEOPLE = SHIT is mainly pointed at those that KILL and harm others. It's fucking bullshit to crash a plane into a building like on 9/11 and for America to go to war. Fuck that shit. PEOPLE = SHIT and there's nothing we can do about it. It explains it all... "IT NEVER STOPS" and "I FEEL LIKE A WOUND LIKE I GOT A FUCKIN' GUN AGAINST MY HEAD". In the end Corey is saying "I'M NOT LIKE YOU, I JUST FUCK UP" stating that he is not like all those idiots that does bad things, He just fucks up.


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    Jan 6th, 2007 1:23am report

    WE ARE SHIT! plain and simple... we kill the planet, we kill ourselves and everything else on the planet. we are an in-curable disease upon ourselves.

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