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Slipknot: The Virus of Life Meaning


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The Virus of Life Lyrics

I can see you but you can't see me
I could touch you and you wouldn't even feel me
Wait a second and you'll settle down
I'm just waiting, 'til you really let your guard down?
Your relaxed, your sublime, your amazing
You don't even know...


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    Aug 6th, 2009 8:17am report

    This is one of Slipknot's darkest songs. It puts you in view of the person stalking a woman. He is completely obsessed with her daily life. As the song progresses, you witness his disturbed obsession with this woman grow more perverse and intense. The stalker's thoughts and fantasies start to frighten him, he knows he is out of control but can't stop himself, until he finally can't hold it back any longer. Insinuating he is going to rape, torture, and kill her so he can have her to himself forever.


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    Apr 23rd, 2011 4:21am report

    I've listened to this song over and over. One my favorite by slipknot. I know it's just my opinion but I think this song goes beyond death, and stalking, and rape. It's my opinion that this song is about something most people can't even imagine to know about. I think the song is about that voice inside of us, the voice that tells us to do bad things, the voice that makes rage come out from hidind. The voice of eveil. It's always waiting to come to surface, it's always watching, and waiting for the right time to take over. Some are even consumed by it. It's kinda hard to explain, but I know what I'm talking about. The virus is rage, it's inside all of us and it's something people choose to ignore. Take my words into account the next time you listen to the song. Maybe it'll make sense to you too.


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    Sep 15th, 2010 9:37pm report

    Hi everyone!
    I think to the end of this album everything kinda grows together.
    My interpretation is the following:
    In Vermillion the protagonist falls in love with a woman he can not have, because she does not love him. So he waits for her at her home and assails her. He keeps her caged and wants to force her to love him.
    But she won't because you can not force anyone to do or do not love and so he gets depressed and does not know what to do now. That's Vermillion Pt2.
    In The Nameless he realizes that things won't turn out alright and he gets angry, wants to hurt her and thinks that she deserves it because she doesn't love him.
    Virus Of Life is the climax of that story. In that song the posession is taking over and he maybe rapes and kills her.
    The last song, Danger - Keep Away sounds like a last goodbye to her and at times I believe he's killing himself too. That's the end of the story and the end of the album.


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    Apr 12th, 2020 4:24pm report

    SLIPKNOT'S ''The Virus Of life'' song could also be about the ''aftermath cost'' to anybody's mind. With which it was or is contagiously programmed in the artificial social construction theory of reality, where the mind was/is influenced to think and believe it's life made unreal to love ''possessively'' with hunger and need to survive in it's desires and drives at any cost.


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    Sep 29th, 2017 9:24pm report

    It makes a lot of sense for this song to be about stalking, raping, and killing a woman. But on the other hand I think it would also make a lot of sense if it was about mental disorders. One example of this is "I'm going to empty you and fill you in with me". Although this could obviously be relating to sex through a mans point of view, it could also be about how mental disorders emotionally empty you and morph your persona, and end up consuming you. And when it says "The crisis, the knife", this obviously could be about killing the woman with a knife, but it could also be about debating on whether to self-harm (with the knife of course). This song is actually quite open to interpretation although some of the real meanings to the lyrics are right in front of your face. But these two interpretations are the ones that make the most sense to me. So I just let my mood decide what I relate the song to at that specific time. Also I can't believe i'm only just contributing to this when it's nearly 2018


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    Apr 14th, 2017 4:46am report

    My interpretation is this.

    Murder. Ever wander through the world and just think what is this person. Or people. "Good" or "bad". You would almost not feel anything but pleasure in acting against them. They may be innocent but it does not fucking matter. Fuck them. I think this song is almost what your mind is telling you when you are accelerating into a frenzy. It almost taps into our primal instinct. What got us this far in evolution in the first place. Kill and let them see you do it.


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    Aug 1st, 2016 8:59am report

    This song personally for me puts into words what meth induced phycosis feels like cause theres a very demonic thing that goes along with meth induced phycosis "ive been with you all day" is the demonic spirit following you all day. "Bring me to my knees i am your disease" is the demonic spirit telling you to slam that meth bring him to his knees with that powerful high and the disease is ur addiction i was a junkie possesed by the evil spirits who followed me and told me to use "i wanna suck your soul" is literaly what happenes when ur a dope fien. This song is still scary to me in my recovery because it reminds me of the demons i saw and the voices i heard and how i felt like i was being hunted yet no one was ever there it was evil spirits hunting me and following me.


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    Jan 17th, 2013 1:23pm report

    from what I actually heard someone say,the song is about back when he and his ex girlfriend before they were together,and he use to stalk her,in some weird way!! it was something like that!!


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    Jul 13th, 2012 7:23am report

    To me there is a few interpretations

    1.Sex (the most obvious one)
    2.Drugs (fits in with Slipknot)
    3.Celebrities on TV (fist in with Through The Glass)
    4.Death (fits in with the epicness of the song)

    I personally interpreted this song with drugs because when your high your mind can fucking STRETCH.


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    Mar 5th, 2012 3:54am report

    At first I thought this song was about rape/stalking also, but the more I listened to it I began to believe the song may be about mental illness', the sense of the victim being trapped and lines such as "I'm there with you all day" really cemented this idea in my mind. Just my interpretation.


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    Jan 22nd, 2012 1:54pm report

    The message is that everyone needs to hate chinks and ban together and take care of the virus of life show no mercy no remorse.


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    Nov 13th, 2011 11:17pm report



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    Jun 9th, 2011 6:37pm report

    I think its about rape


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    Mar 14th, 2011 3:25pm report

    The virus of life is love.


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    Jun 9th, 2009 6:20pm report

    Im really going with the first guy about rape ''No mercy, no remorse
    Let nature take its course'' but just the beginning I think the rest is about how people only equal shit and violence only destroying everything almost like a second people=shit
    ''This is the virus
    The virus of life''


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    Jun 2nd, 2009 6:17pm report

    I reckon this song is about the fuckers of society and how they smother and disease us because we will not join them in perfect foolishness. They are the viruses of our lives and forever will be until someone else takes their place.


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    Jul 26th, 2008 7:44am report

    Play it backwards it has a message. I like it. It does kinda go with what the dude about rape said... The backwards message I mean...

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway


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    Oct 28th, 2007 10:11am report

    In my opinion this song is about sex; maybe even rape.
    The protagonist watches the person he wants so badly all the time, maybe he's a stalker or something. (what would fit to vermillion and vermillion pt 2)
    Then he takes what he wants by force.
    I think the further lines are really the act of having sex, just kindly intensively described from the view of a man^^
    "I'm going to empty you and fill you in with me
    not yet - don't make a sound
    oh god, I'm feeling it
    it's reaching fever pitch"
    I think that points to the arousal he's feeling and he's trying to hold it back but then he comes.
    When Corey's voice is getting louder I think he's had his orgasm.^^

    Apart from this 'virus of life' could fit also to sex, since sex is the source of life...
    That's my interpretation, if you listen to the song thinking of it, you might see that it kinda matches..

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