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Screaming Bloody Murder Lyrics

I’m not quite myself these days.
Guess we all come undone time to time in different ways

Well I have myself to blame
Guess I don’t understand I need help in many ways

God’s got a plan for me
Well I’m gonna tell you one thing
I don’t...


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    Jun 9th 2011 !⃝

    Religious confusion. The speaker finds it hard to turn to God, it causes him metaphorical bleeding. It's hard to go turn to God, he will set you up to bleed with all the changes you need to go through.

    But still, "No one can deceive what is meant to be." He knows, or at least believes, that he's meant to go to God. He still accepts God, says "Tear me open, I believe."

    But then, I guess it somehow turns around, he loses hope in himself. "I'm my worst enemy, who can't be saved. I'm just His disgrace." Herp.


    Herpes Derpes.

  2. anonymous
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    Sep 10th 2012 !⃝

    I think he refers to te fact that he suffers so constantly, that is getting more hard to believe in a god. in the part he sang like he is talking with god he is trying to explain that if god exist he is only a fucking game for him. Someperson he only wats to kill

  3. anonymous
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    May 10th 2012 !⃝

    I think the song is about a man going insane, possibly homicidal and suicidal even. The intro, or slow part, explains how he isn't feeling like himself anymore, and he feels like hes losing his mind, and he knows he needs help. The first verse explains how he knows he could get help, and his so called God could even have a plan for him, but he doesn't care anymore, because he doesn't have the patience or the time to help himself. The chorus is pretty simplistic, it essentially explains how angry he is, and how he wants to destory himself and everything around him. The second verse is sort of a question, asking what is there left to do in life? and to me the bridge or the part after the solo really reinforces the fact that he is unwilling to change, because he feels he is a waste of life, and just a disgrace of God. And well, that's pretty much it.

  4. anonymous
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    Jan 1st 2012 !⃝

    in my opinion, he's confused and frustrated trying to figure out what he believes in. i think in the first verse he's referring to his lifestyle in the past years being a famous musician. in the chorus he is describing his take on all the pain and evil in the world, and how he doesnt understand how god can be real with all the pain. in the second verse, he further describes how he cant understand evil in the world, and if he found faith in god, he would lose it when he experiences pain. ‘Cause I don’t know the concept of the pain, i dont want the faith i'll just lose it, watch me bleed'

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 25th 2011 !⃝

    This song means that the singer is facing an inside conflict with him about religion and "Peer Pressure" about the concept of god. I Highly Agree with the other anon, but i think the bleeding part is the question "Why did god set us to live if were just gonna suffer sometimes?" And the Bloody Murder part (although British if ya havent caught that yet) means the pain and doubt that the singer is going through or any other person in doubt.

    Thanks and I hoped this helped. Please Exscuse andy typo's or errors.


  6. anonymous
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    May 29th 2011 !⃝

    I don't know maybe its like about someone telling someone else to kill them and the guy's to busy to follow god's plan for him.

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  7. anonymous
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    Apr 28th 2011 !⃝

    I think its about a guy who is unhappy with himself

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