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The All-American Rejects: Move Along Meaning

Song Released: 2006

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Move Along Lyrics

Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking
When you fall everyone stands
Another day and you've had your fill of sinking
With the life held in your...
Hands are shaking cold
These hands are meant to hold

Speak to me, when all you got...


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    Jun 28th 2006 report

    I think in general, the song is speaking to the public...I think most people, or at least some have felt like you just can't "move along" any more, you just can't do it, "your hope is gone." And when you've given up like that, you can't help but maybe think about giving it all up.. Suicide "Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking." When you're thinking of suicide, that seems to be the only thing you can think of. Also, I haven't known anyone who ever thought to talk to someone when they've wanted to kill themselves "Speak to me, when all you got to keep is strong." I think he's saying, talk to me, I'm here and maybe have felt like you are.. "speak to me." Towards the end of the song, he ends with "When everything is wrong, we move along"...."When all you got to keep is strong." Maybe saying, your not alone in your thoughts. You've got to keep it strong the just make it thru this point in your life.


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    Jul 13th 2006 report

    I think its referring to how his life once was. If you've seen the video, you'd realize. Like once his life was horrible, his girlfriend left him, he tryed music and fell on his face, then there's now, he's a big star and he moved along and look how he's doing now. Great! Like in the video at the beginning, he's falling in the empty pool, and in the end, he falls into his fans.


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    Nov 3rd 2006 report

    I think that the song does have a bit to do with suicide. I think it is more along the general topic of things that go wrong in your life, however it sounds directly related to suicide. "all you gotta keep is strong" just means that you just have to think about the good points, instead of letting yourself be beaten by your problems. This song says that no matter how bad things get, there is a solution and you can find it if you look hard enough. "speak to me" by this they mean that talking might be able to help. If youtell someone they can help you through your problems. "move along" al that means is push through your problems. Move along even though your problems weigh you down. "could be a night when your life ends" directly related to suicide. If someone loses themself, and don't know what to do anymore, they are more liable to commit suicide. People who don't know that the people who are left behind suffer more than they do. "when everything is wrong we move along" again, no matter how bad things get, you can "make it through". "even when your hope is gone" you can make it through if you learn to gain hope back.

  4. anonymous
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    Apr 11th 2015 report

    I think this song could be interpreted as the literal sense of moving along, as in leaving. When the song says "when all you've got to keep is strong" it means that this person has nothing left, nothing they can keep, except the figurative strength they possess. All they have is strength, they have no other reason to stay. Then the artist tells this person to "move along like I know you do" and this implies that the person often drifts from place to place. When things go sour, this person simply moves along.

  5. anonymous
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    Apr 6th 2013 report

    You can waste your days thinking no one else has problems as bad as.you do but its not worth it.Even when everythings going wrong in your life you'll get past it eventually.

  6. anonymous
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    Apr 30th 2012 report

    its about suicide... but hanging in there and not knowing y

  7. anonymous
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    Nov 2nd 2011 report

    i think we all need to calm down, how are we supposed to know the meaning of the song? we didnt write it

  8. anonymous
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    Jul 22nd 2011 report

    I think this song is about moving on. Whenever you feel like you're going to lose, you're out of strength, and when people are huting you inside. It's telling us we need to take a stand and stand up for everything that's right. Whenever our hope is gona and we're feeling like we've lost, then just keep going because everything's going to be okay. We might not know if it's going to be today, tomorrow, or ewven after we're dead, but that everything's going to be fine and we just have to keep being strong.

  9. anonymous
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    Apr 22nd 2011 report

    I think that they're trying to say that at times when you have to be strong, all you can do is move along, to keep going, and even if you have lost all hope, the best thing is to keep moving.

  10. anonymous
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    Feb 14th 2011 report

    I do feel that this song could be streched and interpreted to be talking about suicide, but I don't believe that was the original intended meaning. Rather, I think that this song is talking about the struggles that we each face daily as we go through life, and how, although we reach points when "all our hope is gone," we should carry on, or "move along." If you watch the video, it clearly illustrates this, by showing depressing and difficult situtions that we face in our daily lives, such as a rocky relationship, lonliness, a monotonous job, legal problems, and family troubles. While some people who were depressed to begin with might believe that this song delves into the realm of commiting suicide, I simply don't feel this to be true. I think it's meant more as an encouraging ballad myself, essentially saying that it doesn't matter how rough things get, you just have to keep on going.

  11. anonymous
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    May 15th 2009 report

    Sucide is possible
    'so a day when you've lost yourself completely could be the night when your life ends'
    Kinda sums it up.

  12. aj981
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    Jan 6th 2009 report

    When it says "If all you've got to keep is strong, move along move along," I think it's basically saying that even though you may go through hard times in life, you have to get through it like everyone else. Time won't stop moving for you so you have to keep moving.

  13. pluvsfrance
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    Aug 28th 2008 report

    Okay don't laugh at me but you have to watch the video clip and it looks like someone has died with the hospital scene and all when he's telling someone (prob. dead/dying person) "speak to me!" like he wants them to be conscious again... and the whole car crash thing prob. Suggests someone is injured/dead...i dunno... not sure

    This interpretation has been marked as poor. view anyway
  14. anonymous
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    Jul 8th 2008 report

    I think "Move Along" is telling everyone (surprise, surprise) to move along! Ingenious!

    The "hands are shaking cold, these hands were meant to hold/ your hands are mine to hold" parts are pretty much saying that if you're about to give up on your dreams, you just need a little support.

    "Speak to me!" Tell me to move along!

  15. nwierd1229
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    Jul 3rd 2007 report

    Omg! this song has nothing to do with suicide. Tyson Ritter, the lead singer, said it himself. I was watching there behind the scenes concert on t.v., and they said it was supposed to be about hurricane Katrina. Once everyone got over hurricane Katrina, they changed it and just made it about life in general. THEY SAID IT THEMSELVES!

  16. anonymous
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    Jul 1st 2007 report

    I know everyone thinks this song is about suicide. but I think the song is trying to tell you to skip the suicide and move on in life. The whole song is NOT about suicide.

  17. peteinmypants
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    Jun 20th 2007 report

    If you were to say it plain and simply, the song is saying "life sucks but keep going and it will get better."

    See, everyone says "could be a night when your life ends" is about suicide. And they're probably right. "move along" tells you to keep going. "When all you've got to keep is strong" all you to do is be strong to get through it. Even if your "hope is gone," and you'll "make it through."

  18. anonymous
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    Jun 3rd 2007 report

    It is partly about suicide because why else would he say "So a day when you've lost yourself completely/could be a night where your life ends"? And I think that where it says "Another day and you've had your fill of sinking" means that things don't always get better, but to just live with it and move on. I think that in the end, where it says "Right back what is wrong" means that instead of just worrying about your situation, you should try and fix it up and if you can't, just "move along"

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